Dual Cultivation

Chapter 101 You’d Only Be Met with Disappointmen

Chapter 101 You’d Only Be Met with Disappointmen

"How dare you kill my Young Lady!!!" Old Lu roared, his voice sounding like a wrathful beast in the brink of death.

His eyes were red from sorrow, and his expression was filled with anguish. He did not even expect his family's Young Lady to lose her virginity today, let alone her life!

Old Lu stared at the young man before him with a wrathful expression, yet the young man only gazed at him with a nonchalant expression, seemingly uninterested in the whole situation.

"If I don't kill you today, then am not surnamed Lu!"

Just as Old Lu prepared to strike Su Yang with his full cultivation base, a loud slap resounded in the place, snapping everyone there— that was dumbfounded by the abrupt situation— out of their daze.

Pa! A nearly transparent arm had suddenly swung across Old Lu's face, slapping him so hard that he'd spun a few times in the air before landing a few feet away from Su Yang.

"Calm down, you old fool."

Su Yang's voice then resounded, causing everyone to stare at him with baffled eyes.

Even Liu Lanzhi, who was prepared to protect Su Yang at the last moment froze at the unexpected outcome, seemingly shocked by his profound strength.

How could someone who'd just entered the Profound Spirit Realm handle someone at the True Spirit Realm with seemingly no effort at all? It just didn't make sense.

Old Lu, who had been laying on the floor for a good second, slowly returned to his legs. However, he no longer looked as crazy, and his gaze at Su Yang became fearful.

While nobody there was able to fully understand the strength Su Yang had hit him with, Old Lu felt his entire body go numb just from that single slap, and even his cultivation base had been sealed for a split moment, causing all of the strength within his body to disappear like smoke in a strong wind!

"Who said anything about your Young Lady being dead?" Su Yang shook his head. "She is simply resting inside."

His words dumbfounded not only Old Lu but everybody there even further. Lu Lifen is alive? Then why did he make it sound like she was resting in Heaven, a place meant for the dead?

Although the guests couldn't understand Su Yang's choice for words, the Profound Blossom disciples understood the meaning behind 'Heaven' the instant they heard it, hence why they didn't react as the guests had.

Liu Lanzhi sighed at the situation, and she spoke: "Guest from the Lu Family. The word 'Heaven' has a different meaning within the Profound Blossom Sect, hence the misunderstanding."

When she explained the situation to him, Old Lu's face flushed red, but it was not from anger. Instead, he was filled with embarrassment for acting so hastily. If he'd waited a little bit longer for an explanation, then he wouldn't have had to endure such shame.

"I-I apologize for my impulsive actions just now, young man."

Old Lu bowed to Su Yang, his heart still filled with a sense of fear for Su Yang's profound strength.

In response to his apology, Su Yang only glanced at him for a brief moment before walking away.

"This rascal… still as disrespectful to his seniors as always…" Liu Lanzhi sighed inwardly.

She then turned to the guests and said: "This marks the end of the event. Thank you all for coming. But before you all leave, I have something to announce."

"As a token of appreciation for being patient with us, the Profound Blossom Sect has decided to return all of the resources we have received from everyone here."


The guests were dumbfounded by the news, but nobody there questioned it, even feeling ecstatic by it.

"Senior Liu, may I check on the Young Lady inside?" Old Lu asked her in a respectful tone.

Liu Lanzhi nodded.

"I will accompany you inside to ensure that you will not get locked inside," she then said.

Though, the biggest reason was that she was also interested in Lu Lifen's condition.

What had become of her after spending two days alone with Su Yang?

"The rest of you can also return," said Liu Lanzhi to her disciples before entering the Chamber of Embrace with Old Lu.

Once they were inside the room used by Su Yang and Lu Lifen, Liu Lanzhi felt something was amiss about the place, but she couldn't pinpoint what was making her feel uncomfortable.

"Y-Young Lady!" Old Lu shouted out loud when he noticed Lu Lifen sleeping on the bed.

When they got closer to the bed, they noticed Lu Lifen's peaceful face, looking as though she was having a blissful dream.

Old Lu wiped the sweat from his forehead when he confirmed that she was indeed still alive.

"Are you relieved now?" Liu Lanzhi said.

"Yes…" Old Lu nodded with a relieved smile.

"Mmm… More… Don't stop…"

Lu Lifen suddenly began mumbling with passion, dumbfounding the two standing beside her.

"Please ravage my pussy even more—"

"Ahhhh! Young Lady! Wake up! It's time to go home!"

Unable to stand there and listen without feeling daggers in his weak heart, Old Lu began shaking Lu Lifen awake.


Lu Lifen slowly opened her eyes.

"Old Lu? What are you doing in here?" Lu Lifen was quite puzzled at first.

But when she realized the situation, her eyes became wide awake.

She began looking around, but when she could not see Su Yang's face anywhere, her expression turned bitter.

"I see… so it's over, huh…" she sighed inwardly.

"Senior Liu," she then turned to look at Liu Lanzhi and said: "What was that disciple's name, again?"

"Su Yang?"

"Su Yang, huh…"

"Okay, I have decided!" Lu Lifen suddenly said loudly.

"Eh? What have you decided on, Young Lady?" Old Lu asked, his interest piqued.

