Dual Cultivation

Chapter 100 Are You Even a Man?

Chapter 100 Are You Even a Man?

Lu Lifen stared at Su Yang, who was resting on the bed with a relaxed expression, looking as though he was taking a nap.

"How can he be so calm in such a situation?" she wondered to herself, feeling as though her pride was damaged by his nonchalant demeanor.

Her hands began reaching for his robes, loosening the silk belt around his waist. She then grabbed his pants and pulled it down slowly, revealing a soft-looking graceful snake that was seemingly in a slumber.

"This is a man's…"

This is Lu Lifen's first time witnessing a man's penis, and she was slightly taken aback by its shape that resembled a flawless piece of sausage.

"But why is it flaccid? It's different from the rumors…" Although she had never witnessed a man's treasure in her life until today, her friends had taught a thing or two about it to her, yet the thing before her eyes was completely different from her friends' description.

"If you keep staring at it, it might jump and bite you," said Su Yang, who was falling asleep from the silent atmosphere.


Lu Lifen was slightly baffled by his words. It will jump and bite her? Does it work like that?

"But what am I suppose to do with that?" she asked him in a puzzled voice. "It's all limp—unlike what I've heard."

"Then what have you heard?"

"Umm… that it's supposed to be hard and savage-looking? But yours is cute and limp…"

Su Yang didn't know whether to laugh or cry when Lu Lifen called his little brother 'cute'.

"You mean like this?" Su Yang controlled the Qi in his body, and his slumbering brother began growing longer and thicker, like a rising snake— until it resembled a dragon.

Lu Lifen gasped at the shape-shifting phenomenon that happened before her very eyes, and the idiom 'A Carp leaping through the Dragon Gate' appeared in her head, but in this case, it was a snake that had entered the Dragon Gate, evolving into a real dragon.

The thing before her was no longer a slumbering snake but an awakened dragon instead!

"So… So big…" Lu Lifen mumbled, and her fair hands unconsciously reached for it.

A slightly cool sensation entered Su Yang's head, but his face showed no other reaction besides profound calmness.

Seemingly fascinated by the shape and its very existence, Lu Lifen began stroking the stiff, warm rod in her hands gently.

"Aiya… you really are trash…" Su Yang sighed when she stroked his little brother whilst it was dry.

"It can't be helped as it is my first time doing this!" she refuted, using her inexperience as an excuse.

"I am not talking about your techniques! Before you touch it, you should at least make it wet, or else the dry rubbing will hurt the individual!" he said, baffling her.

"It works like that? But how am I supposed to—"

Before she could even finish her own sentence, her quick mind recalled how he had helped her with his mouth, causing her to feel perplexed.

"Do I really have to use my mouth? Is there no other way?" she wondered.

However, as hesitant as she was towards the situation, the very nature of her body was intrigued by the opposite sex, even desiring to experience what a man would taste like.

And slowly, the female hormones in her body began overtaking her mind, causing her mouth to approach the thick stick before her eyes, with her tongue slightly sticking out, looking as though she was licking ice cream.

When the tip of her tongue touched the hot stick, her body trembled from excitement, and a strong sense of lust surged within her heart.

Lu Lifen began licking every inch of the meat stick in her hands, quickly soaking the entire thing with her saliva.

"Haaa… haaa..." Her intensive licking caused her to be out of breath within moments, forcing her to take a break.

However, even as her mouth separated from the thick stick, her gaze continued to linger on it, seemingly ensnared by its tyrannical presence.

After she regained her breath, her mouth approached the treat again.

Su Yang, who was still resting on the bed with his eyes closed, suddenly felt something warm and soft envelope his little brother. He opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at Lu Lifen, who had managed to stuff his entire thick rod into her mouth.

The scene of Lu Lifen swallowing his entire penis had caused him to feel surprised, as he didn't expect her to be so ferocious as a maiden.

