Eternal Melody

Chapter 222 - The Regrets From The Past

At that comment, Yuhi sighs. "Alright, so my recent behaviour came across as cold. But you should know why. I was working on the album and expanding our music. This was the reason why I went abroad for three months too, and I stabilized the connection. I know that may seem like an excuse but.."

"That again." Touko looked more irritated. "Then tell me, I hung out with other guys late at night, but you were okay with that?"

"I trust you."

"Haaah." Morris, who was silent this entire time, suddenly laughed. "Trust? Don't be a fool, Yuhi, we are living in the twenty-first century. Do you honestly think she will stay by your side after being neglected so much?"

"Morris," Touko interjected.

"No, don't bother talking to this guy. He won't listen to you, and he only cares about himself. He left you alone the past few months and then went abroad. He didn't explain it to you either. This guy is a piece of shit, Touko. You already went through so much; you don't need this garbage."


The memory of the past vanished when he heard a large thud sound. Yuhi's eyes widened when he saw Atsuro on the ground.

"Yuhi isn't like that!"

His eyes widened.

"I can listen to you condemn and insult me for my reckless behavior. But don't you dare drag Yuhi into this. Don't you dare insult him to my face like that—" She shook her head. "I can't believe you would even say all that stuff. Maybe I should tell you why I picked Yuhi? Other than the fact that I loved him for so many years, but unlike you and the other guys, he actually listens to me. He listens to what I say and doesn't jump to conclusions. I am a mess, and not exactly a good person. But he still loves me for all my faults."

This girl— why does she trust him so much? All of the things he said to her could have been lies. But Yuhi glanced over and saw the determined and strong look in her eyes.

"Are you serious? That man is--"

At that moment, Yuhi somehow mustered the strength to open the door.

Sumire turned to him with a gentle gaze. "Did you get my pastries?"


She looks over at Atsuro. "I think you should go." She didn't say it coldly, or anything but her firm tone led to Atsuro brushing past him quickly.

Yuhi stood dumbly at the door; he couldn't move. He didn't want to move. No, that was wrong. He wants to hold her in his arms right now.

After what felt like forever, he felt a familiar warmth in his arms. Sumire was hugging him tightly. "Yuhi, it's okay."

Right at that moment, he wrapped his arms around her waist.

It's okay.

How many people have said those words to him? So many people already. But only this feels genuine.

"Let me finish what I couldn't earlier." He mumbled quietly; his fingers slid down her forearm. "But only if you want."

"Then okay, Yuhi," She laughs softly. "Uh, Im a bit nervous now. Do you think that's stupid?"

"Define stupid."


Yuhi closed his phone and turned back to the hospital. For a moment, he thought to take a smoke break too but decided against it. After what happened last night, Yuhi wanted nothing more than to stay with her.

"When you told us she was in the hospital. I thought it was the same as before, but why does she look so pale?" Aika demanded.

It was half-past nine in the morning. The school was having another holiday thing, so everybody was here visiting Sumire.


"Also, if you two are going to do it, remember to dispose of the evidence."

Sumire laughs softly. "Oops."

Gosh, she looks cute. Indeed she looked paler, and her condition seemed worse than yesterday. But that didn't matter. He walks back over to the bed and hugs her. "Good morning, sorry I had to step out for a bit."

"It's okay; you had to tell Hino, right?"

Yuhi nods. "Yeah." Hino didn't seem very happy, but they both knew they could not leave Sumire alone. His gaze softens when she buries her face in his neck. "Morning, did you eat?"

"She wouldn't eat until you got here, Yuhi-kun," Asami explained.

He raises his eyebrows and turns to the girl in his arms. "I told you to eat, even without me."

"I don't want to."

He knew there was no use arguing with her there. "Let's eat together."


Yuhi turns to Asami, who quickly set things up. She brought the tray over and placed it in front of Sumire.

Sumire shook her head and pointed to the door.

Yuhi followed her out understanding what she was getting at. After walking around for a few minutes.

His thoughts broke off when he felt her hand on his cheek. "Sumire, I am okay."

"Are you sure?" She looked as though she did not believe him. He didn't either, her current condition worried him greatly. But he could not figure out what was wrong with her. Does he have to resort to consulting Atsuro after all?

"Yeah." He cupped her cheeks causing her to let go. "You look cute, what's with those bunny ears?"

Since he entered the room again, Yuhi noticed something different about her.

Sumire chuckled. "It's called a pom-pom hat. It keeps my ears warm."

"It looks-" Yuhi quickly corrected himself. "You look cute." He kisses her again causing her to laugh.

The sound of his phone ringing however interrupted her beautiful laughter. Yuhi frowns and proceeded to ignore it. Sumire however extended her hand out and took his phone from his pocket.

"It's your ex."

Yuhi already knew even without her saying anything. After all he purposely set a different ringtone for Touko to avoid her calls. He could have just blocked her number but he never did. Was a part of him still clinging on to her all this time? It was hard to tell.

"Ignore it." He wanted to continue kissing her.


"I only need you."

Who cares about Touko? Who cares about anyone other than Sumire?

His girlfriend rolls her eyes. "Its most-likely about work, you should answer it--" She pauses. Her violet coloured orbs met his. "Maybe you can ignore it and accidentally delete your call history."

Yuhi grinned. He likes this about her. "Is this sensible?"

This was something she asked him before.

"I think so."

He knew that he could spend all day with her like this but he glanced over and saw her pale face. "It's cold out here, let's go back."

Sumire nodded and she extended her hand out. "Carry me."

Geez she is so whimsical at times. The moment he lifted her, she buried her face in his arms. His lips curve to a smile when he notices something. "Sniffling again?"

"I like your scent."

He likes her scent too, he loves everything about her.

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