Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 348 - Afraid of Losing Her (5)

Chapter 348: Afraid of Losing Her (5)

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Pushing the door as she entered, Lisa smiled and greeted her, “Miss, good morning.”

“Lisa, good morning!” Mu Xiaoxiao’s mood was clearly much better than the night before as she appeared to be much more energetic.

Seeing that Mu Xiaoxiao had recovered, Lisa expressed her gladness.

As Mu Xiaoxiao was changing clothes, Lisa was helping her to choose her clothes, and she said to her, “There is a young master downstairs. He seems to be looking for Miss, and he was here very early. Miss, would you like to meet him later?”

Mu Xiaoxiao paused for a moment, the smile on her little face gradually went away.

Suddenly, she had a strong intuition that the person downstairs was Yin Shaojie.

Did he… arrive in America so quickly?

She had just wanted to forget about him and never see him again after being so deeply hurt by him.

However, the thought of how he had chased her so quickly still made ripples in her heart.

“Miss?” Lisa stared at Mu Xiaoxiao, who was looking blank.

Mu Xiaoxiao snapped out of it and said, “He… Who is he? What’s his name?”

Lisa shook her head and said, “I don’t know. It was Butler Qi who let him in directly. Even Master was not informed of it. It seems that Butler Qi is familiar with this person. He should be a close acquaintance to Miss, right?”

With that information, Mu Xiaoxiao knew that it must be Yin Shaojie.

If it were any other guests, it would not be possible for her father to not be informed. Moreover, if it is someone Uncle Qi is familiar with, it definitely cannot be a normal guest.

With a hundred percent certainty, it must be Yin Shaojie!

Mu Xiaoxiao was already certain of it, and she didn’t even need to go downstairs for confirmation.

She was not going to meet that bastard!

Oh yeah! She had clearly told her father yesterday not to let Yin Shaojie in, and he agreed to it. Why didn’t he inform the butler?

The fact was that no one had expected Yin Shaojie to arrive so quickly.

After changing her clothes, Mu Xiaoxiao hurried out of her room toward Mu Zhengbo’s room.

Lisa followed behind her, and she asked, “Miss, do you need me to tell the young master that you will be with him shortly?”

“No!” Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly turned back her head to stop her.

Lisa was startled by her loud voice.

Mu Xiaoxiao nervously watched the end of the corridor, afraid that her voice might have carried into the living room and be heard by Yin Shaojie.

She said to Lisa, “He is a guest I don’t welcome, so you don’t have to entertain him. Just stay here and don’t go downstairs.”

“Understood, Miss.” Though Lisa was puzzled, she did not dare to ask more questions as she obediently stood by the side and waited.

Mu Xiaoxiao knocked on the door. “Daddy!”

Just as she raised her voice, she was reminded of Yin Shaojie’s presence downstairs. She then lowered her voice as she called out, “Daddy.”

Shortly, Mu Zhengbo came to open the door. Though she had roused him from his sleep, he did not appear tired as if he had already been awake and had freshened up.

“Xiaoxiao? You’re up early. Why don’t you sleep a little more?”

Mu Xiaoxiao flattened her little mouth as she stomped into his room, and she glared at him and said in a huff, “Papa! You didn’t keep your word!”

Mu Zhengbo was puzzled. “What’s the matter? How did I not keep my word?”

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted, pointing downstairs as she said, “Yin Shaojie is here! He is just downstairs. Didn’t you promise me that you would not let him in? Hurry and chase him away!”

“Shaojie is here? So fast?” Mu Zhengbo was slightly surprised. He did not instruct the butler about the matter yesterday because he had thought that Yin Shaojie would only be able to arrive in America today.

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