Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 161 - He Doesn’t Show His Gentleness To Just Anyone

Chapter 161: He Doesn’t Show His Gentleness To Just Anyone

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Han Qiqing urged her, “Xiaoxiao, hurry up and come over here! That’s Yin Shaojie’s car, right? A sapphire blue Bugatti.”

Yin Shaojie’s car was a sapphire blue Bugatti.

Mu Xiaoxiao finally moved. Coming down from the bed, she hurried over.

Han Qiqing was smiling with her lips pursed and dragged her over to stand beside her. Pointing outside, she said, “Look there, at the entrance.”

Mu Xiaoxiao anxiously craned her neck to look. However, it was already dark outside. She looked at where Han Qiqing was pointing with the help of the villa’s lighting, but she could not see anything, especially not a sapphire blue sports car.

“Where is it?”

Unexpectedly, Han Qiqing suddenly laughed out loud, holding her stomach. “Hahahaha! You’ve been tricked by me! Look at how anxious you are! You’re really wishing for Yin Shaojie to come and find you!”

In an instant, Mu Xiaoxiao realized that she had been had. Her face turned serious as she howled, “HAN — QI — QING! I’M GOING TO MURDER YOU!”

Seeing her about to lunge over, Han Qiqing ran away quickly and jumped onto the bed, surrendering. “I was just trying to test you. Do you understand your feelings now?”

“I really don’t!” Mu Xiaoxiao repeated and glared at Han Qiqing angrily.

The both of them chased each other around the room.

Han Qiqing didn’t understand what she was being so crabby about, and feeling that there was no point in forcing it, she stopped teasing her.

“Alright, I’m not going to mess with you anymore. Come up here and sleep.”

Mu Xiaoxiao glared at her, but she still walked over and got onto the bed.

The both of them resumed their earlier positions. Han Qiqing was laying down, a hand propping her head up. Smiling, she said, “Let’s change the topic. Xiaoxiao, what kind of guy do you like?”

Mu Xiaoxiao harrumphed, “Just not someone like Yin Shaojie!”

She would never like such a flirt!

Seeing her like that, Han Qiqing pursed her lips into a smile. She continued, “What kind of guys do you like then? Say it.”

Mu Xiaoxiao put both her hands behind her head and stared at the ceiling, thinking seriously.

“I like… The type of guy who is smart, has an earnest personality, and is thoughtful towards me. He will also care for only me and consider no other girl. He has beautiful eyes with depth that look as if they could see through people, and no matter what I tell him, he’ll understand me…”

Listening to her description, Han Qiqing’s expression gradually turned unhappy.

She looked at Mu Xiaoxiao blankly and said, “Xiaoxiao, you’re describing Lu Yichen, don’t you think?”

Mu Xiaoxiao froze momentarily, startled. “Really?”

Han Qiqing nodded. Her expression was heavy as she said, “Lu Yichen’s like that! He’s almost exactly as what you’ve described.”

“You seem like… You know him well?” Mu Xiaoxiao looked at her and asked.

She could see from her expression that Han Qiqing really, really liked Lu Yichen, and mentioning him in such a light revealed it in her eyes as well.

Han Qiqing chuckled bitterly, “Actually… I don’t really understand him. However, he’s a really good person. Even though he looks cold on the surface, he’s actually very gentle, but he doesn’t show it to just anyone.”

Thus, she extremely desired to become that one person he treated especially well.

“Yeah, he’s a good person.” Mu Xiaoxiao nodded her head in agreement.

“His background is the only thing that isn’t good… Can you believe it? If he had a background like Yin Shaojie’s, he wouldn’t be any lesser than him!” Han Qiqing said agitatedly.

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