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Chapter 951: Courage to Change the World (4)

Chapter 951: Courage to Change the World (4)

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Upon seeing this, the weakened Shattered Mirror ignored her situation and joined the ranks of Du Heng and Shang Jianyao.

Subhuti followed closely behind.

Truth sensed that something was amiss and shouted, “There must be a problem with the core research area!”

Just as he said that, his hand wrapped around himself, and he forgot what he wanted to do next. Truth then saw a figure in a white mask appear in the night on the barrier beside him.

Last Man.


“You!” Truth exclaimed in horror.

Last Man replied softly, “I’ve thought it through. If you win, I definitely won’t live. You’re so arrogant that you won’t allow a Kalendaria in the same domain as you to exist. The Arbiter of Fate and the others will definitely help you.”

Truth forcefully retorted, “There’s no such thing.”


Last Man didn’t say anything else. He also turned into a black figure that swam away.

Door of Scorching was also trapped in the barrier. She erupted with a strong desire to live and began to resist.

Arbiter of Fate quickly realized what might happen. She looked at Shang Jianyao and asked, “Are you really not afraid of death? Don’t you miss the stable life in the company? You are already a Kalendaria. As long as you help us imprison Master Zhuang, we are willing to acknowledge you.”

Apart from two to three of them, most of Shang Jianyao’s faces smiled and said words that Arbiter of Fate could understand but felt disbelief toward: “For all of humanity!”


A tear fell from the corner of Jiang Baimian’s eye and smashed to the ground. She had already raised her visor and only observed the dashboard from the corner of her eye to determine if the electromagnetic environment had returned to normal.

At this moment, a familiar female voice sounded in her ears—Big Boss’s voice. “Your parents, brother, sister-in-law, and their children have all fled the underground building. Don’t you want to reunite with them? Are you planning on dying here?

“There are still many places in the Ashlands that you haven’t been to and many folklore that you haven’t come into contact with. There are so many interesting books from the Old World that you haven’t read either…”

Jiang Baimian fell silent for a few seconds before sighing softly.

She squatted down and took out the small black speaker with a blue bottom from Shang Jianyao’s tactical backpack. She then smiled at the sleeping Shang Jianyao. “If you were awake while saving all of humanity, you would definitely request a song as background music. I’ll satisfy you, but I want to play what I like this time.”

Jiang Baimian then switched on the small speaker and picked the song she wanted to play.

At this moment, the electromagnetic environment had yet to return to normal.

Arbiter of Fate looked at Shang Jianyao again and said, “Even if you can finish us off and destroy the New World, it’s impossible to end this disaster completely. With so many Awakened and the people from the Sixth and Eighth Institutes still alive, they will definitely slowly figure out a way to become stronger and figure out a plan to create another New World.

“When the time comes, there will be another disaster! It’s better for us to live and control this world to minimize the danger of disaster.”

Golden Scale and the other Kalendarium also used similar reasons to persuade Shang Jianyao, Shattered Mirror, and company. They all knew that the core research area’s electromagnetic environment would quickly return to normal. They still needed three to five minutes to break through the restraints imposed by Master Zhuang and the other Kalendarium who weren’t holding back.

Shang Jianyao smiled and solemnly said to the Kalendarium, “There will naturally be others to take over my mantle!”

In the vortex-like building, in the core research area.

Jiang Baimian—who had chosen a song and was waiting for an opportunity—heard the Arbiter of Fate’s voice. “If you continue, I’ll extract your parents and family’s consciousness now! Let’s perish together!”

Jiang Baimian smiled and said, “Great, a reunion.”

She then laughed mockingly. “If you could do it, you would’ve done it long ago…”

Before Jiang Baimian could finish speaking, she saw the dashboard return to normal. She stopped talking, sighed softly, and issued the detonation signal to the nuclear bomb.

It would soon explode—once the electromagnetic environment remained normal.

Jiang Baimian sat beside Shang Jianyao, pressed the small speaker, and closed her eyes.

The Kalendarium’s curses and intimidation echoed in her ears.

They originally imagined that the key to this battle was a power struggle between the Kalendarium. It was a battle between them, a chip that they could play. To their surprise, a mortal determined their lives before the deities determined a winner.

Most of the Shang Jianyaos laughed until tears flowed out. He shouted at the Kalendarium, “Welcome to the real New World!”

Amidst the Kalendarium’s curses and intimidation, Jiang Baimian—who had her eyes closed—heard the familiar music: “Do you remember the dreams of your youth?

“Like a flower in eternal bloom…”

She hummed as white light erupted and instantly filled the space.


A gigantic mushroom cloud rose in the valley, and the ground shook violently.

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