Eternal Melody

Chapter 237 - Unease

Hospital - 1:30pm

It was well past lunch time when they arrived at the hospital. The journey from that building to the Nagawa family hospital was quite far. Yuhi originally wondered why Sano picked this far away place but when he looked around he immediately understood. It is quieter here and it will be difficult for the media to get to her. It seems like this man is more considerate than he thought.

After making a few calls he returned to the room and saw Sumire sat up on the bed hugging a plushie. Several blanks wrapped around her and Yuhi noted how there seemed to be more at the girls feet.

Yuhi raised his eyebrow. "So what is going on here?"

"Sumire gets cold easily."

Well he knows that but what about that thing she is hugging?

"It belongs to her."

But he never saw that before. Judging from her behaviour though Yuhi guessed it was hers. Sano must have brought it over. It disturbed him knowing that Sano still had some of Sumires belongings. So much time has passed since the two broke up, how come he still has her stuff? According to Sumire her other boyfriend helped her deal with everything related to Sano but did it slip their mind to get her stuff?

Sumire looked up. "If you still have this then what about.."

"The music box? I will get it for you tonight."

"Thank you."

He clenched his fist when he heard those words. Since earlier Yuhi thought something was wrong but now he understood. The reason why he felt this way is because he sees it now. Nagawa is serious, from now on this man will seriously try to pursue Sumire.

"Is there anything else?"

"Then I will list a few things so can you go and get them for me now?"

Yuhi immediately understood when he heard those words. She is sending Nagawa away. It seems she noticed his odd behaviour. Nagawa must have realized too since he quickly left after she made the list.

Sumire extended her hand towards him and Yuhi flinched. Since earlier he simply hovered over the door. "Yuhi." She said softly. "Won't you come here?"

Whenever this girl calls his name it feels like music to his ears.

He walked over spellbound until he was on the bed. She tugged on his hand. "I understand Yuhi."

She didn't ask him what was wrong or even condemn him for his behaviour but instead she said she understood. Ah, it seems like he is no match for this girl at all. All his unease and fears seem to pale in comparison.

He joined the girl on the bed but he still felt restless even though she was snuggled up to him. What is this sudden feeling of unease?

"Are you worried?" Sumire said after enduring the silence for a few minutes.

"He knows more about you than me." Yuhi reluctantly admitted. It pained him that Nagawa of all people seemed to understand Sumire more than anybody else.

It did not bother him as much that other people understood her better. After all he was absent for most of her life so it makes sense for others to know her better. But why does it have to be that man? Why the man who made her suffer and caused her so much grief and pain?

"That may be so." Sumire mumbled. It pained him that she did not deny it. Sumire however quickly added. "No matter how kind he is now, I cant trust him."

Yuhi sensed the pain behind her tone and he frowned. Maybe he is just overthinking this. Sano traumatized her, Sumire is not the type of woman who would ask for more punishment. These days it looked to him that the girl is genuinely trying to focus on recovering mentally and physically. If it is like that then he needs to stop having such thoughts.

Sumire is doing her best even though it is painful for her.

Yuhi softly kissed her temple and Sumire laughed softly. Her laughter seemed so innocent after everything.

"Are you hungry?"

"Ah I am! But I dont want the cafeteria food now…" She trailed off. "Yuhi will you cook me something?"

At her suggestion he glanced over at the side door and sighed. A hospital room that comes with a kitchen? Yuhi does not have to inquire if there are any ingredients. Nagawas level of preparation is something else. But then again that man has the money and power.

Power huh? Yuhi did not think he needed more. He was content with the current situation but it seems like he will have to reconsider.

He needs more power so he can safely protect this girl.

Yuhi scooped her up in his arms and brought her to the mini kitchen. He placed her down on the counter and rolled his sleeves up.

Sumire laughed. "Your letting me watch?"

"Mm, I want to keep staring at you so stay put."

That thought seemed to please her since her smile brightened. These days it seems like he is seeing that smile a lot more now. Yuhi pondered what caused it. They dont spend that much time together now so he thought she would be more upset. She mentioned being lonely and that was why she kept going to Nagawa's place but there seemed to be something more.

"By the way Yuhi, since the subject of old stuff was brought up can I ask you what about your belongings?"

"Ah." Yuhi trailed off. "That stuff." He almost forgot how much junk he left behind in the Holy Knights headquarters.

Sumire rolled her eyes. "Yes that stuff. I packed your stuff into boxes but there is still a lot there."

She packed her stuff into boxes? Yuhi lips curved to a grin when he realized something. That leader is the type who would throw things away without a second thought. If Sumire negotiated to pack away his stuff. "Are you keeping my belongings hostage?"

Sumire laughed. "Well its true I took everything with me."

"I was going to say its okay to throw it away, but there are some first edition hard to find copies of certain books there."

He could not miss the way the girls eyes shone when he mentioned that. "You never tried to.."

"I saw them but I thought it would be awkward for me to read. I mean, with the way things were."

"You know I never held a grudge against you for rejecting me."

Why would he be upset over something like that for? Besides with the way he confessed it was bound to happen.

Sumire looked troubled by his response and he put the ladle down for a moment. He squeezed his hand in hers and a content sigh passed her lips. "I know you didnt and that bothered me even more. You even sent out those books with messages. You acted like I didnt coldly reject you."

"Well it was interesting that was for sure. But I wanted to keep in touch."

"Proust Swanns way, heart of darkness." Sumire listed several other titles.

Yuhi chuckled. "Didn't like it?"

"Most guys would try to woo a girl using romantic means. If your going to use books I thought it was obvious that you don't send books with tragedies."

"But ah, all those books had a neutral ending."

He leaned forward until their foreheads touched and his lips grazed against hers. "You didn't like it?" Yuhi repeated. He was in a daze since he noticed the look the girl gave him.

"I liked it a lot." Sumire wrapped her arms around his neck. "--" She mumbled the next line quietly but it made his heart flutter. This woman is messing with him too much or maybe he is the one going crazy.

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