Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 343 - She Wanted to Cancel The Engagement (5)

Chapter 343: She Wanted to Cancel The Engagement (5)

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Satisfied, Mu Xiaoxiao then lifted her little head from his chest.

Actually, she still felt quite bitter. Yin Shaojie might still be fooling around with An Zhixin and not bother to fly over to America to look for her.

Mu Zhengbai studied the miserable look on her face, and his gaze turned severe.

How dare Yin Shaojie hurt his little baby! When he comes over, he will teach him a lesson!

He said, “Alright, go take a shower and rest up. Don’t think too much; daddy’s here.”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded obediently. “Yeah, okay.”

She had actually slept on the plane for more than ten hours already, so she didn’t feel like sleeping now.

However, she didn’t say so out of concern that her dad would worry.

Four hours later, past one o’clock, Yin Shaojie’s private jet landed in the airport.

He walked out into the cold breeze of the night. There was a car already waiting outside the door.

“Young master.” The driver greeted him deferentially and bent over to open the door for him.

After Yin Shaojie got into the car, he turned his phone on and sent a text to Mu Xiaoxiao immediately.

—— Xiaoxiao, I’m in America already. I’m coming to look for you right now.

He sent a lot of messages explaining how there was nothing going on between him and An Zhixin and that all that she saw was a misunderstanding. If she didn’t believe him, he could explain it to her slowly.

Her WeChat app was flooded with a few hundred messages from him.

However, there was not a single reply from her.

Yin Shaojie sent over ten more messages before he was willing to put his phone away. He sighed deeply as he looked out of the window.

As he gazed at the streets of this foreign land, he thought, So this was also what Xiaoxiao saw too after she landed, huh?

How had she been feeling then?

Would she be less sad after returning to a place familiar to her?

He found himself missing her increasingly as he thought about this.

If this incident had not happened, they would probably already be asleep in each others’ arms on a night such as this.

Yin Shaojie’s heart began to ache as he reminisced the sparse sweet times he had spent with her.

Even though he knew this was all a misunderstanding and that he had absolutely no feelings for An Zhixin… it might not be a case of “All will be well” even if the misunderstanding was cleared up, for Xiaoxiao had been hurt and scarred. What could he do to heal that scar completely and return things to the way they were before?

He didn’t understand why he was so anxious and scared.

What if Xiaoxiao decides not to stay with him even after hearing his explanation because she had been hurt?

They didn’t say “Once bitten, twice shy” for no reason.

Yin Shaojie felt really unsettled and not composed. He was a person who always faced everything with calm and composure, and he had never felt so upset.

He wished that Xiaoxiao’s feelings ran so deep that she couldn’t bear to part with him.

However, he couldn’t help but feel fear. How much Xiaoxiao liked him determined how hurt she was feeling, and if she hurt too much, causing lingering fear, and decided not to like him anymore, what should he do then?

The thought of her not liking him anymore made him panic badly, his blood draining to his toes.

The streetlights flashed past, and there was not a soul to be seen as the black limousine drove under the night sky.

They stopped at a red light.

There was an overhead bridge above them, and on it was a foreign couple bickering. The woman’s shrill voice screamed, “I’ll never trust you again. I don’t ever want to listen to your explanations anymore! Do you get it? I’m too scared, and I don’t want to love you anymore!”

Even though the woman was speaking in English, it sounded very much like his mother tongue to Yin Shaojie.

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