Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 164 - Just to Make Her Jealous

Chapter 164: Just to Make Her Jealous

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“How can that be! Young Master Jie never goes back to the same woman twice!”

“Oh yeah, isn’t Young Master Jie’s latest woman Mu Xiaoxiao from Year One’s Class S? Wasn’t he treating her so well before? Why has he changed his target now?”

“Humph, I guess Mu Xiaoxiao did something to p*ss Young Master Jie off and probably got dumped.”

The people who said this had no clue that Mu Xiaoxiao was right beside them.

A girl, reveling in schadenfreude, remarked, “I knew this was going to happen. Mu Xiaoxiao thought so highly of herself, but Young Master Jie would never give up everything just to be with her. She’s too naive!”

“I know, right?” the others echoed.

“Oh yeah, I heard that in order to seduce Young Master Jie, Mu Xiaoxiao made a special trip to Korea for facial plastic surgery. Her breasts, too, are fake…”

Han Qiqing could stand this no longer. Her face was dark as she glared at them. “What are you blabbering about! Shut up!”

The girls froze and finally realized that the subject of their gossip was right beside them. Scared, they took a few steps back.

Han Qiqing fumed, “Who are you accusing of having plastic surgery? Let me tell you that Xiaoxiao is a natural-born beauty!”

Mu Xiaoxiao tugged on her. “Forget it. Just ignore them.”

Han Qiqing was still angry and didn’t want to let this slide.

Just then, Yin Shaojie walked over with Bai Meijiao in his embrace.

The crowd was shocked. No one had imagined that a meeting between the old love and a new sweetheart would occur. This was too exciting!

Yin Shaojie’s good-looking face wore a charming and elegant smile. His attitude was dandiacal, acting as though nothing had ever happened before. He strolled over to Mu Xiaoxiao with a natural gait and greeted her with a grin.


Bai Meijiao looked at Mu Xiaoxiao. She was smiling coquettishly and greeted her softly, “Good morning.”

Han Qiqing shot a worried glance at Mu Xiaoxiao and said to Yin Shaojie angrily, “How could you do this!”

“What did I do?” Yin Shaojie was all smiles and feigned cluelessness at her accusation.

“You!” Han Qiqing was furious. He was engaged to Mu Xiaoxiao — how dare he hold another girl in front of her!

Mu Xiaoxiao held her hand back, keeping her excitement in check.

She looked at Yin Shaojie and plastered on a reluctant smile. “Morning.”

Earlier, she had dreamed of being kissed by him tenderly and intensely, but now, she had to witness him smiling radiantly while cuddling another woman. She felt as though things between them had gone back to square one.

However, she could not understand why her chest felt so tight as if there was a large stone pressing on it.

Even though Han Qiqing was trying to stand up for her, Mu Xiaoxiao felt that there was nothing to defend against. Yin Shaojie’s attitude towards her had not changed at all — he was still taking the initiative to come up and greet her with a smile, and that smile still held a hint of mockery and teasing.

He was treating her just like before, and nothing had changed.

However, this ‘normal’ treatment made her feel an indescribable strangeness. It was as though something had changed, but she had no words to express it.

Yin Shaojie’s eyes studied her and her smile for a while, and his lips pursed slightly.

“We’ll be heading in first.” With that, he walked into school with his arm around Bai Meijiao.

Mu Xiaoxiao was frozen to the spot, her heart feeling curiously devoid of something.

“Xiaoxiao, are you all right?” Han Qiqing looked at her worriedly. In her eyes, Mu Xiaoxiao looked sorrowful.

Han Qiqing said indignantly, “That jerk probably did this just to make you jealous.”

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