Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 321 - How Many Girls Had He Kissed?

Chapter 321: How Many Girls Had He Kissed?

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Song Shijun thought that he could have been ordered to use some embarrassing method to ask for a number.

With that thought, conceding still seemed to be the safer way.

Song Shijun accepted his loss and downed the four glasses of alcohol before belching.

“Come! Let’s continue!”

Damn it! I’m so going to plot against someone!

After a few rounds of the game, since everyone had come out with insane commands, some people had chosen to take the drinking punishment. Gradually, the number of glasses for punishment increased to 32 glasses.

The one who was punished for 16 glasses earlier had already run to throw up in the toilet.

This round, Song Shijun and Ye Sijue exchanged looks, and Mu Xiaoxiao had teamed up with Han Qiqing.

Thus, Yin Shaojie was the one to be plotted against, and he drew the slave card.

The one who drew the king card was Ye Sijue.

Ye Sijue smiled meaningfully as he shot a glance to Mu Xiaoxiao and said, “I choose truth.”

“Ask away,” Yin Shaojie said carefreely.

Staring at Yin Shaojie, Ye Sijue smiled and asked, “How many girls have you kissed?”

Yin Shaojie raised his eyelid, staring at him.

The others, who were in the peanut gallery and did not know of the truth, were hooting excitedly. They thought that the Great Master Yin must have an answer since he had dated countless girlfriends, so he would definitely have to concede.

This time, he would have to drink 32 glasses!

They had all thought that Ye Sijue had deliberately set Yin Shaojie up to get him drunk.

Hearing that question, Mu Xiaoxiao was stunned. She turned to peek at Yin Shaojie, but when she met his eyes, she pretended to be aloof as she looked away.

Upon meeting with her eyes, Yin Shaojie’s eyes smiled, and he answered without hesitation.


Everyone was stunned, and they wondered if they had heard incorrectly.

Young Master Jie, is that right?


Are you sure it’s not one hundred or one thousand?

The peanut gallery expressed disbelief towards the answer.

Only Mu Xiaoxiao, who upon hearing the answer, stared blankly, and she hung her head down as she was red to her ears, her heartbeat racing.

Was he telling the truth?

He had only kissed one person?

Then, wasn’t that just… her?

Someone shouted, “Young Master Jie, you’re kidding, right? How can it be just one? You had more than one when you were young, right?”

“It doesn’t count when he was still young, does it?” someone else remarked.

“Even if it is not when he was young, it still can’t be just one!”

However, Yin Shaojie was calm and composed as he looked at them, smiling as he said, “Ever since I was young, there has been only one.”

His answer shocked everyone again.

Mu Xiaoxiao, who wanted to conceal her blushing, hurriedly stood up and said, “I’m going to the washroom.”

Then, she left her seat.

Behind her, those people were still whispering to each other in discussion.

“Do you think Young Master Jie was telling the truth?”

“Aren’t you silly! It can’t be true if you just think about it. Young Master Jie has so many girls around him. How is it possible for him to only have kissed one person?”

“That is hard to say. Only Young Master Jie himself would know the answer. Even if he says one, no one can say that he is lying.”

“Precisely! I think Young Master Jie is saying that deliberately to bluff his way out!”

Mu Xiaoxiao was walking in a hurry, and she accidentally bumped into someone at the door to the washroom.

“I’m sorry!”

She did not see who it was as she lowered her head and entered the washroom.

However, she did not know that the person she had bumped into was actually Wang Shiyu.

When Wang Shiyu was knocked into, she became indignant and was going to yell at the person before recognizing that it was Mu Xiaoxiao, instantly halting.

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