Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 336 - She Was Not Coming Back Anymore (3)

Chapter 336: She Was Not Coming Back Anymore (3)

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Covering his face with his hands, he let out an angry howl.

His lonely raging howl resounded in the empty cloakroom…

Lu Yichen was back at his apartment. Afraid that his acquaintances would see the injuries on his face, he tried to lower his head and avoid being seen by others.

As he was entering the building, a small figure suddenly came out with both hands blocking him from his front.

“How are you?” a familiar voice said, coming from before him.

Lu Yichen was initially afraid of knocking into someone, so he stopped walking. However, he didn’t expect to hear a familiar voice. Looking up, he saw Han Qiqing’s concerned expression.

With furrowed brows, he asked, “Why are you here?”

Han Qiqing went closer to him in order to see the condition of his injuries because there were no lights in front of the building.

It must be noted that Yin Shaojie, a rich scion from one of the most powerful families, had undergone special training since he was young, so his skills were far above that of an average person.

Thus, Han Qiqing was really worried about Lu Yichen’s condition, afraid that he might have gotten internal injuries from Yin Shaojie.

When they saw Lu Yichen leave the bar, she split from the others and told the chauffeur to quickly send her to Lu Yichen’s place.

Perhaps Lu Yichen had taken the public bus, making him arrive slightly later as she had already waited for him for about ten minutes.

Noticing Han Qiqing’s approach, Lu Yichen looked grave as he retreated several steps.

He said apathetically, “I’m alright. How do you know where I live?”

Han Qiqing did not want him to be so on guard against her, so she quickly explained, “Xiaoxiao brought me here. It’s not that I followed you or investigated you, alright.”

Lu Yichen nodded indicating that he had understood, and he said to her, “It’s late. You should go back home. I’m fine. I’ll be alright after applying some medicine.”

He wanted to walk past her to go back to his apartment, but Han Qiqing blocked him again.

“No! Look at the corner of your mouth. It’s bleeding! And your face is covered with red bruises. It will surely get worse tomorrow. It’ll be useless even if you apply medicine. Your face will turn blue and purple. How are you going to take care of Auntie at the hospital looking like that? Aren’t you afraid that she will worry?”

Her last sentence seemed to have touched a nerve.

Lu Yichen stood still, turning his head to look at her.

Han Qiqing stared at him with a look of concern and said, “I know a Chinese doctor. He’s really good. Let him have a look and take care of it for you, and your bruises will definitely subside in about one or two days.”

Knowing her status, Lu Yichen did not doubt that she really had connections with some very experienced Chinese doctors.

Nowadays, good doctors in Chinese medicine were hardly affordable to the average person. They were basically only working for the rich and powerful.

Having heard what she said, he was slightly moved.

Though he hardly got into fights, he had of course gotten bruises before. Those typical bruises would take several days to subside, let alone with his injuries. Three or four days for him to completely recover seemed near impossible.

Just as she said, how would he dare to take care of his mother at the hospital looking like that?

Moreover, he had always been quite cool-headed ever since he was young and had never gotten into fights. If his mother had known that he had gotten into a fight, she would surely be frightened and would definitely question him about what had happened to him.

Furthermore, her mother liked Xiaoxiao so much. If she knew that Xiaoxiao had returned to America, wouldn’t she feel bad about missing her?

Lu Yichen brooded over her mother’s condition as the doctor had also instructed him that it would be best if she could maintain a happy disposition in order to better combat the illness. Otherwise, if she were to be constantly worrying, it would aggravate the illness.

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