Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 345 - Afraid of Losing Her (2)

Chapter 345: Afraid of Losing Her (2)

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“Uncle Qi, it’s been a long time,” he nodded as he said politely with the air of greeting an elder and not a subordinate.

Uncle Qi had been the Mu’s butler for decades and had watched Mu Xiaoxiao and Yin Shaojie grow up together.

Upon noticing the sleeping driver in the limousine, Uncle Qi frowned involuntarily. Looking at Yin Shaojie worriedly, he asked, “Young Master Yin, when did you arrive? Why didn’t you call to inform us? You didn’t have to wait outside like that.”

Yin Shaojie smiled. “It’s alright; I deserve it.”

What was a mere night of waiting if he could see Mu Xiaoxiao at the end of it?

If a few sleepless nights could make Xiaoxiao forgive him and return home with him, he would do it.

Uncle Qi was puzzled, but having had experienced a similar thing before and connecting the dots between the Miss coming back to America suddenly with teary swollen eyes, he got a good grasp of the situation.

“Young Master Yin, you should come in to wait. The Miss is not awake yet right now.” Uncle Qi gestured welcomingly.

Yin Shaojie nodded. “Thank you, Uncle Qi.”

He had imagined the door being shut in his face, being given a hard time, and barring him from entering the house as the worst case scenario. He hadn’t expected things to go so smoothly, and the weight in his heart lifted.

He would pull out all the stops to pacify and coddle Xiaoxiao just to get to see her.

Ignoring his driver, Yin Shaojie let him continue sleeping in the car and followed the butler in.

As the sky brightened, some domestic helpers could be seen trimming the garden and watering the plants.

Yin Shaojie entered the house.

Uncle Qi turned back and asked, “Young Master Yin, should I arrange a room for you to take a nap? The Miss came back very late last night and will probably be waking up late today.

Yin Shaojie shook his head. “No, it’s okay. I’ll wait for her in the living room.”

“Alright. How about some breakfast? You must be hungry,” Uncle Qi asked thoughtfully.

Yin Shaojie was indeed hungry. He had no room for food in his mind on the plane and absolutely no appetite then, for he had been entirely preoccupied with imagining how sad Xiaoxiao’s expression had been.

Additionally, he had arrived at the Mu’s really late and had stood outside their house without any rest for an entire night. It was hard not to be hungry.

However, Yin Shaojie thought for a while before saying, “It’s alright. I’ll wait for Xiaoxiao to eat together.”

“As you wish.”

As a butler, Uncle Qi had many duties to attend to. After helping him to settle down, he left.

If he was any other guest, he wouldn’t have left him alone like this or let him in without informing Mu Zhengbai.

This was a treatment only afforded to Yin Shaojie.

A domestic helper poured Yin Shaojie a glass of water immediately after he sat down.

Even though it was still early, the domestic helpers were already doing their chores in a flurry of activity around him. There were some female domestic helpers who hid in a corner and occasionally watched Yin Shaojie surreptitiously.

The domestic helpers were a mix of Asians and Westerners, but no matter their race, they couldn’t help but cast continuous glances at Yin Shaojie, who had an uncommon handsomeness and noble countenance. It would be such a shame to not do so while they could.

Of course, these domestic helpers had seen their fair share of handsome men.

After all, in an elite household such as the Mu’s, they received wealthy people often, and they were treated to numerous sights of handsome men and gorgeous ladies.

However, a heavenly handsomeness like Yin Shaojie’s was extremely rare.

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