Eternal Melody

Chapter 241 - Let’s Start Over

When Sumire returned to the room she heard Sano's angry voice and flinched. While she no longer hates him, whenever he raises his voice it reminds her of the past and she unconsciously shrinks back. Is he fighting with Hino? No if it were Hino then Sano would not yell like that. Sumire slowly opened the door knob and spotted somebody familiar with the man. It was his sister Niko. Sumire immediately paused. It would be awkward if she came back inside.

Last time it was far too close for her liking. She does not want to get caught up with such a vicious person ever again. Sumire proceeded to leave when she caught a glimpse of Niko getting closer to Sano. In the next second Sano is on the ground and the girl is on top of him, her lips are on his in a matter of seconds.

It took her a moment to process what was happening.

Wait, wait--what??!


Sumire stood dumbly at the door for a few minutes before she saw Sanos distraught expression. She walked over to him. "Are you okay?"

"Well I did think she was a bit too close to you."

"It was arranged and I never saw her that way."

She immediately noticed how clumsy his words were and sighed. "You don't have to explain."

"Is it because you don't care?"


She doesn't care at all. He can see whoever he wants and it would not bother her at all. Sure that sight was surprising but it didnt upset her. Unlike the past she can look at him being with another woman without getting worked up. It goes to show how much things have changed.

"Come." It was a single word and yet Sumire understood. She closed the remaining distance between them and Sano pulled her onto his lap. For a moment nobody said anything until she felt his hands on her skirt.

"Sano don't."

He sighed deeply. "Are you that afraid of me?"

It's not that she is afraid. Why would she fear him now? Unlike back then the situation has changed a lot. She is stronger than before and could easily beat him up if she wanted to. Yes there is no reason to fear him. Sumire shook her head.

"Then why don't you come back to me?"


"Come back?"

"Let's start over again, please be my girlfriend."

Sumire does not reply immediately due to the shock. Why is he asking her politely now? Wasn't he acting all demanding about it before?

"Back then I was consumed with jealousy. I wasn't confident with our age gap either. When I saw so many young guys who were the same age as you and had better prospects than me I became afraid."

Sumire bit her lip. Right now he is being sincere. But with the way she is now, she won't be able to accept this kindness. It must have taken a lot for him to say such things. She was confident that she still knew him very well, he has too much pride to apologize. For him to sacrifice his pride like this- has something changed about him? Or was he like this from the very start?

The more she thought about it the more confused she became.

She wanted to reply but instead she felt bile at her throat. Her stomach suddenly started to hurt too and she felt nauseous.

"Are you okay?" Sano suddenly asked. He placed his hand on her forehead. "You suddenly turned pale."

"I just want to sleep."

If she goes to sleep then surely the pain will go away.


Sano quickly left the operation room and headed straight for his office to get changed. He debated for a few minutes before changing his route and heading to Sumire's room. He already washed his hands so it should be okay.

The moment he entered the room he found her fast asleep on the bed. Sano loosened his tie and slipped his robe onto the wrack before walking over. He proceeded to sleep beside her when he noticed something wrong. Despite the darkness of the room he could tell how incredibly pale she was. The light coming from the window illuminated her face and he was horrified. The colour had completely left her face and she kept tossing and turning.

Sano reached over and switched on the light to confirm his suspicions.

He extended his hand out and touched her cheeks. It was ice cold like she had lost all the blood in her body. It seems like that person's assumptions is correct. However Sano had no intention of obeying him.

One of the main reasons why Sumire decided to see him frequently is because she is suspicious of him. That assumption of hers is not far off, he is involved with those people. But whether those people are involved in the death of her previous lover Sano had yet to find out.

If this will settle her remaining unease and fears he will do what he can to find out.

Still that man knows too much about Sumire. Why does he know? Sano never got a proper look at his face but perhaps, are they the same type?

"Mmm, Sano?" Sumire mumbled.

Sano felt his heart beat when he heard her dazed voice.

"Your very cold. I'm going to give you an injection okay?" Sano asked as he slowly unhooked the IV drip from her arm.


Sano half expected to find her with a high fever not this ice cold state. It seems he needs to learn more about this condition of hers. Since he got involved with the underground world he gradually learned about it. Individuals who possess evolved genetics, those with the kind of powers you would see in supernatural movies.

He quickly prepared the needle and watched the girl. She was shifting around uncomfortably before she weakly tugged on his shirt. "Sano, I don't like needles…"

"I know." Of course he noticed it. "It won't hurt so relax."

"Could you lend me your hand?"


Now that he thought about it, during her injections she always insists that Terashima is with her. So this is the reason why huh?

Sano nodded. "Alright." He was going to use his left hand anyway. After he prepared the fluid he lifted the girl's arm. Her other hand was clutching onto his pinky tightly as she closed her eyes.

For a moment he froze at this sight.

Why does he think she looks cute?

When he first met her he saw her as nothing more than a stunning beauty. But now he is having second thoughts. If she simply looked cute then he would not feel this way whenever he saw her. Indeed there is something more now- his feelings for her are different. Sano quickly finished up the injection.

The colour had yet to return to her face but unlike before she didn't appear to be in too much pain. "Do you need anything? Maybe something light to eat."

"Sano, can you call Yuhi?"

Sano frowned at her words. "Why?"

"Yuhi is leaving for a week starting tomorrow. I want him to know that I will be okay. I don't want him learning of this when he is gone and cancel his plans."

Indeed he could see Terashima do that. It bothered him especially since it looked like she was about to rely on him but there is nothing he can do.

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