Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 337 - She Was Not Coming Back Anymore (4)

Chapter 337: She Was Not Coming Back Anymore (4)

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Thus, Lu Yichen was indeed wavering to the suggestion that Han Qiqing had brought up.

Watching his expression as he kept silent, Han Qiqing should have guessed his intentions.

Was he just too embarrassed to accept her help?

Imagining his cute little pride, Han Qiqing laughed inwardly and simply said, “Okay, okay, we’ll do that then! You are friends with Xiaoxiao. Xiaoxiao and I are the best sisters. So that makes you my friend, right? Friends helping each other is normal, isn’t it?”

“Come on. We’ll go right now. It’s still not too late. The Chinese doctor should still be working.”

Han Qiqing then grabbed Lu Yichen’s arm, pulling him as they walked toward the car.

When he saw the luxury car parked in front, Lu Yichen could not help but knit his brows slightly as he scanned left and right, worried that his neighbors would see him getting into such a luxurious car.

Luckily, it was already dark, and the aunties and uncles had already gone back home. There was not even a cat walking on the street.

Lu Yichen then felt at ease, and he got into the car.

He looked toward Han Qiqing and said tepidly, “Thank you.”

Han Qiqing had a sweet smile as she said, “You don’t have to thank me. We’re friends, right? Oh yeah, it won’t be good for you to go to the hospital tomorrow. Why don’t I help you take care of Auntie, alright?”

Without giving him the chance to reply, she continued saying, “Auntie had already met me anyways. She knows that Xiaoxiao and I are your friends. Then, I can tell her that you have some important exams in school, making it so that you can’t come to the hospital, and that you have sent me to help her. From my experience, after getting treatment by the Chinese doctor, it would take you about two days at best for the bruising to go away, and you would be able to go to the hospital on the third day. Even if there is still some bruising then, it should not be too obvious. Otherwise, you could put something on your face to conceal it, and it will be fine.”

It was hard to deny that her arrangement was very reasonable and well-thought out. Even Lu Yichen had trouble refusing her.

Though he didn’t really want to accept her suggestion…


Considering his mother’s condition, Lu Yichen let go of his obstinance, and he nodded and said to her, “Then, I’ll have to trouble you then.”

Han Qiqing still thought that she had to continue convincing him, and she did not expect him to agree so suddenly.

She was surprised by the turn of events.

“Y-you agree? You’re really agreeing?”

Seeing the look of her, Lu Yichen smiled a little and said, “Yes, your suggestion is good. I can’t seem to refuse it. In any case, thank you. I owe you one.”

At this moment, Lu Yichen suddenly realized that accepting help from friends did not seem like such a difficult thing to do.

Staring out the car window at the street, the traffic was heavy and crowds were restless along the walkways.

It reminded him of Mu Xiaoxiao, who should be on a plane toward America right now.

The world was such a big place to have let him meet her and to have allowed him to be influenced by her imperceptibly.

Perhaps, it was all fate?

He had not believed in fate in the past, but now, he was starting to believe it.

Han Qiqing was ecstatic. Her nervous little face seemed to be beaming as she hurriedly shook her head and said, “No need to talk about owing favors. We’re friends. We ought to help each other. Moreover, it’s only a slight effort for me.”

Though that was what she said, Lu Yichen did not agree. He would not take other people’s kindness toward him for granted.

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