Dual Cultivation

Chapter 99 Lick It More!

Chapter 99 Lick It More!

The moment Su Yang's fingers touched her back, a wave of tingling sensation surged within her body like an electric current.

This unexpected feeling in her body caused her to let out a surprised moan.

"Ahhh~" Her moan slightly echoed in this small place.

When she realized what she had done, her face flushed red. What had happened just now? What did he do to her body?

It was at this moment Su Yang slithered his fingers across her back with snake-like movements, spreading the tingling sensation all over her body.


Lu Lifen's body trembled, and her hands naturally turned into fists, stiffening the muscle in her body.

"Relax your body…" Su Yang's gentle voice entered her ears as he pressed his fingers into her soft body.


Another unintentional moan escaped her mouth.

"W-What is this feeling?" Lu Lifen was shocked at the reaction of her body; it felt as though even a gentle wind created by Su Yang's moving hands could cause her body to tingle with delight.

This feeling of pleasure was something she couldn't experience when she was playing with the most sensitive part of her body, yet she was feeling such a strong sense of contentment at this moment from a mere back massage.

"If only this could last forever…" She thought to herself as her body slowly submerges itself into paradise.

An unknown amount of time passed for Lu Lifen since she went into a mythical state of harmony, and suddenly, the heavenly feeling that wrapped her body abruptly stopped.

She turned to look at Su Yang with a puzzled look, wondering why he'd stopped.

"I am done. Your body should now be sensitive enough that even someone as unskilled as yourself would be able to please."

Lu Lifen stared at Su Yang with a blank look.

"Go ahead— I will be waiting for you to finish over there," said Su Yang as he pointed at the corner, sounding as though he really had no other intentions in his mind.


Lu Lifen grabbed him by the sleeves before he could take two steps.

Then with a blushing expression, she spoke: "S-Since we are already at this point, why don't you help me with the rest?"

"Hm?" Su Yang turned to look at her with a pondering expression. "I won't understand you if you are being this vague," he said in a genuinely puzzled voice.

Although Lu Lifen somehow knew that he was faking his perplexion, she still decided to explain to him in detail her desire.

"I-I want you to help me with releasing my Yin Qi…" she said in a timid voice.

"Are you sure? Even though you were so reluctant with me touching you?"

"Stop playing innocent and help me already! I am saying that you can touch me!" she said in an aggravated tone.

"Hmm… what should I do?" Su Yang continued playing hard to get.

"If you help me, then I will also help you in return!" Lu Lifen said loudly.

Hearing her words, Su Yang smiled. "Since you are this stubborn, I guess I can help you."

Lu Lifen pouted at his words, but since he accepted her request, she decided to let it go.

Su Yang sat on the bed, and he patted his lap. "Come, sit on my lap."

"Hah? You want me to sit on your lap? Why do I have to do something that embarrassing?"

"You find this embarrassing, yet you want me to help you release your Yin Qi? Are you sure you want to do this?"


Lu Lifen frowned, but she didn't have anything to refute him with, so she turned her body and pressed her soft buttocks on his lap, sitting on him like a child sitting on her parent's lap.

"Then I will begin…" Su Yang said a moment later, and she timidly nodded.

Su Yang then loosened her robes and slipped his right arm into her dress like a snake slithering into its prey's home.

Lu Lifen could feel his warm hand slowly approaching the region in-between her legs, causing her body to stiffen. Her breathing pattern quickened, and her entire body shivered from Su Yang's gentle breathing on her neck.

A moment later, she could feel something touch her bottom lips, and her legs instinctively closed itself.

"Relax…" Su Yang whispered from behind her ears, and as though his voice was imbued with magic, her tense body began loosening itself. He then began spreading his legs— guiding Lu Lifen's legs to spread open with his.

Seeing herself in such a position, Lu Lifen's head flushed red.

"T-This is so embarrassing…" she mumbled to herself.

Su Yang then wrapped his left hand around her waist, and his right hand began caressing the closed slit to her cave.

"Ahhhhhh!" Lu Lifen moaned loudly with her head bending backward. If Su Yang wasn't embracing her waist tightly, then her body would've sprung forward like a bridge.

"Wow, you are already this wet?" Su Yang said in a teasing voice at the slippery sensation.

After caressing the outside of her nether region for a few seconds, Su Yang began spreading apart her closed pussy with his fingers to touch the little pearl in her body.


As though a beast was awakened inside her, Lu Lifen howled loudly, and her hands circled behind her, tightly embracing Su Yang's head.

Lu Lifen's lower body wiggled around nonstop, yet Su Yang's finger somehow managed to stay on her little pearl with absolute accuracy.

