Eternal Melody

Chapter 236 - It Did Not Matter

The cruelties of the entertainment industry is something he is very familiar with. The general public, the fans treat idols like dolls. They treat them as symbols as icons, they do not treat them like humans. Their feelings? Their emotions? It did not matter to any of them. They have to keep singing, because that is their job, their responsibility.

Having relationships is not prohibited but it is generally looked down on since they are individuals that should not belong to anybody. Idols exist for their fans, they cannot have a special someone. The rules on that are not as strict here in Japan as in Korea but Yuhi knew what other people thought.

Though the rumors have died down now. Yuhi still saw some when he browsed the net. They call Sumire irresponsible for having a relationship when she is still new in the entertainment industry. One comment stood out to him.

(She hasnt even given us anything yet and she thinks she can act all high and mighty?)

The use of words stood out to him. Not given them anything yet? These people act like she is singing for their sake, and not for her dream. Such ugliness and malice, at one point Yuhi wanted to give up singing.

He wanted to surrender and leave this industry already. The main reason why he

did not do that was because of the promise he made with her.

Soujiro placed some documents down on the table. "Have her look at these when she wakes up."

"Your not staying?"

"Unfortunately I have other business to attend to." Soujiro paused as though he pondered about whether to say the next line. "It seems there are strange rumors floating around about the Ibuki family territory. I need to ensure that everything is settled first."

Strange rumors? Recently Yuhi has kept himself occupied with work so he has not paid much attention. There has been no strange attacks lately and even Shin mentioned that those people were not making a move. He found it suspicious of course. But Hino told him to use this opportunity to catch up on all the work he has missed out.

"Then take care."

Yuhi knew those words were unlike him but he had a bad feeling about this.

Soujiro nodded, his gaze briefly fell on the girl who was now laying down on the couch. It looked like the man wanted to say something but Yuhi watched as he quickly exited the room.

Makoto Soujro huh? Out of all the guys who like her, Yuhi feared this one the most. That silent and indifferent behaviour is something Sumire might like. Based on her personality she does not like clingy people like Atsuro. Somebody quiet who treats her well and with respect might be the kind of person she needs.

Yuhi quickly shook his head. No use thinking such things now. Right now he is the one by Sumires side. He is the one who is with her now.


Yuhi knew that he could no longer pretend there was nothing wrong with her when he saw how pale she was. It was a good thing that Sano was indeed coming today. Once he heard the man was in the building, he fetched the assistant from before to get Sano. He was busy patting Sumires back after she threw up when Sano entered the room.

"She threw up again?"

"I just gave her some fruit."

She looked so pale and needed strength. Yuhi knew that giving her oily food would be bad so he settled for fruits, but she ended up throwing it up.

Sano walked over and placed his hand on Sumires forehead. It surprised Yuhi how easily he did it considering that he was right there.

"Fever?" Sano asked.

"I feel hot."

"Open your mouth."

He flinched at those words and moved away slightly. What is this? Makoto Soujiro is the only one he ought to worry about. But just now he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He fidgeted uncomfortably as he watched Sano fingers enter the girl's mouth. There was something sensual about the way Sumire moved her lips or maybe it was just his imagination. It was something he noticed about the girl from the very start. Whenever she moves her mouth it looks sensual… Who did she learn that from?


Hearing her soft moan Yuhi grabbed Sano's hand. "Isn't that enough?"

He wanted to tell Sano to stop overstepping his boundaries as the doctor. But Yuhi did not want to look petty.

Sano nodded and pulled away. "I think she needs to be hospitalized. No I am not talking about a few days or a week but until she gives birth. It should happen within this month anyway, so she won't have to stay long."

Its not like he hasn't been thinking about it. Ever since that time Atsuro came to examine her Yuhi has thought the same. No matter how well he takes care of her. He does not have the same facilities and treatment a regular hospital can give her.

"What about my work? I just started…"

Stupid girl who cares about her work now? What good is it if she collapses everyday? Then again knowing her Yuhi knew she was concerned about troubling other people.

"Most investors are people I know, I will take care of it."

Yuhi raised his eyebrow at that comment. Most huh? It seemed like this man has more influence and power than he thought. Now that he thought it through. Hino mentioned how he had to borrow money from a friend to start up the agency. That friend is most likely Sano. A deep sigh passed his lips. It seems like it will be impossible to push this man away.

"Okay, thank you Sano." She mumbled and looked over at him. She seemed puzzled why there was some distance between them but did not say a word as she edged closer. Soon she was right next to him again and she slumped her head on his chest.

"Yuhi, I want to sleep more."

"We need to get you to the hospital."

"I already arranged a car, it is waiting outside. She doesn't have to sign anything either."

This man is way too efficient. Yuhi sighed again but thanked Sano as he picked Sumire up. On the way down to the car Yuhi does not say a word but he keeps watching over the other man. Nagawa did not try to talk to Sumire again but the man's gaze on her while he was on his phone bothered him. Who is he contacting?

Yuhi remembered Shin's warning.

'Those people may be quiet on the surface but who knows what they are planning in the shadows? We need to be more aware of our surroundings.'

Be aware huh? With Sumire in this condition he needs more than awareness.

He needs to be ready at anytime just in case something happens. He wont let any harm come her way.

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