Eternal Melody

Chapter 224 - Stay With Me

A few days later - Iro Road High School -

School seemed like a foreign thing after spending those blissful days with Sumire in the hospital. For the past few minutes he stood in front of the car looking at the girl inside.

"You have to go to school.." Sumire came with him and said she wanted to see him at the gate.

"I know." Yuhi frowned and looked over at Hino who was driving. "Make sure she goes to the hospital."

"Yes, yes dad I will escort mother."

He turned to Sumire who was nuzzling her face in his neck inhaling his scent again. "Are you sure you want me to go?"

Normally even if he was reluctant he would have gone inside already. But for the last few minutes Sumire did not let him go.

"Well mmm. I don't." Sumire admitted. "But you can't keep skipping for me."

"Before you got here. I only attended school like once a week or maybe even two weeks."

Yuhi knew they would not miss him for a day, he already missed so much. "Ask me to stay." Sumire shook her head so he used the last trick up his leave.

"Don't make me leave you right now."

How could he leave her side when she is like this? To others it looks like he is avoiding the problem, but the reality is different. The image of her passing out replays in his head.

Why did she pass out like that? What was with that blood?

"We are already at the gate, people would have seen you." Sumire mumbles.

"That's okay."

Sumire slowly nodded. "Stay with me."

He hopped back onto the car and she tackled him into a hug. Yuhi caresses her hair and runs his hand through her back.

Hino looked at them from the re-view mirror. "You two don't do anything weird with me--"

Right at that moment, something touched his lips. It was Sumire she was kissing him deeply, not intending to stop. Yuhi understood that Hino was thinking of something along the lines of corruption. Maybe he did corrupt her, maybe he didn't. Either way he likes it when she takes the initiative.

After all that kissing Sumire looks flushed and out of breath. She looked gorgeous and alluring.

Sumire laughs. "Uh, I need to stop."

Well, she doesn't have to. But he does like how innocent she regarding her desires.

"This is typical teen behavior." Hino nodded before adding. "It's not like she was pure before."

Yuhi glared at Hino. "What its true?" Hino argued back.

He turned back to Sumire ready to apologize only to realize that she had not paid attention. She was too busy having a look at his face, no his lips.

Yuhi flicked her forehead. "Alright enough."

Sumire sighs. "Not even a little?"

Seeing how dejected she looked. Yuhi leaned forward and kissed her lips. But he immediately drew back when he felt her hand on his shirt. She looked needy for him. Honestly, he was too but what could he do?

"Why are you so careful with me Terashima Yuhi?"

"Well, your underage."

"Ah-huh." Sumire looked like she did not believe him. He didn't either.

"Medicine?" He quickly changed the subject.

Sumire shook her head and slumped her head onto his shoulder. "Sleep."

"Are you tired?"

"Just drowsy," Sumire mumbled. "Hino could you play some music?"

When he heard his song playing, Yuhi raised his eyebrow. "Didn't you say this car—" Yuhi paused when something came to mind. "Forget it, I know you like me."

Sumire laughs. "Mm, leave it at that."

Hino points to the front compartment. "She likes you too much. I rummaged through earlier and only found your CDS."

His lips curve to a smile when he hears that. "Now that is nice." Yuhi nodded. "You only listen to my voice?"

"Like I said I am obsessed with you."

"Yeah." Yuhi cupped her cheeks. "What happened to sleeping?"

"It is a waste not to flirt with you."

"We can do that later. Go to sleep yeah?"

It only took a few minutes after he said those words for the girl to fall asleep. He knew she was tired and yet she came all this way. Actually Yuhi suspected that she did not come all the way here just for his sake.

"If you have something to—"

"Does she know you're going to France?" Hino interjected.

Yuhi sighs. "I will take her with me."

"You know it won't be easy for her."

"The response here was good."

That small article quickly blew up. Many people drop by the school to see Sumire's paintings now.

"Only because she is a celebrity, that won't cut it in France."

"I can't leave her." Yuhi looks at the girl fast asleep. "Look at her she—"

Hino cuts in again. "I know she is broken. I know you are too. I know both of you need each other. But you nor her can live like this forever."

Yuhi knew Hino was strongly trying to focus on him. But all he could hear from that sentence was Sumire, Sumire.

"Hino, give her time. If you rush her she will break down again."

Besides, lately, she is improving, she smiles more and she talks more to other people. If they rush things she may end up closing her heart off again.

"What about you?"

Yuhi understood from his tone that Hino wanted to ask this before.

"Sumire first."

He can worry about his stuff later.

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