Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 322 - Whatever It Takes

Chapter 322: Whatever It Takes

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Wasn’t that Mu Xiaoxiao?

It was that girl staying with Young Master Jie whom she had met once at that luxurious condominium that Zhixin had been staying in.

Wang Shiyu thought of something and ran to the lobby, surveying her surroundings as she hid in a corner.

Indeed, there was Yin Shaojie!

She whooped to herself. So the person who had booked the entire bar lobby was Young Master Jie!

Under the dazzling spotlights of the bar, Yin Shaojie’s unrivaled handsomeness and the noble temperament that was his birthright made his charm radiate even more brilliantly, and Wang Shiyu couldn’t help but be mesmerized.

Suddenly, her gaze fell onto a hunk beside Yin Shaojie. He looked cool and devilish and was a match for Yin Shaojie!

Even though Wang Shiyu didn’t know who Ye Sijue was, she surmised that he was a rich scion based on his countenance.

Moreover, the two seemed really familiar with each other from the way Yin Shaojie was speaking with him, so he probably had a comparable background to his.

Wang Shiyu suddenly thought of something. If Zhixin could get together with Young Master Jie, wouldn’t she have the chance to acquaint herself with this hunk?

She narrowed her eyes, brewing a plan.

She hid in a corner and gave An Zhixin a call.

“Zhixin, hurry over to the bar! Yes, the bar I’m working at. Hurry!”

After the call ended, she felt a sudden tap on her shoulder.

Wang Shiyu was so shocked that she jumped. She thought that Mu Xiaoxiao had recognized her and come over.

Upon turning around, she saw that it was her supervisor.

The man was displeased as he glared at her. “Little Yu, are you slacking off? I couldn’t find you just now; do you not want this job anymore?” he lectured.

Wang Shiyu grimaced and said, “Brother Qiang, I was having a stomachache in the toilet. I couldn’t help it.”

The man laughed coldly. “Heh, do you think I don’t know what’s going on? You were hiding in the girls’ restroom slacking and waiting for your shift to end, right? If you do this again, you’re fired! Let me remind you that this part-time job is highly coveted by many others!”

“I got it, I got it. Can I go back to work now?”

“Hurry up and send some beer to booth 17! If I see you lazing around again, I’m cutting your pay!”

Wang Shiyu couldn’t stand to hear him talk anymore and hastily walked away.

After walking a distance, she turned her head and glared at him, harrumphing. “Who cares about this job! Just you wait, when I make the acquaintance of a rich young master, I’ll quit this job myself!”

Upon thinking that she would be able to bring people here to splurge money and have him wait on her respectfully, Wang Shiyu’s heart swelled with smugness.

This made her even more determined about her plan.

She had to make An Zhixin Young Master Jie’s new girlfriend no matter what it took!

In the washroom.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked into the mirror. Her bright eyes gazed at her blushing face in the mirror, and her heartbeat increased as she recalled Yin Shaojie’s answer earlier.

Was he telling the truth?

He had only kissed a single person in his entire life?

Even though she felt that this was impossible and that he had said this on purpose, she still couldn’t control her heartbeat and delight.

She was super duper happy.

She had never felt so happy.

Her mood felt as though countless flowers had just bloomed in an instant.

The corner of Mu Xiaoxiao’s mouth couldn’t help but arc upwards.

Her reflection was blushing slightly, and her dark eyes were sparkling with the love of a young maiden.

This was Mu Xiaoxiao’s first time feeling such a way from when she was little till now. She was so happy that she felt like she was on cloud nine, and her heart was so full of joy that it felt like it was floating.

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