Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 319 - Untitled

Chapter 319: Untitled

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“Why did you kiss the face? You must kiss his mouth! Hurry up and kiss the mouth!”

These guys were getting more excessive as they hooted. There was even someone shouting for a French kiss.

Mu Xiaoxiao immediately noticed that the one who shouted for a French kiss was Song Shijun, so she shot a glare at him.

Yin Shaojie was laughing frivolously, looking as if he was waiting for her to serve him a kiss.

Amidst the loud cheers, Mu Xiaoxiao stared at his handsome face. She hesitated as her delicate little face moved forward a little and then backward a little.

The others could no longer stand by watching that, and they called out, “Hurry up and kiss him! Stop dawdling! Hurry it up!”

Even Han Qiqing was shouting, “Xiaoxiao, it’s either this or the penalty. Don’t be afraid! Gather your courage and kiss him!”

With that said, she even made a clenched fist gesture to show support.

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

If you’re so brave, why don’t you do it!

It wasn’t that she was afraid to kiss. It’s not like it was the first time she had kissed either. However…

Looking at the bunch of people who were watching, Mu Xiaoxiao pouted.

How was she going to kiss with so many people watching!

It was one thing to kiss when they were alone. But with so many people looking, she just found it very awkward.

Kissing should be an intimate affair. But when these people were jeering rowdily, it seemed to have turned into a joke.

She disliked that.

Yin Shaojie was getting impatient. His handsome face suddenly drew up close in front of her, and he said in a magnetic voice, “If you’re not going to kiss me, then I’ll kiss you. It’ll be the same, okay?”

With that, he pinched her chin with his slender fingers.

“No!” Mu Xiaoxiao slapped away his hand in a tsundere manner and snorted at him. Then, she reached for the glass of alcohol in the middle of the table, picked it up, and tilted her head upward to drink it.

However, she was bad at drinking, so the drink had a choking effect on her.

With only one-third of the alcohol drunk, she did not want to drink anymore.

The others sounded disappointed as they had hoped to watch a good show.

Han Qiqing was more thoughtful as she looked at her worryingly and said, “Xiaoxiao, can you finish it? If not, let me drink for you.”

Just as she finished speaking, Yin Shaojie had already reached for the glass in Mu Xiaoxiao’s hands. He took the glass from her and finished the whole glass.

Mu Xiaoxiao was still stuck in her posture of holding the glass as she turned to stare at him.

Everyone suddenly hooted suggestively.

“Okay, let’s continue!” Yin Shaojie said as he slammed the glass on the table.

Actually, everyone knew that it was more worth it for the first person to take the drinking punishment as they only needed to drink one glass.

The game continued.

Everyone looked at each other. As they had played together often, they could tell what the others meant with just a single glance.

Then, on the second round, with most of the players’ cooperation, Mu Xiaoxiao drew the slave card again.

Mu Xiaoxiao was grim-faced as she threw the card on the table.

“Why is it me again!” she said dejectedly.

However, this time, the king was not Yin Shaojie anymore but another rich scion.

The guy laughed mischievously, and he immediately commanded to Mu Xiaoxiao, “Slave, go and kiss Young Master Jie, and it has to be a French kiss!”

When the command was given, everyone hooted, and they became rowdy again.

“French kiss! French kiss! French kiss!”

Though Yin Shaojie was glad to see that happen, when he saw that Xiaoxiao was being bullied, he was displeased. He then swept a glance at everyone, raising his brows as he said, “Hey! Don’t go too far!”

These people were used to these games, and it was normal for them to wildly play games. However, Xiaoxiao did not play these games often, so the way that they were playing could easily scare her.

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