Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: He Already Has a Girlfriend

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Mu Xiaoxiao was attracted to pleasant voices, and she was undeniably excited, especially because there was such a dashing man right in front of her. It was simply too tough to exercise restraint.

As a girl, who wouldn’t be infatuated at times; it was totally acceptable.

“That… this strawberry cake is the last piece. I hope to eat it. Can you let me have it? Please, please, pretty please!” Mu Xiaoxiao acted coyly, constantly blinked at him with her huge pair of beaming black eyes.

If Yin Shaojie were here and saw her current state, he would surely not be able to withstand it and would roll his eyes.

Lu Yichen was unwavering and said apologetically, “So sorry, this is meant for another person. I can’t let you have it.”

Like a deflated balloon, Mu Xiaoxiao’s face drooped. She thought, He must be getting it for his girlfriend; so thoughtful of him to even help her buy breakfast. Such a man is rare these days…

Although she was rejected, within her heart; the person did gain extra merit points.

“Alright… I won’t make things difficult. I’ll get something else then.”

Thinking that the hunk already had a girlfriend, her mood went further down again; sighing and sighing, she dragged her feet towards the display glass.

Lu Yichen’s gaze followed her, probably feeling apologetic, and finally muttered, “I heard some people say that the chestnut cake here is not bad. You can give it a try.”

Upon hearing what he said, Mu Xiaoxiao felt even more certain that he was gentle and thoughtful.

“Great. In that case, I shall try!” She smiled faintly at him.

After that, she ordered one chestnut cake from the shop; with the packed item in her hand, she ran and chased after him.

Although he already had a girlfriend and she had just transferred to the school, it wasn’t a bad thing to know an intelligent person — she decided to hit on him.

“Hello!” Mu Xiaoxiao jovially smiled — her smile as lovely and cheerful as a sunflower. “Are you also a student from Shangde? I was just transferred here today.”

Lu Yichen took a look at her — looking at such an innocent, smiling face, it would have been difficult for anyone to reject her.

“Yes,” he answered faintly.

Mu Xiaoxiao caught up with him and walked side by side with him. She asked, “Which year are you?”

“Year 3.”

Mu Xiaoxiao again felt a sense of disappointment. She pouted her lips and said, “I should be in Year 2… can’t possibly be Year 3.”

“Should be?” Lu Yichen could not comprehend what she was saying. “You don’t even know which year you are?”

Mu Xiaoxiao scratched her head sheepishly and said, “Actually I transferred from the U.S; in the U.S I was in Year 1, but I feel like I am very smart, so Mama Yin would most likely have arranged for me to be in Year 2.”

Because she was new, Yin Shaojie was in Year 2. In order to let them develop their relationship, Mama Yin could have arranged for her to be in the same class as him.

Although she was studying in Year 1 back in the U.S, she felt like she wouldn’t have any issues handling the curriculum here.

Lu Yichen looked at her self-assured expression and could not help but break into a laugh and say, “You can’t be too sure about this; the education in the U.S and here are different, but you shouldn’t underestimate our local standard.”

Engrossed in their conversation, both of them eventually reached the gate of the school. As they entered together, Mu Xiaoxiao was stopped.

“You can’t go in. Classes are about to start now, and outsiders are not allowed into the school.”

Mu Xiaoxiao stared with her eyes opened wide and told the security guard, “I AM a student here. I just got transferred today!”

However, regardless of how she tried to explain herself, the other party simply refused to relent. In fact, the more he looked at her, the more he found her suspicious, and this made her really frustrated.

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