"W-What is this feeling!?" Lu Lifen loudly exclaimed. "I feel as if my mind is going crazy!"

The intensive feeling in her bottom lips aroused a profound sensation all over her body, and after only a few moments, she could already feel something welling up inside her.

"W-Wait! I feel like peeing!" Lu Lifen became terrified at the thought of pissing herself when someone was touching her so passionately.

"Don't worry, that just means you are almost ready to release your Yin Qi…" said Su Yang as his finger moved increasingly faster.

"I-It's coming! It's—Ahhhh!" Lu Lifen suddenly released a sharp moan, and her lower body squirted a large amount of liquid, soaking Su Yang's hands in holy water.

Lu Lifen slumped on Su Yang's chest after she finished releasing her Yin Qi with an exhausted look on her face, yet her body was still twitching from the burning sensation that continued to excite her body.

Su Yang slowly retrieved his wet hand from within her robes. He then licked his hand with a nonchalant expression.

And when Lu Lifen saw him tasting her liquid, her body became even hotter.

"Hmm… your Yin Qi is surprising vigorous with energy," said Su Yang. "It'd be a waste to leave it alone."

After saying those words, Su Yang laid Lu Lifen's exhausted body on the bed.

"Let me clean you up," he said with a smile.

"Eh?" Lu Lifen did not understand the meaning behind his words at first, but when he began taking off her underwear, her heart raced even faster.

After stripping Lu Lifen of her underwear, Su Yang lifted her robes, revealing to him her soaking wet pussy.

And although Lu Lifen was nervous, she didn't say anything to him and allowed him to do as he pleased.

Su Yang then spread open her legs and approached the slit between her legs with his mouth.

"Aaaaaah!" Lu Lifen moaned loudly when she felt something warm lick her pussy.

"W-What is he doing?!" She lifted her head, and the scene of Su Yang licking her slit entered her view.

"Mmmh… aaah…"

The tingling sensation caused her to moan, and her body fell back on the bed, feeling as though all of the strength in her body was being absorbed by a mysterious force.

After licking clean the Yin Qi from outside her cave, Su Yang proceeded to open her closed lips with his fingers, and his tongue began brushing her pink.

"Ah… ah… ahh…"

Feeling something entering her tight cave, Lu Lifen trembled from the intense euphoric feeling in her body.

"More! Lick it more!" Lu Lifen said in an alluring voice.

Hearing her passionate plea, Su Yang pushed his entire tongue into her tight cave.

"Yes! Aaaaah~"

A few moments later, Lu Lifen could feel the peeing sensation returning.

"It's here again! I am going to release my Yin Qi!" she exclaimed loudly, hoping Su Yang would move away from her warning.

However, Su Yang did not move even after her warning, and he continued to pleasure her with his mouth.

"I'm coming!" Lu Lifen suddenly said, and her body began twitching vigorously.

A second later, her body released a mouthful of holy water that went directly into Su Yang's mouth.

"Aaaahhh!" Lu Lifen covered her face as she moaned loudly.

A few moments later, Su Yang removed his mouth from her bottom lips, and he swallowed all the Yin Qi in his mouth.

The instant he absorbed the Yin Qi, Su Yang could feel his cultivation base slightly rise. Although it wasn't anything significant, there was a clear sign of growth in his cultivation.

"Haaa… Haaa… Haaa…" Lu Lifen breathed in an exhausted manner.

For her to experience such intense pleasure constantly, even releasing her Yin Qi two times with almost no breaks in-between, her virgin body was nearly out of energy at this moment.

However, despite feeling tired, Lu Lifen still managed to lift herself to a sitting position on the bed.

"Are all the disciples in this place like you? And to think that you are only an Inner Court disciple…" Lu Lifen couldn't imagine how blissful she would feel if a Core disciple displayed his techniques when an Inner Court disciple like Su Yang was already this skillful.

"Hahaha!" Su Yang suddenly burst out laughing. "Don't compare me with the amateurs in this place! Although I am only an Inner Court disciple, my techniques are without a doubt the best in this world, let alone this Sect meant for children!"

Lu Lifen looked at him with an unbelievable face. Although she couldn't compare his techniques with another, she had a feeling that he was not being arrogant at all.

"Anyway, I have released my Yin Qi— It's now my turn to help you," said Lu Lifen, who was no longer feeling as bashful.

After allowing Su Yang to do something like licking her treasured area, her sense of shame had reached a new high.

"Come lay on the bed and allow me to please you," she said while patting the bed.

Su Yang smiled and said: "Although I have no expectations for a virgin like you, who couldn't even satisfy yourself, I am interested in what you'll do…"

He then laid on the bed and waited for her to make her move.

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