Embers Ad Infinitum

Chapter 952: Embers

Chapter 952: Embers

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Redstone Collection, Lake Heart Island.

Yama Tiger’s mummy-like body twisted in the coffin.

Wu Meng seized the opportunity when the New World’s order collapsed to use the Subhuti figurine’s Destiny Connection to transfer his consciousness into Yama Tiger’s body. He was busy wiping out the other party’s remaining consciousness and gradually gaining control of the body.

He planned on leaving Lake Heart Island and heading to a human settlement to extract their consciousness and allow his body to recover.

Yama Tiger’s warped face slowly revealed a smile—a smile that belonged to Wu Meng.


At this moment, his expression stiffened.

A precision-guided ballistic missile flew over from somewhere and landed right over him.

Wu Meng was still in a weakened state from his possession of the target and had yet to gain full control. His gaze froze as the ballistic missile accurately landed on Yama Tiger’s temple.



The invisible barrier only lasted for a second before it shattered. The area was leveled.

In different parts of the Ashlands, several ballistic missiles carried out similar missions.

This was Du Heng’s goal in sending Future back into the Ashlands in advance. He got it to infiltrate the Eighth Research Institute’s military base and extinguish the poisonous sores’ last hope, completely eliminating any latent dangers.

In the darkness of the evening, a convoy made up of countless vehicles slowly trudged forward, searching for a suitable camp. This was one of Pangu Biology’s surviving groups.

They didn’t have much food, fuel, or batteries. They couldn’t even equip everyone with a weapon. However, the few high-ranking Security Department employees—who took on a leadership role—told everyone that there were many secret warehouses established by the company not far away. Their existence was to make transactions with other factions.

When everyone arrived, they would receive replenishment in all aspects. They would have the ability to find a suitable place to rebuild a new and miniature Pangu Biology. They could also discuss joining relatively friendly factions.

In short, there was always a way out.

Gu Hong and Long Dayong sat in one of the cars. They couldn’t help but stick their heads out the window and look back.

The mountain range—which originally hid the underground building’s entrance—seemed like another world in the darkening sky. The long convoy behind lit up with yellowish or pure white lights.

This was like the Milky Way or a blazing fire dragon in the night.

It was slowly moving forward.

Several years later, under the evening night.

In one of the squares of a medium-sized settlement, many people were surrounding a tall silver-black robot.

Genava wore a black uniform and sat under a statue that belonged to the Old World’s sages. He told the children, young adults, and other people who were interested in listening about his experiences. “…Under their sacrifice, humans escaped the Kalendarium’s rearing, and the Heartless disease disappeared.

“Maybe the Heartless disease will make a comeback one day, but I believe that new heroes will step forward one after another…”

The people around him listened attentively. While they found the story abnormally exciting, they were also moved to tears.

Finally, Genava finished speaking. He stood up, squeezed out of the crowd, and came to the edge of the square.

A person in the Salvation Army’s black uniform came forward and said to Genava, “Captain, we should go.”

It was impossible to tell what expression Genava’s metal face had. Only the red glow in his eye sockets flickered twice.

He nodded, stretched out his right hand, pressed it to his left chest, and bowed. “For all of humanity!”

“For all of humanity!” The Salvation Army member replied with the same salute.

In Early Spring Town, which had been rebuilt a few years ago.

Han Wanghuo stood on the podium, held a book, and said to the pairs of knowledge-hungry eyes, “Next, let’s recite this passage together.”

The children in tattered but relatively clean clothes recited in adolescent voices. “When the Grand course was pursued, a public and common spirit ruled all under the sky; they chose men of talents, virtue, and ability; their words were sincere, and what they cultivated was harmony.

“Thus, men did not love their parents only, nor treat as children only their own sons. A competent provision was secured for the aged till their death, employment for the able-bodied, and the means of growing up to the young. They showed kindness and compassion to widows, orphans, childless men, and those who were disabled by disease so that they were all sufficiently maintained…”

The End.

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