Eternal Melody

Chapter 235 - I Want To Do Something

Monday June 16

There was no formal announcement yet.

But everybody knew that Sumire was gradually returning to her duties as an idol.

Yuhi disliked Sano but he has to admit that the man was good at his job. His gaze fell on Sumire who was in the middle of a photo shoot. This was no ordinary photoshoot though. On the surface it looked like a small modeling job but this magazine is very popular abroad. Over here people do not see the value of the magazine but once it hits the shelves abroad, then people automatically become famous. When Nagawa Sano said he would invest more in the entertainment industry. Yuhi did not think the man would help Sumire get a gig.

It seems he should thank him. The two had an awful past but if the man is trying to redeem himself, Yuhi knew he could not treat him with hostility. What Sano did back then was awful, and Yuhi wanted nothing more than to put him in jail. But at the same time its not like he did not understand. Sanos behaviour back then, Yuhi could not help but think that perhaps he would have ended up that way too. He cant criticize that man too much when he almost fell for that same spell.

When he saw Sumire stagger and place her hand on her forehead. Yuhi crushed the cigarette in his fingers and tossed it away. He did not want to disturb her so he quietly watched from the sidelines. But he does not want her to collapse.

It did not take long before he was right in front of the girl. "Hi there love, need a break?"

Sumire didnt reply but she leaned her body forward. Yuhi wrapped his arms around her waist. It surprised him each time they hugged. How is it possible for somebody to fit so perfectly in his arms?

"Yuhi." Sumire said softly.



Whenever she asks him for a kiss, it sounded like music to his ears. He cupped her cheeks and gently kissed her soft lips. Satisfied Sumire mumbled something against his lips.

A quiet I love you, so quiet that not a soul in this world or the next would hear it. But Yuhi did not mind it at all. Sumire is getting better now. At the beginning she struggled to even say the word love. Yuhi felt the girls arms wrap around his neck.

"You smell good."

He paused for a moment and carefully considered his next words. But before he could say anything Sumire bit his neck. Most people would flinch at this and yet he simply caressed her hair and waited for her to speak.



"Somehow I want to do something."

"Something?" Yuhi repeated.

"Mmm something, Yuhi you smell so nice."

Yuhi did not say anything else knowing that soon she would fall asleep. He noticed earlier how she was struggling to keep herself awake. Indeed no sooner did he finish that thought did he hear her quiet breathing. He looked at his surroundings and found a staff member and informed her that he would be taking Sumire to the break room.

After he finished making those arrangements he carried the girl out of the room. His thoughts lingered to the words she said just a few seconds ago. He smells nice huh? She even bit him. Yuhi wondered if it was time yet. Atushi has been investigating. He even went back to Germany briefly and spoke to all kinds of professors, however the man returned with little information. The only clue they have is that it eventually it will happen, perhaps after her pregnancy.

Unusual cravings, sharper sense of smell - thirst for something that isnt the usual everyday beverage. Recently Sumire keeps showing such symptoms but Yuhi knew it was too soon to conclude things. Even if it is like that it will still take time.

Yuhis thoughts broke off when he spotted a man with blonde hair wearing a white cape not too far away. It seemed like he was on the phone but once he saw them he ended his call quickly. This man was Sumire's fiance Makoto Soujiro. For a while it seemed like he was busy with something so he seldom contacted Sumire but Yuhi knew he could not let his guard down.

Soujiro walked over and looked towards the girl in his arms. "Does she need a place to rest?"

"She has a break room but if you have a better place then.."

"Come this way." Soujiro said.

Yuhi nodded and followed the man. After walking for a few minutes they entered what looked like a private lounge area. "Did you come here for business?" Yuhi asked.

He seldom liked to speak to people who weren't Sumire but he wondered why this man had kept his distance. Did Makoto Soujiro not come to Tokyo to take Sumire back with him? Why has he kept his distance this entire time? It disturbed him greatly. More than Sano or even Atsuro, Yuhi felt troubled whenever it came to this person. Maybe because unlike the other two, Yuhi could not tell if this person still wanted Sumire.

"I did. I also heard that she would be here today."

At that comment his body tensed up. What did Soujiro want with his wife?

Soujiro sighed deeply. "There are a few gatherings that I cannot keep declining or attend alone."

"Does she have to go?" Yuhi knew that Sumire disliked elite gatherings with a passion. He knew that she hated that elite blood in her veins more than anything.

"She has to." Soujiro kept his usual indifferent face, but Yuhi knew that he was equally concerned. "I already filtered everything out for her but she cannot keep hiding away from social events. Everybody knows she is alive now. They know that the singer Ibuki Sumire and my fiance are the same people. If she keeps refusing to appear like this then her situation will get worse."

Yuhi understood and yet it made him uncomfortable. "I wanted her to experience a normal school life first."

"I am sure your handling that well enough already, otherwise she would not return to work."

Indeed he knew that Sumire would not have started taking on jobs if her situation at school was still weird. But it still struck him as odd why she still has to deal with the elite world or even return to the entertainment industry. Only half a year has passed since Tsueno Mamoru passed away.

Only half a year is not enough time to heal the wounds and scars in her heart. Yet people expect her to return to work already.

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