Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Someone Values Sex Over Friendship

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Just when Mu Xiaoxiao was thinking about whether to mention Yin Shaojie’s name, she heard Lu Yichen beside her utter, “She’s really a new transfer from another school. That’s why she still doesn’t have a student pass. She will be reporting to the administrative office now, and I can be her witness.”

The security guard could recognize him and said, “I recognize you. You are Lu Yichen right? Okay, I’ll let her in on your account.”

Lu Yichen nodded his head lightly and said, “Thank you.”

Mu Xiaoxiao was still rather unhappy. Although she was grateful for Lu Yichen’s help, she was not at all pleased with the security guard’s attitude; he watched her as though wary of a burglar.

She had always thought that she looked sweet and cute — how could she be even mistaken as a dubious character.

“Thanks anyway, but I don’t need your help. I want to rely on myself.” Having said that to Lu Yichen, she whipped out her mobile phone and called Yin Shaojie.

Yin Shaojie’s lazy voice could be heard over the phone as he said, “Hello, what’s the matter?”

The moment Mu Xiaoxiao opened her mouth, she simply couldn’t help but feel indignant. She said, “I was stopped by the security guard; he refused to let me in and didn’t believe that I was a new transfer here.”

Yin Shaojie laughed out loud instead.

Mu Xiaoxiao’s anger was fueled by his response. Before she could bellow at him, Yin Shaojie composed himself and said, “I hear your indignation. Wait a while, and I will fix it for you soon.”

Suddenly, she heard a female’s voice beside him; and she might have asked who the caller was. The voice was very delicate, one that men would find hard to resist.

“Who are you with?” she asked, her tone tinged with anger. She had to put up with this, and there he was having fun with a woman.

Be it whether Yin Shaojie did not hear that or he just did not want to answer, he hung up the phone.

“Hey!” Mu Xiaoxiao shouted angrily at the phone.

Lu Yichen looked rather worried and asked, “Are you okay? What happened?”

She looked really angry.

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted her lips and unhappily uttered, “Someone values sex over friendship!”

But barely a minute later, the security guard’s mobile phone rang. Obviously, he was taken aback by the caller ID that he saw; he answered the phone respectfully. Not sure of what he heard, he looked at Mu Xiaoxiao regretfully.

After ending the call, the security guard’s attitude took a 180-degree change. He fawned over her and said, “I am sorry. It was a misunderstanding and my mistake. You may go in. The Principal is waiting for you.”

Mu Xiaoxiao was finally appeased; she walked in with her chin raised.

Lu Yichen was puzzled, catching up behind her and asking, “Principal? Who exactly are you that the Principal has to be personally involved?”

Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled, waving a finger at him in a secretive manner, and said, “Secret! When you get to know me better, I shall tell you then.”

Lu Yichen smiled lightly and said, “Are you hitting on me? I’m not the type who makes friends easily.”

“Of course I know; you are an intellectual, and intellectuals are usually very selective with friends, especially a hunk like you. You are definitely surrounded by girls who will pester you all day long, trying to hit on you, right?” Mu Xiaoxiao laughed proudly, totally dismissing what Yin Shaojie had said.

“How do you know that I am an intellectual?” He slanted his eyes and looked at her curiously.

Mu Xiaoxiao smiled with raised eyebrows and said, “Because I am smart! I can tell with one look that you are the intellectual type. Is my guess correct? Oh yes, the security guard mentioned earlier that he recognized you. Why? Are you very famous in school?”

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