Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 163 - What’s Going On?

Chapter 163 What’s Going On?

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Han Qiqing, who was sharing a bed with her, was awoken by her movements. Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she looked at Mu Xiaoxiao, who was sitting up, and mumbled, “Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong? Did you have a bad dream?”

Sitting on the bed with her head buried between her knees, Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head.

It wasn’t a nightmare but an erotic dream.

Her exquisite face reddened again at the thought of it.

What was weird was that the dream felt really real. She tingled with the feeling of having been kissed.

Mu Xiaoxiao touched her lips gently and couldn’t help but thought back to the dream. So, it turned out that Yin Shaojie’s frivolous expression could be so mesmerizing when he kissed people?

Her heart felt as though there was a little deer slamming around in it. She could even hear the thud of her heartbeat.

She felt like she was going to go mad. How could she have had such an embarrassing dream?

It was one thing to be kissed by someone, but why did the person who kissed her have to be Yin Shaojie!

Just as Mu Xiaoxiao was lost in the depths of her romantic thoughts, a clueless Han Qiqing sat up, lunged over, and hugged her. Patting her back, she said, “Don’t be scared. I’m here. It’s just a bad dream; you’ll forget it soon enough.”

When Han Qiqing’s eyes cleared, she finally saw Mu Xiaoxiao’s state clearly.

She was shocked. “Woah! Xiaoxiao, why is your face so red?”

“R-really?” Mu Xiaoxiao was extremely embarrassed. Not wanting anyone to find out that she had had that kind of dream, she hurriedly put on an act and used her little hand to fan her face, feigning as she said, “It might be the heat. Don’t lean against me; I’m getting up.”

She pushed Han Qiqing away and escaped to the bathroom hastily.

Luckily, Han Qiqing had just woken up, so her reaction time was slow. She had not caught on to what had happened and did not think much of the matter.

Mu Xiaoxiao stayed in the bathroom for almost 30 minutes waiting for the redness to subside and came out only after she had finished washing up.

Han Qiqing was still on the bed and had only just truly woken up. She stretched and got off the bed.

“Xiaoxiao, what do you want for breakfast?” she said to Mu Xiaoxiao.

“Anything.” Mu Xiaoxiao still felt a little embarrassed. Afraid that she would pick up on it, she avoided her gaze and headed straight to the bed.

Han Qiqing entered the bathroom.

Just then, a domestic helper knocked on the door, carrying the freshly-laundered clothes Mu Xiaoxiao had worn the previous day, and asked her what she would like for breakfast.

Even though Han Qiqing dilly-dallied, Mu Xiaoxiao’s dream had luckily made both of them wake up earlier, and they were in time for school.

After breakfast, the Han’s chauffeur sent them to school.

The entrance of the elite Shangde High was crowded with people.

It was Mu Xiaoxiao’s first time seeing so many people, and she was confused. “Did something happen?”

Han Qiqing came out from the car and said excitedly, “I don’t know, but let’s go check it out!”

Mu Xiaoxiao was dragged along by her. She saw that the crowd had surrounded a flashy silver sports car.

Han Qiqing’s eyes lit up as she shook Mu Xiaoxiao’s arm agitatedly. “Wow! That’s the latest limited-edition Lamborghini! Do you know how much it costs! Eh, isn’t that Yin Shaojie in the car?”

Mu Xiaoxiao froze. Before she could take a look for herself, she overheard a conversation beside her.

“What’s going on? Isn’t that Bai Meijiao? Why is she in Young Master Jie’s car? Did they reconcile?”

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