Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 346 - Afraid of Losing Her (3)

Chapter 346: Afraid of Losing Her (3)

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In a corner, there were a few female domestic helpers huddled together, and all of them were wiping down a single cabinet at the same time. They would sneak a glance at Yin Shaojie with every other wipe and cover their mouths while giggling girlishly.

Just then, a shadow appeared behind them and laid an ominous hand onto one of them.

“How dare you slack off?”

The few domestic helpers jumped in fright. Luckily, they all had been well-trained and none of them screamed out, but all of them lowered their heads in embarrassment.

“Lisa… Why did you have to frighten us like that!” One of the domestic helpers was on more intimate terms with Lisa and grumbled.

Lisa smiled. “Who’re you peeking at?”

The domestic helper pointed her chin in the direction of the sofa. “There’s a guest who looks really special. Butler Qi let him in directly without even informing the Master, and he even looked very friendly when they were talking.”

Butler Qi was usually a strict and imposing figure and was never friendly when talking to subordinates such as them.

One of the domestic helpers said excitedly, “He’s so handsome! He’s the most handsome Asian man I’ve seen so far. He’s really out of this world!”

Another domestic helper echoed, “Yeah, yeah! I thought Asian men were not my type, but this one… he is deathly mesmerizing!”

Lisa looked at them, amused. “How exaggerated can you all get? Does his handsomeness warrant such reactions?”

It was not uncommon for people in their positions, as workers for the elite of society, to encounter handsome men and gorgeous ladies all day long.

The domestic helpers nudged her. “You can go and see for yourself if you don’t believe me. I guarantee that you’ll find him handsome too.”

As the Miss’ personal maid, Lisa ranked slightly higher than these domestic helpers in their hierarchy. She didn’t have to sneak surreptitious glances at him like they did but walked over boldly.

When she reached him and saw his face, she stood rooted to the spot in astonishment.

Noticing her gaze in his peripheral vision, Yin Shaojie turned his eyes towards her.

At that moment, Lisa met his eyes. It was like black obsidian, and she felt as though she was falling through an endless galaxy of stars, spacing out a little.

Yin Shaojie looked nonchalant. He was evidently used to such gazes.

“Is there a matter?” he asked.

Lisa recovered her senses quickly, all the while chastising herself internally for losing her composure. She resumed an appropriate attitude and smiled as she walked over. “Young Master, is the water to your liking? Do you want a new beverage?” she asked.

Yin Shaojie looked away. “There’s no need.”

“I’ll not disturb you then,” Lisa replied politely and retreated.

She was accosted by the domestic helpers once she returned.

“Lisa, isn’t he handsome! Isn’t he handsome!”

Lisa coughed a little awkwardly. “He’s quite handsome… Alright, get going and stop lazing around, all of you. You’ll be punished if Butler Qi comes and finds you like this.”

“We weren’t being lazy. Anyway it’s still early, and we usually take things slow anyway.”

“This hunk seems to be here for the Miss. Say, do you think he’s Miss’ boyfriend?”

Only Mu Zhengbai and the butler were aware of Mu Xiaoxiao and Yin Shaojie’s engagement; the rest of the household was still in the dark.

“It’s possible! I feel like he looks compatible with the Miss!”

“His cool demeanor makes him so friggin’ handsome! Did you notice? He seems like a bossy person from the way he looks. The ‘bossy CEO’ man is my type!”

Lisa waved a hand in front of them, interrupting their conversation.

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