Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 335 - She Was Not Coming Back Anymore (2)

Chapter 335: She Was Not Coming Back Anymore (2)

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When Yin Shaojie entered the apartment and saw that the lights were on inside, his hopes were raised.

The lights are on!

So that means that she came back before? Is she inside!

Without even changing out of his shoes, he rushed into the room.

However, there was no one in the bedroom.

Like a madman, he quickly went to every room to check as if he was itching to search every corner of the apartment, but Mu Xiaoxiao was still nowhere to be seen.

Yin Shaojie stared blankly as he stood in the living room, dazed.


Why couldn’t he find her?

The living room lights are on. That means she came back, right?

Or could she have come back and left again?

“Shit!” Yin Shaojie cursed hatefully as he forcefully kicked the coffee table.

Clang! The coffee table sounded loudly as it knocked into the sofa.

Where are you, Mu Xiaoxiao?

You wretch, just where the hell are you!

Yin Shaojie covered his eyes with hands, his chest rising and falling violently as if he was about to fall apart.

At this moment, he would rather believe that she had flown back to America. At least he would then know of her whereabouts. It was better than this where he was at a loss of what to do, not knowing where she was or if she was safe.

Just the thought of how she might be alone without protection, walking about at such a late hour and possibly running into dangers, was making him mad!

Then, his cell phone rang.

Thinking that there was news of Mu Xiaoxiao, he quickly answered the call.

However, it was his assistant who had called him.

“Young Master Jie, I just sent the clothes you ordered from Italy to your apartment. You can check it out.”

Yin Shaojie was startled. His voice was stern as he asked, “You came to the apartment just now?”

Since the clothes were a surprise for Mu Xiaoxiao, in order to keep it a secret, he had temporarily changed the password settings to the apartment so that his assistant could enter when they were not around to set up the surprise.

Little did he expect that in such a coincidence, his assistant would come that night.

So, was he the one to turn on the lights as well?

Yin Shaojie was heavy-hearted as he fell sitting on the sofa and asked his assistant, “What about the lights? When you left, did you turn off the lights?”

The answer was no.

Yin Shaojie had nothing else to say as he hung up the call.

Pinching his aching temples, he calmed himself down, stood up, and entered the changing room.

Walking toward the end, he opened Mu Xiaoxiao’s wardrobe.

What was initially an empty wardrobe was now completely different. It was filled completely with pretty young women’s clothes, bright and coming in all colors. Moreover, his assistant had even followed his instructions to arrange them by their colors to make it look nice.

Staring at the clothes inside, Yin Shaojie suddenly slid down and sat on the floor.

Anyone who was attentive to details would find that there were no branded labels or logos on the clothes.

If they were to flip them open to see the inside of the clothes, they would find that there was only an ‘M’ logo.

Mu Xiaoxiao could probably not have guessed that this bunch of clothes was actually of a new brand specially designed in her name.

Yin Shaojie had once imagined the ecstatic look on her face when she saw these clothes and found out that it was of her own brand.

However, at this moment, his imagination was broken into smithereens.

Yin Shaojie recalled the last words that Lu Yichen had said: “Xiaoxiao has gone back to America. She said that she won’t be coming back again!”

He clenched his fist tightly and fiercely pounded the wooden floor.

However, it was not able to relieve the stifling pain and unease in his heart.

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