Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 162 - You’re a Naughty Child

Chapter 162 You’re a Naughty Child

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Mu Xiaoxiao felt a little rueful after hearing this. After all, one’s background was fated, not something that one could change.

Han Qiqing grumbled sadly, “Why are the heavens so unfair…”

If Lu Yichen came from an illustrious family, they would be well-matched in terms of social status and might have grown up together like Yin Shaojie and Mu Xiaoxiao as childhood friends. Their feelings could be cultivated slowly, and they could end up together as a pair of lovers who were the object of people’s envy.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at her. Without a hint of doubt in her eyes, she said, “Even though he doesn’t have the best background, I believe that he can use his own skills and become the best in his field!”

Han Qiqing froze momentarily before meeting her gaze. “Yeah! I believe in that too!” She nodded.

They looked at each other and smiled.

“Okay, let’s go to sleep.” Mu Xiaoxiao pulled the blanket on top of herself.

“Okay, then I’m going to switch off the light,” Han Qiqing answered before turning off the table lamp on the bedside cabinet.

She was a little hazy, feeling like she had something to tell Mu Xiaoxiao but had forgotten what she had wanted to say.

Never mind, she would tell her when she remembered.

“Goodnight, Xiaoxiao.”

“Yeah, goodnight.”

Both of them fell asleep.

She felt like she was in a dream.

The room looked fuzzy as if she were in a dreamland. It seemed like someone had created a romantic atmosphere here.

She was lying on the bed. A handsome figure looked down at her and said in a magnetic voice, “Mu Xiaoxiao, since you’re a naughty child, you’re going to be punished.”


She was groggy and wanted to look towards the voice, but she was kissed by his lowered head.

The contact felt real, and she froze.

S-She had been kissed?

Her brain thought this, and she opened her eyes to see the person who had kissed her pressing on top of her. It was Yin Shaojie!

Yin Shaojie’s handsome face had on its trademark bewitching smile, looking unruly as usual.

It felt a little ticklish. The thing against her lips was soft, and the gentle strokes against it felt comfortable as though it was coaxing her.

Were this dude’s lips so soft?

She looked adorkable as she thought this and had no sense to push him away. She then saw Yin Shaojie smile sinisterly, and something hot and wet pushed past her lips into her mouth.

Eh! She was shocked. I-it was his tongue?

Her face reddened instantly, but the “devil” continued his outrageous actions, his hot tongue winding around her little one, rolling it about.

When their lips had finally parted, there was even a spit-trail connecting their mouths.

Yin Shaojie’s inky dark eyes stared at her. There was heat in his gaze and wickedness in his pupils as he said, “Xiaoxiao, did you know that your little lips are so sweet that I’m addicted to them?”

Her face reddened to the top of her ears, and she looked at him bashfully.

How could he say something so embarrassing!

“Yeah.” Yin Shaojie lowered his head, his magnetic voice making her forget to breathe. Mu Xiaoxiao felt like her heart was going to explode!

His beautiful lips pressed down again. “I’m going to kiss you again…”

“Wait, wait…”

Blushing, she wanted him to stop, but his handsome face gradually leaned towards hers…

Back to reality.

“Wait —” Mu Xiaoxiao woke from her dream suddenly with an unfading blush.

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