Eternal Melody

Chapter 223 - Going Crazy Again

God, he could do this all day. The others long left when they returned to the room. A note attached to the basket Asami was carrying earlier.

Have fun -

Yuhi passed the note to Sumire.

"I think we should have fun too."

This girl has no idea what that means right? No, she isn't the oblivious type.

At first, he didn't do anything other than kiss her but after a while, Yuhi felt Sumire's hand trail on his chest. She didn't do anything other than this but his thoughts were going crazy. Finally, she snuggled up to him, her legs entangled in his and her face on his neck.

Yuhi was okay with her sniffling at him again. But when she started to kiss him that did it. "Sumire."

"I love you."

He blinked surprised at her words. This must be the first time she said those words without saying anything extra. Yuhi did not reply verbally but physically. He kisses her back and caresses her hair.

"You feel bad right?"

"Yes," Sumire admitted. "I do not think it is food poisoning anymore."

Did she genuinely believe that? When she passed out like that the other day he knew something was wrong. "Should I get Atsuro again?"

Even though he was the one who suggested it. Yuhi felt very bitter.

"It's okay he already took my blood."

He did that when? Sumire's blood huh? It's probably sweet. An image flashed in his head of him drinking her blood. Yuhi shook his head. He needs to erase that image.

"You look very sick Sumire."

Indeed even as they spoke, she looked paler and paler by the very minute. Her skin felt so very cold. There was none of the usual warmth. As much as he does not like Atsuro, Atsuro is the only one who can help Sumire with her condition.

"I feel it too." Sumire agreed. "Yuhi don't look so worried. But if you are then maybe you can help."

Yuhi blinked in surprise. "You want me to help?"

Sumire nods.

"What makes you think I can help???

"Because." Sumire drawled. "You're a genius."

How come she knows about that? Then again it should not surprise him too much. Yuhi assumed that he was the only one who watched, the only one who was crazy in love. It turns out he was not the only one, she watched him too. He tucks the strand of loose hair behind her ear.

"Then I will think of something." Yuhi knew his reply was vague and uncertain. It contradicts what she said just moments ago. But even geniuses have their weak moments.

Sumire laughs softly. "Then I will wait." She intertwined their hands together.

This is one of the many things he liked about her. They can get intimate without doing that. Sumire has these little gestures she-- Yuhi paused when he felt her hands trail on his trousers. He raised his eyebrow.

Sumire sighs. "Going crazy again, sorry."

He already understood even without her explaining. "Cope." He mumbled as he held her tightly.

It was only one word but it was enough, enough to make her cry.

"Sorry don't cry," Yuhi muttered.

"It hurts," Sumire admitted. "I think it might have something to do with the child."

Something? Yuhi could tell that it was. He thought back to when she fainted and sighs deeply. She was clutching her stomach. Yuhi changed their positions so he was on top. He lifted her shirt and kissed her stomach.

"Mm, what are you doing?"

"Soothing." Again one word but Sumire naturally understood. She ran her hands through his hair and he continued his soothing kisses.

"Yuhi, what if I make strange sounds?"

"You already are."

"Should I squeal? You will get caught."

"Stupid girl if I get caught they will kick me out."

"I wouldn't like that but it would be interesting to see."

This cheeky girl, even when she is sick she behaves this way. Then again yes this is another thing he liked about her.

Yuhi pressed his lips above the scar on the right. "Where did this come from?" The scar was small but he could tell it was a deep wound.

"Nailgun." Sumire trailed off. A frustrated look appeared on her face as though she just remembered something. "The fight was already over and both sides came to terms with everything already. But somebody acted out and thus I got hurt."

Normal people would end this conversation here but he was not a normal person. He knew Ibuki Sumire very well.

"I have a feeling that you are deliberately hiding something."

Even if somebody acted out that does not automatically mean she would get hurt, unless she was close. Yuhi fought side by side with her before so he was very familiar with her style on the battlefield. When a fight ends, she isolates herself from everybody else.

Sumire sighs. "You know I am." She mumbled. "Well, I didn't feel heroic at all. I got it after I saved Atsuro. He got angry at me, he yelled a lot and caused a fuss. It was a terrible experience. It's not like I expected a thank you but some acknowledgment other than the form of yelling would have helped."

Yuhi does not reply and continues with his kisses. Sumire does not press the issue even though she normally would have. She suddenly shifted and tugged his hand, he moves her back up.

Sumire presses her lips against his and Yuhi allows her to part his lips. He brought his arms around her waist, their legs intertwined. Right at that moment, he wanted to break that boundary between them. He wanted to once again explore her body, and feel her soft skin.

The sound of trolleys going past made him stop and he drew away.


"Go to sleep."

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