Eternal Melody

Chapter 221 - You Didn’t Do Anything

So now he understood what went on between them, what is he supposed to do with this information? It does not sit well with him that the two were that close to one another. Yuhi knew he ought to express these thoughts to her, but right now, he was distracted.

Sumire kept playing with his fingers, her other hand trailing against his shirt. "You're very needy," Yuhi commented as he felt her lips graze against his neck.

Now he understood that she slept with Atsuro because she was lonely. He is having mixed and second thoughts about her desires toward him. Is she only behaving this way because she is lonely?

"Yuhi, it seems you don't believe me anymore."

"That's not true." Yuhi shook his head. He still believes in her, but he needs to clear his thoughts a bit here.

"I am hungry. Could you buy me some pastries?"

Yuhi nods. "Alright."


It was raining when he got out of the store. But he did not bother waiting for it to stop. Yuhi wanted to return to her as soon as possible. He did not miss the cold and empty gaze in her eyes on the way out. It's not like he is judging her, but it just reminds him of something he saw before.

When he arrived at her room in the hospital, Yuhi paused at the door.

The nurses gave it away, gossiping loudly like that.

He peeked through the door, and sure enough, Atsuro was there. He had Sumires hands pinned against the headboard, and he was hovering over her.

"Does he satisfy you like I did?" Atsuro mumbled.


Atsuro gently kisses her earlobe. "Are you telling me you forgot this? He can't get rid of your pain Sumire, come back to me."

"We werent..going out."

"Does that matter?"

Yuhi pauses when he hears those words. Something similar to this happened between Makino and him before. It seems like people will do anything to forget the pain in their hearts.

"Besides, out of all the people you chose, you chose Yuhi? Don't you know he is worse than me? That guy can throw you away easily. He treats those of the opposite gender like garbage, no even his own friends. He once abandoned his friends and used them as a shield so he could escape; he is that kind of scum."

Indeed that happened before. Back then, he was a reck, and he just wanted to carve his existence somehow - even if it was as a jerk.

Atsuro nipped her earlobe again and ran his hands through her sides. "You don't need him."

Yuhi clenched his fist. Move, move already. He needs to go in there and stop what is about to happen. He glances over at his girlfriend, Sumire isn't in the best state to make rational decisions. If he does not do anything, then something will happen again.

Once again, he will watch somebody important to him get snatched away. Right before his eyes, that scene from before will happen again.

When he and Touko broke up, no on the day he caught her cheating on him with Morris. Yuhi just returned from a trip overseas.

He could remember the sight of his girlfriend entangled in the arms of another man. The sight and state of the house they shared, indicating how many times they did it. The messed up sheets..


20XX - Tokyo-

Yuhi took a deep breath as he stepped out of the elevator. His gaze fell on the box in his hands, and he sighs. Maybe this is a bit too soon. It's not like they are number one yet. But he wanted to try it anyway. Lately, Touko seemed distant. Yuhi understood that his several trips abroad made her feel lonely, but it was for a good cause. Today he would finally explain the reason why he has been so busy.

He typed in the passcode to the apartment, and the moment he did, he noticed how messy it was. Touko is a bad cleaner, but she normally doesn't leave things out like this. Her shoes were at the door indicating she was there, but Yuhi noticed something else. A pair of men's shoes.

His heart sped up, but he shook his head. She probably has friends over. Maybe the guys are here? Yuhi didn't tell them that he was returning.

Yuhi headed to the bedroom, but halfway through the hall, he heard some ambiguous sounds and the slamming of the headboard. He clenched his fist, and he felt his entire face turn cold. can't be, she wouldn't do that.

Touko has way too much pride to cheat on him. She always looked at people like that with a scornful look in her eyes. It cant be.

He increased his pace and eventually arrived at the door. He was about to turn the doorknob, but then he hears a clattering sound. "Go back to the bed.."

"You like this position, though?"

"Jerk, go back already."

The voice of his girlfriend was clear but the other voice.

Yuhi recognized it all too well. He recognized those shoes at the door too, but he wanted to deny it. Yuhi waited until they left the door and simply stood frozen for a few minutes.

More ambiguous sounds, more dirty-talk, Yuhi knew he could no longer hold back, so he opened the door completely.

Inside the room was his girlfriend and the man she was cheating on him with. He still couldn't believe it even though there was evidence right before him. The man was his best friend and band member.

Morris was the first one to notice him, but even then, he did not alert Touko, who was still moaning in pleasure and touching Morris back. Yuhi could not miss the sly smirk on his friend's face.

When Touko finally realized, she was the first to pull away. But by that time, his emotions were numb.

"So." Touko trailed off. "Your back now?"

Her face did not show any trace of remorse. "This...what is this..."

"Its exactly what it looks."

Yuhi bit his lip when he heard her reply, exactly what it looks?

"This isn't the first time?" A part of him still hoped that it was a drunk mistake or something. He did ask the guys to take care of Touko while he was away.

"It was going on for even before you left." Touko sighs. "You only just noticed? Then again, I didn't expect you to find out earlier, considering how you don't care for me anymore."

"What do you mean—"

Touko glare intensified. "For the past few months, you stopped paying attention to me. You only worked and studied. You canceled all our dates, and at home, you always had your headphones on. During weekends you were tired and simply slept. Even when a guy was flirting with me right in front of you, you didn't do anything."

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