Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Talking Bad Behind Yin Shaojie

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“Yea, don’t bother with it,” he replied faintly without explaining and with no intention of boasting about it.

Mu Xiaoxiao wasn’t at all satisfied; she probed hastily, “What sort of fame? Was it because you are the school hunk? Or because you always come first in school? Must be both, right?”

Lu Yichen replied, “Not at all. I’m not the school hunk. However, I am known for my grades.”

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him, dumbfounded, and said, “You aren’t the school hunk? You are so dashing, yet you aren’t the school hunk… wait, don’t tell me the school hunk is Yin Shaojie?”

Upon hearing that name, Lu Yichen narrowed his eyes and asked, “You know him?”

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t notice the change in his expression; she was indulging in her excitement and continued, “He must be quite well-known in school, right? I heard that he has many girlfriends. Though both of you are in different years, you are also a well-known figure. You must know him too, right?”

“I know him, but I’m not acquainted with him,” Lu Yichen answered coldly.

He looked at her in dubious manner and said, “He does have many girlfriends; he’s a playboy. As long as she is a pretty girl, he will be able to succeed in wooing her. You like him too?”

Mu Xiaoxiao humphed, “A big-time playboy! I wouldn’t like him!”

“Really?” He seemed surprised. The way she talked about Yin Shaojie just now seemed to be the reason why she got close to him.

Now that he had taken a serious look into her eyes, they weren’t like those girls, whose eyes were filled with infatuation and adoration whenever Yi Shaojie was mentioned.

In that case, what she said was true?

Mu Xiaoxiao was all smiles and looked at Lu Yichen. She then said, “I don’t like that type; if I were to choose, I think you are better than him! What is so great about him; he is only riding on his wealth and good looks. His character isn’t good, and whoever likes him will be unlucky!”

In fact, Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t mean what she said.

If Yin Shaojie were to hear how she had described him, he would surely not let her off; hence, she could only speak ill about him behind his back.

Just let him continue to value sex over friendship!

Mu Xiaoxiao obviously hadn’t forgotten this. Yes, she was the type to hold grudges.

This was surely the first time Lu Yichen had heard someone say such a thing about Yin Shaojie. He looked at her in bewilderment, as though she was from space.

Seeing her exhibiting such an undesirable expression, he couldn’t help breaking into a laugh.

“You are interesting,” he said.

With a sly look, Mu Xiaoxiao seized the opportunity and said, “Oh yes, I have forgotten to introduce myself. I know you are Lu Yichen. You have a nice name. I am Mu Xiaoxiao. You can just call me Xiaoxiao!”

“Mu Xiaoxiao, you have a nice name too,” Lu Yichen replied with a light smile; drawn closer by her demeanor, he no longer had the same distant feeling that he had.

“I still don’t know what class I will be in. Why don’t you tell me yours? Next time, I can look for you to have some fun. I just returned from abroad and am not at all familiar with the school. If there’s anything I am not sure about, can I look for you?” she said, trying to strengthen the newly developed bond.

Actually, her thoughts were innocent. She just wanted to make him her friend. He was handsome and intelligent, and coupled with their affinity, surely they would become friends.

Mu Xiaoxiao’s biggest past time was to make friends, especially those who are capable and intelligent. The more the merrier.

“Sure, I am in Year Three Class S,” replied Lu Yichen.

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