Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 349 - The Pitiful Shaojie (1)

Chapter 349: The Pitiful Shaojie (1)

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He had not expected that he would arrive so fast.

As someone who had been around the block, Mu Zhengbo could tell that Yin Shaojie cared a lot about Xiaoxiao.

It also made him more certain that there was definitely a misunderstanding between the two that had led them to their current situation.

Though Mu Zhengbo doted on Xiaoxiao and wished for her to do as she pleased, his greatest wish was that she could be happy. If the misunderstanding was not cleared up, she would not be able to obtain the happiness that she sought for.

However… Mu Zhengbo’s mouth twitched. The one who had hurt her precious daughter’s heart must still be punished.

Mu Xiaoxiao sat on the sofa in a huff. She hugged a pillow and continued pressing him. “Daddy, quickly chase him away! I don’t want to see him!”

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll chase him out. How do you want to chase him out?” Mu Zhengbo wanted to please her.

Mu Xiaoxiao was extremely stressed and only wanted to vent her anger at Yin Shaojie, so she could not come up with any ideas.

Mu Zhengbo sat beside her, holding her little hand and patting it as he said, “How about this? I will ask the helpers to chase him out with brooms, alright?

“Okay!” Mu Xiaoxiao nodded her head in agreement.


Butler Qi was summoned upstairs. When he came back downstairs, he had gathered all the domestic helpers.

In a few minutes time, every one of the domestic helpers had either a broom or some other tool in their hands standing uniformly in front of Yin Shaojie.

Seeing the stance that they had taken, Yin Shaojie’s eyebrows were knitted slightly.

Butler Qi was also looking helplessly at him, but he then said in a menacing voice, “Master has ordered that the Mu family does not welcome you, so please leave.”

The domestic helpers behind him said all at once, “Please leave!”

To be chased away like this would be humiliating to anyone, especially if it was someone like Yin Shaojie who had a high social status. It was mistreatment that he had never faced before.

But Yin Shaojie appeared very calm as if he had already expected it.

He knew very well how much Mu Zhengbo doted on Xiaoxiao, especially after her mother had passed away.

Yin Shaojie stood up, his enigmatic eyes glanced upstairs, and he said, “Okay, I’ll leave.”

At least he now knew that Xiaoxiao was awake and know that he had arrived.

Yin Shaojie took two steps before he turned back and said to the butler, “Uncle Qi, tell Xiaoxiao that I will wait for her at the entrance, and I will keep waiting for her until she agrees to meet me.”

Butler Qi did not reply to him but only stared at him, holding his hand out and gesturing for him to leave.

Yin Shaojie went to the door after walking down a flight of steps.

Suddenly, a huge bucket of ice water poured down from above and instantly drenched him, his hair sticking on his forehead.

Anyone who was caught in such a situation would definitely look pitiful.

However, Yin Shaojie ran his fingers through his hair. His wet, black hair was messy but still emanated an indescribable sexiness.

The female helpers, who were watching, were all captivated as they gazed at his handsome face.

Then, their gazes instinctively shifted downward…

Yin Shaojie’s black t-shirt was fully drenched as it stuck closely to his body, delineating the contours of his perfect body figure. His sturdy chest and eight-pack abs could easily mesmerize any woman.

The female helpers stared at him almost as if they were going to throw themselves at him.

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