Lu Lifen's movements stopped when she realized what she had done. Her mouth was full, and she even felt its frame in her throat. However, despite doing something this ridiculous, there was a sense of comfort in her body, feeling as though such actions was only natural for her.

Soon, she began moving her head in an up-and-down motion, causing the small room to be filled with gagging sounds.

While Lu Lifen served Su Yang with intensive and deep fellatio service, he stared at her with a weird look— it was an expression someone would have when their expectations had been surpassed.

As for Lu Lifen, she was completely absorbed in satisfying her awakened lust at this moment, seemingly in a trance.

Time passed quickly, and unbeknownst to her, half an hour had passed.

During this time, even Lu Lifen herself couldn't comprehend where all this energy was coming from that allowed her to continuously suck on Su Yang's penis. There were times when her energy almost ran out, but before it could completely vanish, more energy would surge within her body out of the blue, almost as though there was something helping her recover.

Little did she know that this was all Su Yang's doing. Every once in a while before her energy would exhaust, he would exert some of his Profound Qi through his penis and into her mouth, helping her recover.

As for why he was going through the effort by helping her keep her energetic, it was simple. He really enjoyed her intensive but amateurish deepthroats; it reminded him of someone in his past life, who really enjoyed intensive acts like this.

Although Su Yang has had his little brother sucked countless times in his past life, there were only a few individuals that would dare to take it all in their mouth, and seeing Lu Lifen, who has never participated in sexual acts prior to today willing to swallow his treasure whole, he was without a doubt impressed.

"Haaa… Haaa…"

A minutes later, Lu Lifen finally decided to stop.

She then looked at Su Yang, who was laying on the bed comfortably, with an unpleasant expression, and said: "When are you going to release your Yang Qi?! I have been doing this embarrassing act for what felt like an eternity, you know!"

But despite her complaints, she was actually just displeased by the fact that she wasn't able to make him release his Yang Qi whilst he easily made her release her Yin Qi within minutes.

"Hmm? Oh, I nearly forgot about it," he casually chuckled.

As someone with god-like skills in the art of pleasure, if he didn't want to release his Yang Qi— even if he was feeling pleasure— he could easily hold it for as long as he desired.

And it's this perfect control over his own body that differentiates Su Yang from every other disciple within the Profound Blossom Sect, even other men in general. His control with his own Yang Qi was beyond perfect and almost limitless, whilst everybody else would only be able to hold it for a few minutes at most before being forced to ejaculate!

"But are you sure you want me to release my Yang Qi now? Even though you were so engrossed in satisfying yourself just now? Once I release it, we will be done here, and you may never receive another chance to fully satisfy yourself ever again."

"Hmph! You talk as if you are the only man in this world! Even without you, I will be able to satisfy myself after today!" Lu Lifen said.

Su Yang smiled at her words, and he nodded: "Very well... if that is what you wish—"

"Wait!" Lu Lifen suddenly shouted. "Despite my words, since we are already here today, I might as well satisfy myself to the fullest, right? My family did pay a hefty price to bring me here today, after all."

"About that— the Profound Blossom Sect will be returning to everyone what they paid for the event," said Su Yang, dumbfounding her.

"What? Why would they do that?" Lu Lifen asked, looking baffled by the news.

"Never mind the small details," he said with a smile. " Anyway, do you still wish to continue, or are we finished here?"

"Hmph! Of course, we are not finished here! And we will not be finished until I manage to make you release your Yang Qi, as that was my original intent!"

"Once I experience something for an extended amount of time and it stops, it'll only get harder to please me if you return to it," he said with a slight shoulder shrug.

"..." Lu Lifen stared at him with a pondering expression.

After another moment, she spoke: "I still have other places I can please you with, you know!" she said as she lifted her dress, revealing to him her soaking wet undergarment.

Su Yang smiled and said: "Are you sure?"

"Do I really have to repeat myself? Are you even a man?" she replied in a cheeky tone.


