Eternal Melody

Chapter 232 - It’s Not Your Fault

It was an awkward send off Sumire completely forgot about it the moment she stepped out of the car though. Despite being quite a distance away she spotted him easily. Yuhi was leaning against the door staring at his phone with a frown. Sumire could already guess what happened. Hino is most-likely telling him off for leaving his work half way. How many times has this happened already? She is always causing him problems. Yet he came the moment he heard something happened with her.

He did say if she needed anything he would come. But this is too much. Sumire knew what kind of work he had today.

"Hey you." Yuhi greeted the moment they reached the door. He scooped her up in his arms and nuzzled his face against hers. "You look so sick."

"I needed you."

Yuhi kept looking at her face and suddenly mumbled something quietly before turning to Atushi. "Hey Atushi, call Atsuro."

At that comment her eyes widened alarmed. "Wait I just saw Sano-" She cut her sentence short when she saw Yuhis expression.

This probably isn't the best time to admit that. But she could not miss the flash of fury in his eyes when she said Sanos name. A deep sigh passed her lips when she thought of what would happen later. Once he has made sure that she is okay he will get all sulky. Yuhi kicked the door open and laid her down on the couch.

Sumire noticed how the usually disorganized sofa had cushions and thick blankets on top. Yuhi must have set this up before they came and he went outside to take a call just as they arrived. She needs to apologize for even stopping him just then. This person has only ever done things for her sake. Terashima Yuhi only takes action when it comes to her.

She wonders if a day will ever come where she can repay this kindness of his. Will a day come where she is capable of doing something like that?

While Atushi made the call, Yuhi kept fussing over her and made sure she was comfortable. He placed his hand on her forehead. "Sorry, I wanted to give you some food but I don't know what is wrong with you yet. I don't want to risk making you even more sick."


Sumire did not say anymore. She didn't know what to say to him. Should she apologise again? How many times has her condition flared up since she arrived to Tokyo? Whenever she retraced her memories to when she first came here Sumire would sigh. It seems like all she ever does is cause this person problems. Then again isn't he the strange one? He never complains.

She watched as he fiddled with the theremotor in his hands and frowned. "Why is it broken…"

Soft laughter escaped her lips when she saw him sulking. He reminds her of a huge lion at times. Yuhi noticed and averted his gaze.

"It isn't funny. I need to check your temperature and this stupid thing has to be broken now."

Sumire sighed. "You know there is a simple solution to measuring somebody's temperature…"

"A simple solution?" Yuhi repeated.

She extended her hand out towards him and Yuhi immediately understood. His gaze softened when he caught her hand and brushed it against his cheek. "Too hot."


"Your body temperature isn't normal…"

"You're too cold Yuhi."

For a split second she saw a dark look appear in his eyes but it was only for a moment. "Mm, because I had to do a shoot outside just now."

That was when she noticed the state of his hair it was wet. Ah, so it was a shoot at the beach? No wonder he got here so quickly, the beach is not too far from this area. Still, "You should take a bath. You might catch a cold."

"Yeah I should." He kept looking at her.

The look in his eyes showed that he would not leave her even for a single second. Does she look that bad? Yuhi normally does not fuss this much. His gaze filled with worry and yet there seemed to be something else there too.

Behind those clear eyes, sadness and unimaginable amount of pain.

This person is always trying to heal her scars but what about his own? What about his pain?


Sumire blinked when she heard his apology.

"For not keeping my promise."

At that comment she immediately understood. She weakly shook her head. "You don't have to apologise. I told you before didn't I? The two of us can't escape this fate." She trailed off. "When you quit for good after disappearing to Tokyo, I thought maybe there is a chance for you. A chance for you to do the impossible."

He almost succeeded with that didn't he? Yuhi almost succeeded with living a normal life. But because of her once again he is plunged into this darkness.

"It's not your fault."

"We both know it is, so Yuhi--"

'So Yuhi live your life. Don't concern yourself with me anymore.'

If it were in the past she could easily say those words but things are different now. It is different. 'I can no longer live a life without this person by my side.'

Instead of saying that she mumbled. "He hasn't kissed me yet."

Normally when they meet he would assault her with kisses. Even when she is sick he would at least kiss her forehead.

Yuhi deeply sighed and he suddenly leaned forward. "If I kiss you now I won't stop."

"Why do you have to stop?"

"I have a feeling Atsuro will walk through those doors any minute now."

Sumire rolled her eyes. "Since when did you care so much about what other people think?"

"Since I decided to court you with marriage in mind." Yuhi joked.

She extended her hand out. "Kiss me."

before Yuhi's lips could make contact with hers, the sound of the bell disturbed them.

"What on earth are you two--"

Hearing a familiar voice Sumire sighed. 'Such bad timing.' She thought it would take him awhile before he arrived. Standing at the entrance was none other than Kusaji Atsuro. But he wasn't alone, a familiar man with purple coloured long hair and grey eyes was there. Ah…


Yamaguchi Ryou, one of Atsuro's band members.

"Hello Sumire-chan, it's been half a year hasn't it?"

That's fight the last time she met this person… Ru was in the middle of a dangerous job, and he reassured her. That was the first and last time she met him. But he left a good impression in her head.

"Yes it has. It's good to see you again."

Atsuro clicked his tongue annoyed as he put his bag on the table. "I see I'm not getting a greeting."

She was still reluctant to speak with him. But she knew with her current state it would be better for him to get a look at her. Without saying anything she extended her arms out.

Atsuro looked frustrated but sat down and quickly began her work. The familiar prick of a needle on her arm, Atsuros mumbling and yet something is different now. Her gaze fell on Yuhi who remained near to her. It is okay now, this person is here with her. She will not get lost in the flow and do something reckless like before.

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