Eternal Melody

Chapter 233 - I Trust You

Atsuro's examination was rather quick. It seemed like he was holding back from touching her with Yuhi around. 'It seems Yuhi-san is the best barrier against men like Atsuro.'

"Nothing is wrong?" Yuhi frowned he clearly didn't expect this outcome. "But look at her--"

Indeed anybody who saw her would think there is something wrong with her.

"It's because the child has a power, so the effects are different. A weak body cannot handle it. Moreover Sumire doesn't exactly live a healthy lifestyle, even more so after that time."

"I see." Yuhi seemed reluctant to accept that answer. Who could blame him? If anybody heard Atsuro speak they would think he was trying to dodge the issue.

Sumire sighed. "I can't work or go to school like this."

"You should be resting anyway." Atsuro trailed off and mumbled. "I'll make you some medicine, it should help with your fatigue."


She didn't say a word and watched as Atsuro went to the kitchen. A few seconds later Yuhi stood up and left too.

Ryou clasped his hands. "Goodness you two are behaving like children."

"I don't want to ignore him either."

But if she lets him get close again he will surely misunderstand.

"I see what the problem is here." Ryou trailed off and a gentle smile appeared on his face. "You're pushing him away because you don't want to hurt him?"

At that comment a troubled look appeared on her face. "You're making it sound like I care for him."

"You dont?"

Ugh...she hates dealing with people like this. Yamaguchi Ryou is a good person but because he is such a good guy he is oblivious.

"The current me can only focus on one person at a time."

It is still too suffocating for her to be around other people. While her relationship with others has improved since she first came. It still isnt enough. She still ends up trembling after a simple conversation. She still freaks out whenever people raise their voice even slightly. She still runs away and dodges the issue whenever something goes wrong. This cowardly and pathetic behaviour of hers is no good. Her thoughts broke off when she felt a familiar pair of hands brush against her forehead. She unknowingly leaned against the owners hand.

Yuhi chuckled softly. "You okay love?"

"Its painful."

"Atsuro is almost finished. Hang in there, okay?"

Sumire mumbled something and Yuhi took a seat beside her. He moved her hands away from his face but kept hold of it. So kind, she wonders why such a kind person exist in this cruel world. This world is so cruel and yet to think she could find such happiness here.

A few hours later.

She must have dozed of because the next time she woke up, she saw pitch black skies. Sumire tried to get up but found a familiar pair of arms wrapped around her waist, she glanced over and saw Yuhi sleeping beside her. Ah-- he must have fallen asleep too.

What time is it? Did he eat dinner? Sumire knew that she slept long these days. Whenever she would pass out after feeling long she would not wake up for another few hours.

Yuhi stirred awake and she used that moment to bury her face back in his arms. Soon she felt his hands on her back. "Mmm, needy? Sorry I am a bit tired."

Sumire giggled. "Its okay, you need your rest too."

She didn't notice this earlier but he looks exhausted. This person always lectures her about overworking but what about him?

Yuhi gently kissed her forehead. "But your acting so cute and clinging to me so Im at a loss what to do."

"I'm clingy because I'm cold."

It seemed like Yuhi carried her to the bedroom but quite some time has passed since she last used this room. Atushi likes saving money so he most likely switched off the heating. Normally he would switch it on before she came here but it seemed like they were in quite a hurry after learning she was with Sano.

"Aren't you going to ask why I was with him?"

At that comment Yuhi sighed. He moved his hands from her waist and suddenly pinched her cheeks. "Cheeky woman. I told you before dont act so secretive about your meeting with him."

"I thought you would be angry."

"It's not like you two are doing anything for me to be angry about."

Is that so? Sumire didn't understand his behaviour at all. When she was dating Sano he was very possessive and was cautious about her being around other men. Ren was slightly different, but she could tell he was concerned about it too. Ru expressed his concerns vocally and in a joking manner. But Sumire could never tell what Yuhi thought about it. Its not like he acts indifferent but somehow its different.

"Do you not care?" She asks even though she knows that isnt the answer.

"Idiot." Yuhi scolded. "I wondered what you were about to say. Obviously I care and I do get jealous."

If it is like that then why does he not behave that way?

This isnt the first time she hung around Sanos place, before then she often went over to Hinos when they first became friends. Does it not bother him that she mainly has male friends not female ones? No, he just said he gets jealous. No matter how much Sumire thought of it she could not come up with a reason at all. This persons words and behaviour-- since when did it become such a huge puzzle?

Her thoughts broke off when she felt his hand on her cheek. "Is it difficult for you to believe that I trust you Sumire?"

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. Trust? It was such a peculiar thing to her. Trust...right that's something healthy and normal couples have. Sumire however was oblivious to such a thing. This is the first time somebody has told her that they trust her.

Sano clearly never trusted her. After that time he scolded and got angry at her for even talking to another guy. Ren liked to keep to himself so they were never around other people for too long. Ru-- Ru didn't act unsightly but there was always a wall between them that she could never cross. He never told her that he trusted her but its not like he didn't trust her.

Her past relationships were very strange, but even then it did not matter to her at the time. To trust somebody, to have faith in them no matter what bad things they do.

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