The smile on Su Yang's face instantly disappeared at her words, and when Lu Lifen saw this, her body trembled from a dreadful feeling.

"Very well… I shall show you why a maiden like you shouldn't be so cheeky in front of me when we are on the same bed."

He then stood up on the bed and stripped away all of his clothes, dazzling Lu Lifen with his flawless figure.

"You should strip as well since it will only get in the way," he said in a calm yet domineering voice.

Lu Lifen forcefully swallowed her saliva, wondering what she'd just gotten herself into.

"Too slow!"

Su Yang's arms suddenly flickered, disappearing from his sides for an instant.

Lu Lifen felt her body suddenly become lighter, so she looked down.

"What?!" She was shocked to find out that almost all of her clothes had disappeared! Her dress was gone, and even the undergarment for her breasts was gone! The only thing on her body at this moment was a mere piece of wet underwear that revealed the shape of her bottom lips!

Lu Lifen then looked at the thing that was in Su Yang's grasps, and sure enough, it was her clothes! How did he manage to strip her almost naked in an instant? Hell, she didn't even realize that she had been stripped even though he did it right before her eyes!

"You… How—"

Before she could even say another word, Su Yang pressed her down to the bed and seductively stared at her in the eyes.

And almost instantly after her back touched the bed, Lu Lifen could feel a gentle air blow past her legs. If she had to take an educated guess, then she was completely naked at this moment from her head to the toes.

"Last warning," he said to her.

Despite feeling a bit dazed at the situation, Lu Lifen still spoke with a grin on her face: "Not twice, but three times? You really are a pansy—"


Before Lu Lifen could even finish her sentence, she felt something enormous and long enter her body through the pink between her legs, and her body overflowed with an indescribable sense of pleasure, forcing an ear-piercing moan out of her.

Blood dripped and stained the white bed, indicating that Lu Lifen had really lost her virginity.

"Aaaa— Aaaahhh!" Lu Lifen continued to moan loudly as the intense heat in her body did not pause.

Su Yang did not stop moving his hips despite just tearing her seal, even hitting her harder than any of his previous partners, yet there was not even the slightest sign of pain on Lu Lifen's delightful face.

Her eyes were rolled all the way back, and her slim body curved upwards like a bridge.

Clearly, she didn't mind Su Yang being rough with her, even finding it extremely pleasing with her body screaming with lust.

Lu Lifen is obviously someone who naturally enjoys rough sex to some extent, but she herself wasn't aware of this— except Su Yang, who easily saw through her very nature, hence why he decided to do it rougher than usual.

Soon, the small cave-like room echoed with sounds of ecstasy endlessly. Lust flooded through Lu Lifen's whole body. Her blood burned with passion, and all of her reason was washed away by the waves of pleasure viciously hitting her body, slowly becoming a slave for pleasure.

"Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! More! Faster! Harder! Aaah! Aaaaaaah!"

Time passed slowly as the two indulged themselves in pleasure, and unbeknownst to Lu Lifen, many hours had passed since she entered the Chamber of Embrace.

During this time, her pink hole has naturally shaped itself to fit the frame of Su Yang's rod perfectly, flawlessly wrapping itself around him to ensure that the both of them were enjoying each other to the fullest.

"Haaa! Haaaa! Aaaaahh!"

Lu Lifen moaned, releasing her Yin Qi for the countless time.

Su Yang continued to transfer his Profound Qi to her during this whole time, recovering her energy as their session grew more intensive as time passed.

Unlike his dual cultivation with Lan Liqing who was a Cultivator at the True Spirit Realm, Lu Lifen was only at the Profound Spirit Realm, so her energy was extremely limited. If it weren't for Su Yang's constant support, both her body and voice would've long exhausted itself.

"More! More! More~!"

Lu Lifen begged for more, and the two continued to cultivate without stop.




Outside the Chamber of Embrace, everybody from the guests to the Profound Blossom Sect disciples was staring at the chamber Su Yang and Lu Lifen entered at this moment, their mind filled with shock and awe.

