Eternal Melody

Chapter 240 - You Have To Promise Me

Besides Yuhi worked so hard to get to where he is today, he suffered so much to get to the top. She won't take shortcuts and do her best. She recalled something Ru told her before her debut and sighed. Now that she thought it through back then it seemed like he was going to let her go. He mentioned something like now you can finally stand by his side. Ru said it quietly right before she went onto the stage so it was difficult to hear at first. But now that she thought it through it has become a lot clearer to her now.

Her gaze fell on the man beside her. From the very start this person has treated her sincerely and with such kindness and affection that she does not deserve.

"Say Yuhi?" Sumire mumbled.


"I want to call you darling."

"You already do."

"I mean in public." She wants people to know that they are serious.

Rumors don't bother but when she was browsing through her phone she saw something. It was an article by some random fan but it got a lot of attention. An article criticizing Yuhis relationship with her. This was one of the reasons why she hesitated to date him. When she came here and he made his advances clear, Sumire deliberately put a wall between them.

"Is something wrong? You're acting strange." Yuhi asked concerned.

"Lately Sano keeps calling somebody." Sumire quickly changed the topic. She does not want Yuhi to know what she is currently thinking.

"Sumire forget about him for a moment."

Sumire could not miss his tone when he said those words. Yuhi must think that she is always thinking of Sano. Though normally he is hard to read when he is jealous, Sumire immediately understood. She leaned forward and Yuhi immediately kissed her. He pried her mouth open after mumbling if it was okay. He always asks her for permission before doing anything. This person is so considerate of her. She thought that Yuhi would not be jealous of Sano of all people but it seems like the slight mention bothers him. Calling Sano by his first name doesn't help, it makes it look like they are close.

After kissing for a good few minutes the two of them are out of breath. Yuhi nibbled on her earlobe and she mumbled. "Idiot, quit it."

"Nobody is around."


He didn't even check. Then again even though he respects her sometimes he goes overboard. Like secretly placing kisses on her neck whenever they go out for a meal.

Sumire pulled away from him and stood up. She walked over to the large cherry tree that caught her attention earlier. It was in a rather remote looking spot but still close to the bench they were sat on. It is strange that there is still a cherry tree blossoming when it is June.

She hears footsteps behind her and soon Yuhi wrapped his arms around her waist. He buried his face in her neck and she rolled her eyes. "Dont brood."

"I wanted to keep kissing."

"The doctor will get mad." The main reason she was holding herself back was Sano. She does not want to deal with his petty jealousy and his temper.

At that comment Yuhi flinched and she sighed. This isnt going to be easy. Yuhi acts like he does not care about Sano, in fact Yuhi seems to focus more on Soujiro but it must upset him. The matters of the heart are truly complicated.

"Are you okay Yuhi?"

"No, I want to take you home."

It pained Sumire hearing his tone. Home huh? It feels strange for her to hear such words. To think the day would come when she would have a home. After the accident that happened when she was a child she did not have a proper home.

A home, a place to go back to and somebody to welcome her back.

To think she would have it. Her gaze fell on the large tree a few steps away from her. Now that she thought it through the reason she liked cherry blossoms is most likely because of that large tree in the Holy Knights headquarters.

"Just bare with it, after I give birth you can have me all to yourself."

"I need you, its hard Sumire." Yuhi muttered.

"I know." She understood his emotions very well.

This entire time Yuhi has lived his life alone and now that he has her he does not want to go back to those days.

After hugging her for a few minutes he lets her go. "Are you hungry? I made you some lunch."

Sumire slowly nodded her head as she stared at the man. He didn't say anything after that, is he truly okay? Sometimes she worries about Yuhi. While unlike her past relationships Yuhi opens up to her more, he is still hiding things from her.

The two of them return to the bench area and Yuhi takes out a three tier lunch box. Sumire laughed. "Uh isn't this too much?"

"Hospital food is bad right? No matter how much Nagawa tries to improve it."

Well it isn't that bad. But indeed homemade cooking is still the best option. She opened up the first tier and saw some gyoza, a small box of fruits strawberries and blueberries, chikuwa cucumber. The second tier consisted of some warm rice and an omlett. The third tier contained some fried chicken cut up into cute animal shapes and vegetables.

"Yuhi-san, do you think I can eat all this now?"

"Obviously not, you eat half and save the rest later when you get hungry." Yuhi sounded pleased and he pointed to the bag. "There is more here."

Sumire looked at him blankly before she quickly realized it. "How long will you be gone?"

Yuhi kissed her cheek and then behind her ear. "Just a week and a few extra days."

That's almost two weeks, almost half a month without Yuhi. Also she recalled what Sano was telling her the other day. According to him she will give birth soon, she does not want to do this without Yuhi. Yuhi must have understood since he gently kissed her lips.

"I will be there, don't worry okay?"

She buried her face in his arms and mumbled. "You have to promise me."

"Yeah I promise."

It is still very worrying but Sumire knew she could not sulk about this now. She needs to use this little time she has with him to kiss him all over and remind him that she is his. Its not like Yuhi will have the guts to cheat on her. But she is worried about all those pesky flies.

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