Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 165 - You’re Not Actually Feeling That Way

Chapter 165: You’re Not Actually Feeling That Way

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Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t feel like answering her, especially with all these people around, who were either delighting in her misfortune or making fun of her. She felt really uncomfortable.

“Let’s go in too.” She dragged Han Qiqing past the school gates.

She thought that she would feel more relaxed after she was out of sight of the crowd. However, the stifling feeling in her chest did not cease.

Why was she feeling this way? Having never felt like this before, Mu Xiaoxiao was really confused.

Could she really be jealous, just like Han Qiqing had said?

No, no! How could she be?

Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head, dispelling this thought quickly.

Why should she be jealous over Yin Shaojie!

He could hang out with whoever he wanted. Why would she be jealous of him now, when she had never been before?

Han Qiqing studied her as she shook her head unfathomably, frowned, and muttered something incomprehensible under her breath. She hugged her arm and said concernedly, “Xiaoxiao! Don’t be depressed. You can tell me anything that’s making you unhappy, and we can scold that b*stard, Yin Shaojie, together!”

Mu Xiaoxiao lifted her head and met her eyes, smiling suddenly. “Why should we scold him?”

Han Qiqing froze. “That… He was deliberately making you jealous…”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s lips curled up, looking confident and at ease as she replied, “I’m not jealous at all! Why should I be?”

“But…” Han Qiqing couldn’t understand her anymore. She had looked upset just moments ago — how had she regained her composure so suddenly?

Mu Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and pushed away all of her confusing thoughts aside, refusing to think about them.

She beamed, looking natural and relaxed, and said, “Didn’t I tell you before? We’re not really engaged, so it doesn’t matter to me who he is with at all.”

“But I feel… That you’re not actually feeling that way…” Han Qiqing was still worried about her.

Mu Xiaoxiao pretended not to hear her. Once they reached the Year One’s building, she let go of her hand. “Okay, class is starting soon. I’m going to go to my class.”

Before Han Qiqing could say more things to console her, she had already disappeared in the blink of an eye.

All eyes turned to look at Mu Xiaoxiao when she stepped into class.

She pretended not to notice and walked over to her seat.

“Xiaoxiao…” Yu Zhe looked at her in concern, seeming like he wanted to say something.

Mu Xiaoxiao put her finger to her lips and smiled. “Don’t say anything and let me have some time alone, okay?” she said.

Yu Zhe nodded and took out a packet of strawberry milk from his desk drawer.

“For you.”

“Thanks!” Mu Xiaoxiao’s smile finally showed a ray of genuine happiness. It was truly a blessed thing when someone remembered what she liked.

She had just poked the straw into the packet and taken a sip when there was a commotion in her class. Many of her classmates turned and stared at the person who had appeared in the doorway.

“Why is Bai Meijiao in our class?”

Upon hearing that, Mu Xiaoxiao froze before turning around to see for herself.

Sure enough, a beaming Bai Meijiao walked in, dogged by another girl who carried her bag for her.

“Hi everyone, I’ve been transferred to Class S from today onwards. Please take care of me.”

With that said, Bai Meijiao headed in Mu Xiaoxiao’s direction.

The entire class looked as though they were anticipating a face-off between the two of them.

A mere aisle separated Bai Meijiao and Mu Xiaoxiao’s seats. The former smirked at Mu Xiaoxiao and said, “Young Master Jie is so nice to me. I only mentioned that I felt like transferring to Class S, and he obliged immediately.”

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