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Chapter 949: Courage to Change the World (2)

Chapter 949: Courage to Change the World (2)

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However, Shang Jianyao didn’t say a word and began dancing.

Radio workout!

The blond-haired, blue-eyed Brian—who was more than 1.8 meters tall—was stunned for a moment before instinctively pointing out, “Your actions aren’t exactly right.”

“Not being exactly right means it’s right! Otherwise, how could I attract your attention?” Shang Jianyao muttered softly.

Double Sun was just about to make the other party forget a portion of his domain’s abilities when he suddenly froze. Why should I attack this person? What am I doing here?


These thoughts surfaced in his mind, and he didn’t know what to do next.

In another room, as soon as Mandara—who was wrapped in flowers—entered, she saw red banners. On those banners were the words: “We warmly welcome the greatest Kalendaria, Madam Mandara, for coming to provide us guidance.”


“You have a special bearing. You’re the most charming of all the Kalendarium.”

“I’ve read the papers you wrote back then. I didn’t understand them at all, but I was deeply shocked.”


Mandara Sylvie listened and looked around, unwilling to leave.

In the small city called the Second Research Zone.

Jiang Baimian—who was wearing a military exoskeleton—carried Shang Jianyao on her back and followed the strategy of walking in a straight line before circling around to search for an exit.

She jumped over walls and buildings whenever she encountered them and quickly ran hundreds of meters. But when she thought about how it would take at least ten minutes to return to the tunnel entrance or even longer, she felt a little uncertain and worried.

After entering the tunnel, it’s much more difficult to leave the Eighth Research Institute than to walk through this city. It’s indoors, and we’re still in the mountain’s belly. There are also many forks in the road. Apart from taking it slow, thinking it through, and executing, there’s no good solution. Furthermore, even if I do so, the number of times I’ll get lost is most likely more than two… Jiang Baimian’s thoughts raced as she analyzed the current situation.

According to her judgment, if she wanted to escape from the small nuclear warhead’s blast radius and protect herself, she had to return to the hidden spot where the jeep was parked.

It would definitely take at least half an hour.

Even if she really had half an hour, Jiang Baimian didn’t have much confidence.

This was one of the best situations. At her worst, she might not even complete her journey for hours.

Jiang Baimian’s expression changed as Shang Jianyao’s words surfaced in her mind: “…the overall situation is still in Big Boss and the others’ favor. Even with me, it will probably only delay our defeat.

“We will do our best to give you time to escape the Eighth Research Institute and create an opportunity for you to detonate the nuclear bomb.

“That opportunity might be fleeting, so you have to seize it.”

At this thought, Jiang Baimian couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “Will there really be a chance? Can you guys really last more than half an hour?”

Once, twice, thrice. The Arbiter of Fate used the most stupid method to seek a head-on confrontation with Subhuti.

Subhuti naturally didn’t dare to do so again. Ignoring the fact that his expenditure couldn’t be replenished, just Dawn’s covetous gaze made him afraid to make any rash attempts.

If he really lost consciousness temporarily, Dawn definitely wouldn’t miss the opportunity and would definitely pull him into Forced Sleep. That way, he wouldn’t even have the possibility of resisting the alternation of Forced Sleep and Halting Consciousness.

He didn’t care about his consciousness dissipating and his complete death. He was only afraid that it would affect the plan to end this disaster.

Upon seeing that his consciousness had weakened to less than one-third of his usual self, Subhuti could only reveal his trump card in advance.

In his Pure Lands, the monks heard his grand and solemn voice: “The great calamity has arrived. Those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for humanity, provide me your mental strength.”

Most of the monks were mentally prepared and raised their palms. “Buddha is merciful.”

They transformed into rays of light and entered Subhuti’s golden body like moths to a flame.

Subhuti’s aura skyrocketed, returning to the level it was when he first appeared.

Arbiter of Fate wasn’t depressed because of this. She extracted human consciousness from Pangu Biology’s underground building and End Year City again.

She wasn’t afraid of exhaustion! Furthermore, the pace of the battle between the two parties was getting faster and faster. As long as Subhuti didn’t have any other trump cards, she was confident that she could exhaust this Kalendaria in ten minutes and seriously injure him, preventing him from affecting her again.

In the other rooms, Eidolon Nun and Golden Scale—who were steadily advancing—broke through one illusion after another. Although they had yet to injure Shattered Mirror, they had already exhausted the other party greatly. Furthermore, they had sufficient replenishment.

Similarly, while Double Sun forgot what to do, Mandara blindfolded herself to prevent herself from being affected by the text used by people in the Master Zhuang domain. She then went in a straight line according to the coordinates of the central room.

She didn’t mind expending her energy crossing walls if there weren’t any doors.

In the Ashlands, a large number of humans became Heartless. It was chaos.

Only Master Zhuang—who controlled the New World’s privileges—didn’t find it difficult to stop Monitor Jiang Xiaoyue and the unprivileged Truth.

Shang Jianyao had only joined the battle later, so he didn’t expend much energy. He took the time to return to the central room and said to Master Zhuang, “Teacher Du Heng, do you still have any trump cards—no, backup? We can’t continue like this. In 15 minutes tops—no, ten minutes—we will be completely defeated.”

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