"H-How long have they been inside?" Someone within the crowd asked.

"Uhh… they've been in there since the start of the event, and it's almost coming to an end…"

"What the hell are they doing inside?! Surely, it shouldn't take this long for them to finish!"

"Did they perhaps fall asleep inside?"

"The two of them basically locked this one room for themselves for two days straight, reducing the total rooms by one for everybody else! How shameless!"

While the guests wondered why it was taking so long for Su Yang and Lu Lifen to come back out, the Profound Blossom Sect disciples stared at the entrance with frowning expressions.

Even Liu Lanzhi was staring with a serious expression.

As disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect, they all knew how the Chamber of Embrace functioned to some extent.

"The Chamber of Embrace does not allow people to sleep in there and will automatically open its entrance even if one of them falls asleep for more than an hour," said one of the Inner Court disciples to the others.

"And they cannot stay idle inside without cultivating since the Chamber of Embrace will also automatically open up if neither of them releases Qi within five hours…" said another.

"So the only reason why they are not coming out is simply because one of them has yet to release their Qi ever since they went inside!"

"What?! Impossible! There is no way anybody can endure this long! For two whole days!? That is physically impossible!" Gu Wei exclaimed loudly in disbelief.

He was not the only one. Every other disciple, even Liu Lanzhi was feeling doubt at this moment.

"That brat Su Yang released his Yang Qi only a few minutes after we started during our time together… so could it be that young lady the reason why they are still inside?" Liu Lanzhi pondered.

However, she quickly found this reason to be even less likely, as she had experienced his divine techniques herself before.

"It's impossible for Su Yang to be unable to satisfy this young lady who is clearly a maiden when his techniques had easily conquered even my experienced body," Liu Lanzhi thought to herself.

"Just what the hell are they doing inside?"

Everybody— except a few poor individuals— waiting outside have already had their experience inside the Chamber of Embrace, so it was only Su Yang and Lu Lifen that has to finish their session.

"Haaa…" Li Xiao Mo sighed at the situation.

She had been approached by almost every guest here for the past two days, yet she declined all of them without a single thought, so she was one of the few here that has yet to enter the Chamber of Embrace.

"Just what are you doing inside, Su Yang?" she wondered to herself, her face filled with a gloomy feeling.

When the other Inner Court disciples saw her condition, they almost wanted to approach her and give her a hug, but knowing her character when she's in a bad mood, none of them dared to actually approach her.

After a few more minutes of waiting around, a rumbling sound came from the Chamber of Embrace, causing everyone there to turn their heads.

The only closed door finally opened after two whole days, and a figure slowly walked out.

"It's him! He's finally out after two days!" someone exclaimed in excitement.

It was Su Yang, and he looked completely normal. Hell, if they compared him now to when he first went inside two days ago, they wouldn't be any noticeable change about him no matter how much they looked!

His clothes were speckless, and his long black hair was still neatly tied behind his back, looking as though he'd only went on a stroll.

"What the fuck? Does he look like someone who'd just had sex for two days straight?" someone asked out loud.

The people silently shook their heads at the question. Hell, he doesn't even look like someone who'd taken a nap, let alone have sex for two days straight.

Seeing his clean appearance, the peoples' doubt grew, and their curiosity peaked. Just what did he do inside for the last two days?

"Huh? What happened to the young girl that was with him?" asked another.

When someone questioned about Lu Lifen, the old man that came with her frowned deeply.

He then jumped through the crowd and landed in front of Su Yang.

"Where is my Young Lady?" he said with an intimidating air surrounding him.

With a smile, Su Yang spoke: "She's resting in Heaven now."

When the old man heard his words, his expression blanked for an instant. His eyes then quickly turned red from fury, and the cultivation base of a True Spirit Realm exploded from within his body with his head reduced to a red-faced, wrathful mess.

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