Embers Ad Infinitum

Chapter 950: Courage to Change the World (3)

Chapter 950: Courage to Change the World (3)

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Du Heng smiled bitterly. “How can there be a bunch of trump cards that others don’t know of? Do you think of them as fools? My trump card was originally you.

“Under normal circumstances, we can rely on Door of Scorching, Last Man, and Shadow of Distortion to stall for time. At the critical moment, we can get Subhuti and Shattered Mirror to turn against them. Coupled with my strength and privilege, it’s enough to buy the maximum amount of time.

“To prevent any accidents, I also added you. I made it sound serious, but I actually gave you a chance of survival. If things had really developed as I expected, you wouldn’t have needed to join the battle. You could’ve seized the opportunity to escape and return to the Ashlands.

“Who knew that half of my plan would go bust from the beginning? Fortunately, you were there to keep an eye on it.

“You, me, along with Shattered Mirror and Subhuti, can also stall them for a while with the control over the New World. The possibility of ending this disaster is still very high. However, I didn’t expect them to be so cold-blooded and cruel to this extent. They don’t rely on intelligence or the application of their abilities. They purely fight a battle of attrition, causing the situation to deteriorate so quickly.”


At this point, Du Heng paused. “I can switch personalities and steel my heart to exhaust myself against them. After all, it’s impossible for there to be no casualties in this battle. I’ll be satisfied as long as I can save most people. But I believe Subhuti, Shattered Mirror, and you won’t do so. I can’t stall for long alone.

“If the situation really worsens to that extent, most of my personalities might rebel, making it impossible for things to turn around.”

Shang Jianyao fell silent for a moment as a devilish voice in his heart said: “I can do it too.” However, this was quickly suppressed by most Shang Jianyaos.


He then asked, “What about Wu Meng and Future? Can they be used?”

Du Heng shook his head. “Wu Meng only obtained some privileges for himself that barely manage to protect himself. He’s waiting outside now to see if there’s a chance for him to benefit from this.”

“Use your privilege to exchange the room where he’s imprisoned for Truth and company’s path of advance?” Shang Jianyao suggested.

Du Heng shook his head again. “Then, he will only choose to cooperate with the Arbiter of Fate and the others.

“As for Future, it’s not an Awakened and can’t participate in this battle. Besides, I have other things for it to do—the kind that eliminates latent dangers.”

Shang Jianyao thought of something else and said in pain, “Why doesn’t that nuclear warhead have a timed detonation function?”

“It’s useless. If the electromagnetic environment doesn’t return to normal and we don’t have the upper hand, they can cancel it even if it’s on a timer.” Du Heng sighed.

“What should we do?” Shang Jianyao revealed a troubled expression.

After a brief silence, a machine in the room exploded.

On the other side, the door turned dark as if a faint female figure was hidden inside—Eidolon Nun!

“Not good!” Du Heng’s expression turned solemn and serious. “Shattered Mirror can’t last any longer!”

Compared to Subhuti, who had monks to supplement him, Shattered Mirror—who had never told her religion about such matters—had always been holding out.

The remaining lights on the machines in the room flickered violently, giving off the feeling that they were about to explode.

Arbiter of Fate and the other Kalendarium—who were still entangled with Subhuti, Shang Jianyao, and Master Zhuang—smiled.

A smile of victory.

At this moment, Shang Jianyao suddenly exclaimed.

The entrance to the core research area in the vortex-like building.

A pair of military boots suddenly appeared. These belonged to Jiang Baimian.

She was back here again.

There were obvious tears around her eyes under the visor, but there was a faint smile on her lips.

Jiang Baimian carried Shang Jianyao on her back, walked to the experiment capsule, and put him down. She then extended her mind and touched Shang Jianyao’s consciousness.

This time, Jiang Baimian didn’t only see Shang Jianyao after the familiar darkness and faint light. She also saw various blinking lights and a door that looked like it was about to collapse.

During the consciousness exchange, she didn’t ‘wear’ the military exoskeleton and smiled at Shang Jianyao. “How sad. I got lost and found myself back at the machine.”

Shang Jianyao was stunned for a moment before shouting loudly, “Liar!”

Jiang Baimian restrained her smile and asked seriously, “Can you guys restore the core research area’s electromagnetic environment to normal for a minute?”

Shang Jianyao blurted out, “Yes, but I refuse.”

Jiang Baimian looked at him and said seriously, “This is an order!”

Shang Jianyao fell silent. After a few seconds, he replied loudly with reddened eyes, “Yes, Team Leader!”

Jiang Baimian smiled in satisfaction.

In the New World’s central room, Du Heng also sensed Jiang Baimian’s return. He looked at Shang Jianyao in surprise.

Shang Jianyao nodded at him solemnly and said, “One minute.”

“Alright.” Du Heng smiled in relief.

He had originally planned on using his privilege to make one last gamble. Now, he showed no hesitation.

The entire New World suddenly shrank, turning into layers of barriers that enveloped Arbiter of Fate and the other Kalendarium. This made them like mosquitoes in amber.

Du Heng split into many and transformed into black figures that swam through the transparent barrier, blocking the attacks from Arbiter of Fate and the other Kalendarium and preventing their powers from seeping out.

It was definitely impossible for him to do it alone. Shang Jianyao also had many honest, evil-abhorring, and calm, rational selves. He also flew across the barrier in the form of a black figure.

Using the fact that he hadn’t expended that much energy, he fought Mandara, Arbiter of Fate, and the other Kalendarium one after another.

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