Eternal Melody

Chapter 247 - The One

Aaagh she doesn't understand these types of people. All she wants right now is to hug her dearest and kiss him a lot. He didn't send her a text this morning which was rare. Since he left he would text her good morning at the very least. Atushi did mention that thing about the groups. He must be having a hard time.

Since his debut, Yuhi has always worked solo. Sumire was curious about it but she never pried. If Yuhi wants to talk about it with her then he will do so.

Sano opened the door to the room on the right end of the corridor. He gently laid her down on the bed. "Go to sleep."

"My stomach hurts."


Since earlier it felt like something was eating away at her organs. Is this the work of the child inside her again? What a stubborn child. Then again it is Rus kid.

Sano seemed to be in deep thought before he took his phone out. "I will send somebody to fetch some things for you. We will have to stay here for a few days."

A knowing ah escaped her lips. It is almost like they are taking her hostage.

He bent down and kissed her lips briefly before drawing back. "I won't let them hurt you. So just stay put here and behave."

Behave huh? She paid no attention to the kiss, no matter how much she refused he would find some way to kiss her. So now whenever he does it, she no longer got worked up.

"What do you think I can do in my condition?" Sumire argued. Isn't this slander? Look how weak she is right now!

Sano sighed. "Even if you play innocent, I have heard the rumors already." He trailed off. "It surprised me but I suppose it made sense. Even back then there were days where you acted very suspiciously. I often saw you with that man with unusual hair too."

How observant of him and yet Sano never said anything. Or rather this guy spent half his time worrying about a different guy. A deep sigh crossed her lips as the memory from those days flashed inside her head. It was so troublesome, his petty jealousy, his temper and aggressive actions.

"Sano, are you still tired?"

He chuckled. "Not at all. I slept well."

Ah-huh so he is staggering because he slept well? Then again it's not like she is his friend or girlfriend. After warning him once if he still does not want to listen then there is no need for her to do anything.

She buried her face in the blanket but it was not enough to warm her chilled body. Ah how she misses her dear Yuhi. Yuhi is like a human heater, he is always so warm. Cuddling with him is very uncomfortable too. Whenever she is in pain simply cuddling against him would make the pain vanish.

A beeping sound interrupts them and Sano clicked his tongue annoyed. He turned to her. "Stay here and don't open the door to anybody."


With those final words said Sano finally left the room. Almost as though Yuhi knew what was happening she received a call from him. Sumire immediately accepted the video chat call and soon she saw her dearest on the screen.

"Ah, you look so handsome." Was the first thing that escaped her lips.

Yuhi rolled his eyes and laughed. "It seems I have finally impressed you."

"What are you talking about? You always impress me. You always look so good that I end up hyperventilating."

Yuhi laughed again. "I called you to check on you but you seem good."

"I'm sick."

"Mmm, and you're not at the hospital either."

Sumire immediately panicked when she heard those words but Yuhi did not look mad. "I get it, it's important right?"

Her heart melted when she heard those words. Even though he is clearly worried about her. He is respecting her wishes. To think a man like this actually exists. Ah her dear is really the one. She wants to attack him so badly.

At that Yuhi suddenly looked troubled. "Sumire, didn't I warn you not to show that type of face without me around?"

"But I want you." Sumire saw no reason to hide her desires for her dearest.

"Alright, you-" Yuhi trailed off and shook his head. "Don't mess around."

"But I want to fool around with you."


Sumire laughed when she noticed that she rendered him speechless. Her dear is so easy to tease.

"I miss you Yuhi," Sumire mumbled softly.

Yuhis gaze softened. "Me too. I am sure you heard what is delaying me here."

"Ah, the group thing?"

He gave a small nod and sighed. "Honestly there is a huge reason why I never bothered with groups."

"Is it..because of Shadow?"

This was the first thing that came to her mind when Atushi explained the situation to her. In the past, Yuhi was part of a group called Shadow but his best friend, one of his team members betrayed him by taking his girlfriend away. It was the ultimate betrayal by his precious friend and his love.

"It is." Yuhi trailed off. "It's not that I don't trust you Sumire. I know how much you like me, but I can't get rid of that fear. The fear that once again the same thing will happen."

"I understand." Sumire nodded. "I mean I'm so cute, adorable, and amazing. I'm very popular."

"Brat," Yuhi said with a smile. "Since you're so amazing, hurry up and recover properly. While I am away from you I want to at least see you on TV."

Sumire laughed when she heard his words. This person is truly a fool. But he is a fool who is in love with her.

"Then should I give Mr Terashima Yuhi a private concert?"

Yuhi chuckled. "I would be honoured." He trailed off and she heard a familiar voice in the background. It belonged to a woman she knew very well.

"Asuka?" Sumire said, surprised.

At that comment Yuhi called the person over and soon she saw a familiar woman with short purple hair. "Sumire--" Asuka frowned when she saw her and Sumire laughed lightly.

"Uh wait don't lecture, Atushi did that already."

Asuka deeply sighed. This girl is Kiragi Asuka one of her dearest friend. This girl is also in the entertainment industry but she is very low key and only takes on small acting jobs.

"Your with Yuhi." Sumire pointed out. "Wait a moment are you going to seduce him? Aaah I knew you two had something going on."

It was a joke of course. People often teased them for being a couple because they were so similar.

Asuka shook her head. "I would rather pass."

Yuhi rolled his eyes. "Hey, are you saying I'm not your type? That's hurtful."

"Like that is believable. I've heard rumors about how lovey-dovey you two are to the point that people get irritated."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. She likes the sounds of that. Lovey-dovey, Sumire nodded to herself. Yes, it has a nice ring to it.

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