Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 350 - The Pitiful Shaojie (2)

Chapter 350: The Pitiful Shaojie (2)

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Yin Shaojie flung the water off his hair, and without a word, he continued walking out.

The female helpers were all captivated as they could not help but chase after him, watching his tall figure and looking lovestruck.

Butler Qi shot a glance at them, and he coughed forcefully. “Just let him leave. You don’t have to follow him!”

They finally snapped out of it and drooped their heads in disappointment.

However, no one dared to go any farther as they were all afraid of Butler Qi.

“Okay, forget him. Everyone get back to your post and continue working.”

With Butler Qi’s orders, the helpers all scattered back to do their work obediently, though some of the female helpers had still looked back at Yin Shaojie as they walked away.

At this moment, everyone was envious of those who were working in the garden as they could still admire Yin Shaojie’s dashing figure from outside as he stood by the entrance.

It was already autumn, so the temperature was much lower. It would definitely be freezing if one were to stand outside, especially someone who was drenched and not wearing that many layers like Yin Shaojie.

The female helpers secretly stared at the tall and slender figure outside, and they could not help but feel sorry for him.

In the bedroom.

Mu Xiaoxiao’s bedroom was on the second floor. She was feeling restless in her room, toughly resisting the strong urge to look outside of the balcony so that she would not think about that bastard anymore.

Wasn’t it just a little ice water? How cold could it get?

Besides, he had a car. If he went back to his car, he could use the heater and not freeze outside.

Of course, if he was so stupid that he wouldn’t go to the car, that wouldn’t be any of her problem then!

Mu Xiaoxiao was trying to convince herself and harden her heart. So what if he froze a little? At most, he would just catch a cold. It wouldn’t kill him!

Given how tough Yin Shaojie was, catching a cold should not be a problem to him, right?

Knock knock—

Someone was knocking on the door.

“Come in!” Mu Xiaoxiao said.

Lisa opened the door and entered, carrying the breakfast that Mu Xiaoxiao had instructed the kitchen to prepare earlier.

“Miss, your breakfast.”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded. “Okay, place it here.”

Lisa then placed the plates for her breakfast one by one on the coffee table in front of her.

Noticing that Mu Xiaoxiao was glancing out of the balcony from time to time, how could Lisa, who had been her personal helper for so many years, not know what was on her mind?

Lisa said deliberately, “Miss, that young master must have gone silly. He is actually standing right at the door, not even going back to his car. Anyone would know that he will get sick if he continues standing outside in this rather cold weather, drenched from head to toe.”

Mu Xiaoxiao lowered her head and ate her breakfast as if she had not heard anything.

Lisa felt helpless, but it did not seem appropriate for her to speak anymore.

Miss is usually the most soft-hearted and kindest of all. Whenever she sees a helper get sick, she would always show concern and take initiative to let them take a break from work.

Lisa could not help but think: What exactly did that handsome young master do to have made her Miss so upset?

Ever since she had stepped into the Mu family as a female helper, she had never seen the Miss so merciless.

Mu Xiaoxiao ate slowly, apparently without much appetite.

Lisa asked worriedly, “Miss, is the breakfast not to your liking? Should I ask the kitchen to prepare something else for you to eat?”

Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “No need. I’m not that hungry. I just need something to fill my stomach. Later, I’ll be going out, and I’ll find something to eat then.”

After saying that, her gaze turned outside again as if she could not control herself.

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