Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 344 - Afraid of Losing Her (1)

Chapter 344: Afraid of Losing Her (1)

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The man’s voice was audibly flustered as he said, “Don’t leave me, darling! Can you believe me once more? Just once more! You obviously love me so much, so why do you have to leave me?”

The woman was now sobbing. “Because my heart aches… Do you know how hurt I am when I see you together with other women! Why do you have to break my heart? Why!”

Just then, the light turned green and the limousine began moving again.

Yin Shaojie couldn’t judge whether what had happened between this couple was a misunderstanding or if the man had really cheated based on these sentences.

However, he seemed to see Xiaoxiao’s anguished face from the sorrowful wails of the woman.

—— My heart is aching so badly. Do you know how much it’s aching?

Yin Shaojie felt like someone was tearing his heart apart. He sucked in a deep breath painfully and covered his eyes with his hands.


When Yin Shaojie finally arrived at the Mu’s villa, it was already very late. The entrance was pitch-black and all was silent except for the chirping of crickets.

The driver parked by the entrance and looked back at Yin Shaojie. “Young Master…”

Yin Shaojie swept an anxious gaze at the luxurious villa in front of him, trying to imagine which room Mu Xiaoxiao was staying in.

However, there was a garden separating the villa from the entrance. Even if he had perfect vision, he couldn’t really see anything clearly in the dark.

Yin Shaojie looked at the time. It was now two in the morning.

She should already be sleeping at this hour.

He didn’t know how she had spent those ten over hours on the plane.

To him, those hours were hard to tough out. They were the longest hours of his life to endure.

Before this, he couldn’t emphasize with the phrase “A day drags past like a year.” Now, having experienced a plane ride for more than ten hours, he instantly understood its meaning.

Yin Shaojie gestured to the driver before opening the door and getting out of the car.

He stood beside the car, leaning his lanky frame against it and gazing into the villa with his arms crossed.

Even though he was anxious to see Xiaoxiao, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

Even though all looked quiet and there were no signs of people, the Mu’s security wasn’t so simple. If he leaped over a wall to enter the villa, someone would definitely appear to stop him, which might cause him to alarm the villa’s inhabitants.

He wondered if Xiaoxiao had a good rest on the plane. If she hadn’t, she might already be asleep.

He didn’t want to wake her up. She should at least have a good night’s rest.

Thus, he suppressed his intense feelings of longing to see her and stood at the spot that was closest to her. He thought about her being inside, and it calmed his unease slowly.

Seconds and minutes seeped by slowly. The driver, who couldn’t stay up any longer, dozed off in the car.

However, the figure outside the car maintained his stance.

Finally, daybreak arrived after a few hours. The sky brightened and gradually dispelled the darkness.

At six o’clock in the morning, a domestic helper noticed the car outside the entrance while she was out to buy groceries and received a shock.

Someone went to inform the butler about this.

The butler rushed out to check on the situation and recognized Yin Shaojie instantly. He opened the gates hurriedly and walked towards Yin Shaojie. “Young Master Yin, what brings you here?” he called out.

Upon seeing someone finally arrive, Yin Shaojie rubbed the space between his brows. He looked calm and collected, but even though his eyes were bloodshot, there was no sign of fatigue on his face.

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