"Senior Liu, I'd like to request to join the Profound Blossom Sect as a disciple!" she said with a serious expression, dumbfounding the two.

"What?! Young Lady, you are asking for the impossible! You are already an Inner Court disciple of the Blue Wind Valley!"

"Hmph! I don't care! I can simply leave them," she stubbornly snorted.

Liu Lanzhi pondered for a moment, and with a serious expression, she spoke: "What is your reason for wishing to join my Profound Blossom Sect?"

"After my experience today, I have come to a realization! I really like this place's method for cultivation!"


Liu Lanzhi closed her eyes to think.

A few moments later, her eyes opened, and she spoke: "I'm afraid I will have to deny your request."

"Why?! Is it because of my appearance?!" Lu Lifen asked in a distressed voice.

"No, this is not about your appearance," Liu Lanzhi shook her head, and she continued: "If you want to join my Profound Blossom Sect based on your experience with Su Yang today, then I'm afraid that you'd only be met with disappointment."

"What?" Lu Lifen couldn't comprehend the meaning behind her words. "What do you mean by that?"

"To what extent have you gone with Su Yang?" Liu Lanzhi then asked.

"Uhh… all the way?"

"What did you think of it?"

"It was an indescribable experience!" Lu Lifen replied in a tone filled with excitement.

Liu Lanzhi sighed at her answer. "That is exactly why I have to deny your request. If you join my Profound Blossom Sect thinking that every disciple here will have what it takes to give you similar experiences, then you'd only be met with disappointment."

"Huh?" Lu Lifen looked at her with a puzzled expression, still unable to comprehend her reasoning.

"Su Yang… he's one-of-a-kind even within the Sect," Liu Lanzhi said in an awkward voice. "His techniques within the Sect is definitely the best, perhaps even at the apex within this whole world…"

She then stared at Lu Lifen in the eyes and said: "Once you have experienced his techniques, I'm afraid you will no longer be able to live a normal life…"

Lu Lifen's eyes widened with shock. Even Old Lu who couldn't follow their conversation felt awed by such a grand statement.

"He wasn't being arrogant when he said that? It wasn't an exaggeration?" Lu Lifen recalled when Su Yang called himself the best within the world.

If even someone as experienced as the Matriarch of the Profound Blossom Sect acknowledged his skills, then it must definitely be true.

"That's why you will only be joining my Sect for Su Yang— not for the Sect," Liu Lanzhi said.

"It'd be for the best if you were to forget about today and Su Yang and live on with your life, or else you will never be able to live a normal life."

Liu Lanzhi pitied her, as she was also in a similar situation. Once she'd experienced Su Yang's techniques, even if it was only for a few minutes, she was no longer able to satisfy her lust since then.

"Someone as experienced as myself was reduced to such a state after just a few minutes, yet she was alone with him for two whole days…" Liu Lanzhi couldn't imagine the hardship Lu Lifen will have to endure after today.


After a moment of silence, Lu Lifen spoke: "Is there really no other way? Will I be able to see him again?"

"That will depend on fate," she replied.

"Haaa…" Lu Lifen released a deep sigh, and then she said: "I understand. I will no longer pursue my request to join the Profound Blossom Sect. However, I will definitely be back one day!"

"Old Lu, we are going home!"

Lu Lifen then jumped off the bed.


However, when she landed on her feet, an intense feeling of weakness assaulted her body, causing her to fall to the ground.

"Young Lady?!" Old Lu cried out with shock as he helped her to her feet.

But alas, even with Old Lu's support, Lu Lifen couldn't stand properly without feeling an urge to pee her pants.

"Old Lu… I will need you to carry me to the carriage," she suddenly said. "I don't think I will be able to move for a while."

"...I understand…" Old Lu sighed before carrying her on his back.

Liu Lanzhi could only smile bitterly at the scene, feeling pity for this young lady deep within her heart.




After leaving the Chamber of Embrace, Su Yang traveled back to his living quarters.

However, before he could make it out of the Inner Court, a group of individuals wearing green robes blocked his path.

Su Yang looked at the six Inner Court disciple that stood in his path with a casual expression.

"What's this?" he said, his voice tranquil.

"Su Yang! I don't care what kind of relationship you have with senior apprentice-sister Li, but you went overboard when you so daringly slapped my face in front of so many people!" said Gu Wei, his face filled with hatred.

"You are someone who'd just become an Inner Court disciple, yet you are already acting so arrogantly in front of us? We, as your Seniors, should educate you so that you will not offend another disciple!" said another disciple there.

"You? My Seniors?" Su Yang coldly scoffed. "Then as a Junior, I will advise you, my Seniors, to get the fuck out of my way before my hands get itchy!"

"You! The audacity!"

The six Inner Court disciples there fumed with great anger at his words. They have never seen someone as overbearing at Su Yang.

"Where does your courage come from, to dare insult all six of us when you are alone? Do you really believe that we wouldn't touch you just because the Sect does not allow fights between disciples?"

"Hahaha! You are no longer an Outer Court disciple, Su Yang! This is the Inner Court, where there is a different set of unspoken rules! Even if we beat you to a pulp today, the Sect will not blame us!"

The disciples there began laughing.

Hearing their words, Su Yang showed a slight smile, and his aura suddenly oozed with a dangerous aura as he stared at the laughing figures before him.

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