Eternal Melody

Chapter 242 - Cruel

It seemed like Terashima was in the area otherwise why else would he have gotten here so fast? The moment he arrived he rushed passed and sat down on the girls bed. It irked Sano how quickly he got here. This person-- even though Terashima left Sumire here, Sano knew the man did not trust him. Those people wearing strange uniforms are most-likely Terashimas people. This person acts like such a good guy in front of Sumire but he is just as bad.

Sumire laughed softly. "You came here too quickly."

"You're sick? Maybe I should--"

He watched as she traced his lips. "No. I want to see your performance. You cant cancel, okay?"

Terashima looked very reluctant. Sano watched as Terashima took her hand and kissed the back of her hand. "I can sing for you anytime."

"I know you can, but you can't get any fame or prestige from singing for me."

What a stupid comment. Surely she knows that none of that stuff matters to Terashima?

"Say Yuhi you won't cheat on me will you?"

Sanos eyes widened at her direct question. Is she worried about Terashima going on tour? Indeed there are many temptations in the entertainment industry but Sano understood something already. Terashima Yuhi is the loyal type. Despite all those rumors about the man, Sano has learned that he is completely different.

At first he denied it and waited for an opportunity to show Sumire that this man was just like him. But he has not had the chance to do that at all.

A teasing smile appeared on Terashimas face. "I can't do that, I fear for my life."

"Indeed. If you even think about looking at another woman, then we will have a nice conversation with my ice shaver machine."

"Silly girl, you trust me right?"

"I do trust you. I know even if you cheat you will tell me right away. After all you're not a very good liar."

"Geez you." Yuhi trailed off and looked over at him. "Let me talk to the doctor for a second. I will be right back."

Talk to him? Sano met the mans gaze and immediately understood. He stood up and exited the room. No sooner did he do so did Terashima come out.

"Do you know what's wrong with-" Sano sentence fell short when Terashima placed some packets in his hands. "Make her drink these."

The box had an unusual cross pattern design and he couldn't see any other markings. "What is it?" As a doctor he can't just give something random to his patient.

"Blood tablets."

At that comment he froze. It's not like he didn't suspect it. Sumire often had a fever and she was always thirsty. Occasionally he would find that her eyes have turned red. At first he thought she strained her eyes watching too much TV, but even then that bloodshot red made him reconsider. The signs were there all along. So Sumire is one of those -- what was it that man said?

"A hanyou?"

Yuhi sighed and slowly nodded. "Since you're taking this doctor thing seriously I figured I ought to tell you. Right now she looks pale like that because of the lack of blood intake."

"So she only needs blood?" They are in hospital. If all she needs is blood it is easy to supply that.

"Not quite. What Sumire needs is the blood of her special person-" Yuhi scratched his head. "I think Mamoru used to give her his secretly, otherwise she shouldn't have cravings. You can only crave something you already had before."

Tsueno Mamoru again, Sano sighed when he heard that name. Even though that man is dead already he is still controlling Sumire's life.

"Have you tried?"

At that comment Terashima looked away.

"Are you scared?"

He must be afraid that it won't be him.

Yuhi sighed. "Well I guess in a way. But between the two of us it is obvious who stands a better chance."

Sano blinked when he heard the mans bitter tone. Up till now Terashima Yuhi to a certain degree was treating him in a civil manner.

"I'm going to warn you because I think you dont understand me very well. Keep kissing Sumire like that and I will deal with you myself."

He was going to make a smart retort but Sano changed his mind when he saw the look on the man's eyes. This was the first time Sano felt afraid of Terashima Yuhi. No matter what rumors he heard about the man he simply dismissed it. He thought Terashima and him were the same type. But it turns out he was wrong. How can he be the same as this man? Such a dominating and frightening presence. That cold gaze enough to pierce into somebody's soul.

No, there is something else. He could feel the bloodlust surrounding the man.

Sano felt his face break out into sweat all the way to his palms. What is with this person?

Before he could say anything though a pair of dainty arms wrapped around Terashimas waist. "Yuhi, I want to go on a walk."

Wait wait- is she crazy? Terashima looks like he is going to hurt- Sanos thoughts broke off when he saw that frightening expression vanish. It was replaced with a gentle smile.

"Then lets go and flirt for a bit."

Sumire beamed happily as she clutched his arm. "Okay!"

Terashima did not bother looking back at him. But Sumire did, she mumbled an apology and also "go back inside." Sano watched as the pair disappear down the hall. Sano was still in shock as he remained on the floor. What was all that about? This was the first time Terashima behaved this way towards him. No matter how many times Sano provoked Terashima Yuhi before it did not matter.

It didn't matter-- why did he behave so strangely?


When she finally returned he must have dozed of. He woke up to her gentle hands on his forehead. "I think you have a fever.."

"Hah, you came back?"

Sumire sighed deeply. "Say Sano, are you serious about wanting me back?"

"Are you asking that because you are considering it?"

Sumire shook her head and his gaze darkened. Does she have to refuse him directly like this? The more Sano thought about it the angrier he became. Who does she think she is? Just because he has been treating her a little bit kindly recently does not mean she can step over him like this. Sano mustered his remaining strength and pulled Sumire down onto the bed. He pinned her hands on the headboard with a cloth, and hovered over her.

"Can you still disobey me?"

Can this girl still disobey him when they are like this? Sano paused when he saw her pale face and recalled what Terashima just gave him earlier. He lets go of her hand and pulled out the box of tablets. He slipped one into his mouth and moved towards her.

He wont let this girl go no matter what happens.

If she wants to keep playing this game then from now on he will be more cruel.

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