Eternal Melody

Chapter 234 - Next Time Come To Me

Yuhi must know the rumors about her. He must know how she seeks comfort whenever she gets lonely. It was a bad habit of hers when she was growing up, even more so after she entered middle school. How could he trust her despite having this information? Atsuro is strange but maybe there is something wrong with Yuhi too.

It can't be possible for him to trust her this much. Sure she maybe his first love but even that should have its limits.

"If you think about it too much your head will explode."

Sumire could not miss the teasing tone and sly smirk that appeared on his face.

At that comment she exclaimed. "Why are you insulting me again?!"

How did he go from saying he trusts her to insulting her- this person always likes to tease her.

Yuhi laughed. "That's the spirit. I guess the medicine did the trick."

Now that he mentioned it she does feel better now. Medicine? Sumire does not remember taking it. But she placed her fingers on her lips and mumbled. "You attacked me."

"Well." Yuhi trailed off. "Did you want Atsuro to do it?"

Her eyes widened startled at that comment. "Was he about to--"

Yuhi sighed. "I wanted to punch him for even having that thought. But he acted completely oblivious and said he didnt know what the issue was."

Sumire bit her lip when she heard that explanation. Ah she definitely needs to do something about Atsuro. At first Sumire thought she could ignore it, but now it seems like she can't. That relationship she had with Atsuro, even though it was not a romantic one was unusual. She thought it was all her and that she was the one who dragged him down. But now that Sumire thought it through there was something wrong with him too. How could he accept that situation?

Yuhi suddenly sat up and prompted her to sit too. He pushed her against the bed frame and leaned forward. "If it bothers you, I can handle it."

"I won't lie, it bothers me a lot. But Yuhi, I don't want to trouble you too much."

This is a result of her careless behaviour.

He gently caresses her cheeks. "It is no problem even if you do. Atsuro probably thinks our relationship is only for show."

She blinked at that revelation. "What makes you think that?"

"Well based on his behaviour. I thought it was weird that he still acted like you belonged to him."

Sumire dismissed that as him being possessive but it seems like that isnt the case.

"I overheard his conversation with Yamaguchi. He seems to think we are pretending or I coerced you into dating me."

Sumire frowned when she heard the last part. Where on earth did he get that idea from? Is he actually crazy? Sumire knew he was peculiar and strange - there were all sorts of rumors about him but she never took it seriously.

"Don't worry your pretty head about it. We can deal with it together when you get better." Yuhi trailed off. "Is it me?"


"You keep meeting with Sano, is it because I keep leaving you alone?"

"I was bored."

She was bored, tired and lonely.

"Then next time come to me." Yuhi mumbled.

Actually she tried to do that. But then she saw all those people surrounding him and thought she would be disturbing him. It was a good thing that Yuhi did not see her then.

"Okay." A simple okay and yet she watched as his gaze soften. She played with his shirt and frowned realizing something. "No buttons, hard to take off."

"Geez you, I know you're needy but control yourself, you look awful."

"Im not pretty?"

"You're gorgeous." Yuhi traced her lips. "But you need rest."

Too considerate and kind for his own good. Most men would just pounce after being provoked. Terashima Yuhi differs from all those other guys, Sumire thought she already understood that but it seems like there is more to it than meets the eye.

"Was work tiring?" Sumire asked.

"I don't care much for jobs where I don't sing."

"So you were surrounded by pretty models all day?"

"No they were ugly." He played with a strand of her hair and kissed it. "I needed Sumire to recharge."

She rolled her eyes. "Meaning you needed your naps?"

"Hah, don't be little yourself. When I say I wanted you, I mean it."

Sumire froze for a moment when she heard those words but she quickly composed herself. Don't take everything he says seriously. His want for her does not necessarily mean what she is thinking. But just now her heart skipped a beat.

Yuhi was completely oblivious to her emotions or maybe he noticed. Either way he kept playing with her hair. So she broke the distance and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Yuhi, I like you so much."

"Me too, I love you."

As he said those words she felt Yuhi tug on her gown. Her gaze softened. "Do you want to?"

"I'm not that unreasonable. But do me a favour will you?"

A favour? He seldom asks her for anything. Ever since they started dating Yuhi has never asked her for anything. She is the only one who receives. This man can be so cruel, he should know how burdened she feels by his kindness. But he still doesn't ask her for anything selfish. Now she understood why Hino watches over him like some kind of parent. Yuhi keeps everything to himself and does not let others know what he is thinking.

"A favour?"

Yuhi nodded. "Kiss me."

Sumire blinked and then she laughed. She didnt know what it was but for some reason she kept laughing. She wondered what was wrong with him. Since earlier it felt like he wanted to say something. Ever since Atsuro came he kept casually touching her but not do anything. So this was the reason?

"It depends."

Yuhi brushed his lips against hers. "Minx." He mumbled. "Don't tease me."

The two of them can spend their happy days like this all because those people have not acted yet. But once they properly make their move, she wonders if Yuhi will be able to smile? It isn't possible, Sumire understood that better than anybody. The darkness that consumes this world, it is something only those who have blood in their hands will understand.

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