Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 320 - Yours Truly Has Never Known Fear

Chapter 320: Yours Truly Has Never Known Fear

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Moreover, Yin Shaojie knew very well that this wretch was very thin-skinned.

Mu Xiaoxiao only dared to put on an act in front of him, but she was not so thick-skinned to do that toward others.

Song Shijun joked, “Oh, our Young Master Jie is feeling sorry for her!”

Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes and stared with a demonic gaze at Song Shijun, his eyes obscuring his thoughts.

Song Shijun felt a strange chill down his spine, and he said embarrassedly, “Okay, okay. You guys should stop scaring Xiaoxiao. Let’s not go too far.”

“No need!” Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly said as she stood up with her hands on her hips, glaring at everyone.

“If we’re going to play, we’ll play to our hearts’ content! What’s so scary about accepting my losses? Yours truly has never known fear!”

Everyone’s eyes gleamed.

So? Must she obey the command and French kiss Yin Shaojie?

Their eyes flashed with brilliance as they anticipated a good show.

But as Mu Xiaoxiao sat down, she took the two glasses of alcohol in the middle of the table and placed it in front of Yin Shaojie.

“I can’t drink. You help me!” Mu Xiaoxiao smiled at him innocently, and she had even batted her eyes as if it was to say, “Oh, the weather is so fine today.”

The others sighed as they were again disappointed by her.

Someone shouted, “Young Master Jie, don’t drink for her! Let her kiss you!”

Someone else agreed and shouted, “Yeah! Young Master Jie, don’t drink for her! Let her drink it by herself! Get her drunk, then you can do whatever you want!”

Han Qiqing laughed as she looked at the one who had shouted that and said, “Only if he can bear to let her get drunk.”

Obviously, Yin Shaojie knew that Xiaoxiao could not hold her liquor. How could he bear to let her drink two glasses?

Could the Great Master Yin really bear to do that?

Hugging a pillow, Mu Xiaoxiao stared at Yin Shaojie face-to-face, and she said, “Are you going to help?”

The corner of Yin Shaojie’s sexy lips turned up as he nodded and said, “Of course I’ll help.”

Then, without regard for the others’ disappointed murmurs, he picked up a glass, tilted his head, finished it, tilted his head again, and finished another glass. Just like he was drinking water, his expression was unmoved.

Mu Xiaoxiao, who was tricked by him earlier, was still holding a grudge against him, and she had decided not to trust him anymore.

However, seeing as he was willing to help her drink, she treated his efforts as compensation for double crossing her.

After Yin Shaojie had finished drinking, Mu Xiaoxiao shifted her butt, scooting closer to him, and she whispered into his ear.

Then, the two together stared at Song Shijun.

Song Shijun broke into a sweat as he felt a strange feeling that was as if he was a stalked prey.

As it turned out, his intuition was right!

On the third round, Song Shijun was the victim of the scheme, and he drew a slave card.

And Yin Shaojie was the king.

Song Shijun was feeling vulnerable, and he looked toward Yin Shaojie to curry favor with him, saying, “Young Master Jie, we are brothers, right?”

Yin Shaojie’s eyes showed a slight curve, and his lips seemed to be holding in a black-bellied smile as he said, “Oh, are we?”

Song Shijun took a glance at the glasses of alcohol in the middle of the table. If he were to concede, he would have to drink four glasses!

Yin Shaojie smirked and said, “Your King commands you—”

Before he could finish speaking, Song Shijun jumped from the fright, and he quickly reached for the glasses.

“I concede! I concede, okay?”

Luckily, he could still handle four glasses, and he quickly gulped down the first glass of alcohol.

A mischievous smile appeared on Yin Shaojie’s handsome face as he joked, “Why are you so afraid? I was just thinking of letting you play a game of dare, like telling you to ask a hot girl for her number. That’s not hard for you, is it?”

Song Shijun was speechless.

So he conceded for nothing?

But, who knew if the Great Master Yin was just playing with him!

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