Dual Cultivation

Chapter 102 Get Him!

Chapter 102 Get Him!

"Su Yang, you can only blame yourself for today!"

"Get him!"

When Gu Wei gave his order as he waved his hand, the other five Inner Court disciple disappeared from their spot and surrounded Su Yang, their faces with a grim smile.

"Really… truly idiots…" Su Yang closed his eyes, and at that instant, all five disciples around him pounced towards his direction with their fists and legs raised at once.

"Eat my fist!"

Suddenly, within Su Yang's eyes flickered a profound light, and his figure disappeared from where he stood like a ghost, dumbfounding the incoming attackers.

"Wha— where did he go?!"

They looked around frantically.

"Gu Wei, he's behind you!" one of the disciples cried.

"What?" Gu Wei swiftly turned around, but before he could even turn fully, he felt something firmly grasp his neck.


Gu Wei choked as he tried to resist Su Yang's grasp on his neck, but alas, it was firmly attached to his neck, almost like a metal choker.

"What do you think you're doing to him, Su Yang?!"

"Release him right this moment!"

The disciples shouted, but Su Yang merely ignored them and stared at Gu Wei in the eyes, even lifting his whole figure into the air.

"What's wrong? You no longer seem so 'Senior' to me," he said to Gu Wei.


Just as Gu Wei was about to speak, the grasp on his neck tightened, forcing his words back down his throat.

"Even if my physical age is younger than yours, I shouldn't need to remind you that in front of strength, one's age means absolutely nothing, right?" Su Yang said, his voice calm.

"Su Yang! I will not repeat myself! Release Gu Wei right now!"

One of the disciples retrieved a hidden dagger from within his robes, and the other four followed by retrieving their own weapons.

Su Yang glanced at the five with a nonchalant expression, his gaze seemingly uninterested in the situation.

"Just sit there for now— I will play with you all one at a time," he said a moment later, treating them as though they were a group of impatient children looking to play.

"This fucker!"

"Get him!"

The disciples approached him with maddened faces.

Su Yang smiled, and he tightened his grasp a bit.

"Kak!" Gu Wei suddenly started struggling even harder, his flushed head filled with veins, causing the disciples to freeze their movements.

"Su Yang! You are a shameless coward to take him as a hostage!"

"Put him down and fight me if you dare!"

Although the disciples wanted to pounce at Su Yang, they were fearful of what he might do to Gu Wei if they moved any closer to him, because in their minds, Su Yang was afraid of them, hence why he resorted to doing something so shameless, taking Gu Wei as a hostage.

Hearing their words, Su Yang smiled. "Hostage? You think I need a hostage to deal with you idiots?" he scoffed.

"Your actions and words do not match! Let him go if what you are saying is true!"

"Very well. Since you idiots are so eager to play with me, I shall deal with him quickly…"

Su Yang tightened his grasp on Gu Wei's neck even more as he finished his sentence, sealing what little airway he had left.


Gu Wei began kicking his legs frantically at the sudden pressure on his neck. Unable to breathe, Gu Wei believed that Su Yang truly intended on killing him today, causing tears to appear in his eyes.

"Su Yang! Are you really trying to kill him?! Although we indeed wanted to beat you up, even we wouldn't go as far as to kill a fellow disciple!"

"Even if you are an Inner Court disciple, the Sect will punish you harshly for killing a fellow disciple!"

"That's right! You might even have your cultivation base crippled before they kick you out of the Sect!" The disciples tried to persuade him, but alas, Su Yang barely reacted to their words.

Seeing that Su Yang had no intention of stopping, the disciples also began panicking.

"Fuck! Kill him! If we don't kill him, he will definitely kill Gu Wei!"


"We can explain it to the Sect later! They will surely understand that this is self-defense!"

Hearing the disciple's word and seeing Gu Wei, who was on the verge of passing out from lack of air, the other four disciples immediately resolved their determination.

They all moved simultaneously, quickly closing their distance to Su Yang.

"Die, you crazy bastard!"

The disciple with the dagger appeared behind Su Yang, his hand already in a stabbing motion.

Su Yang smiled slightly, and he suddenly swung his arm, throwing Gu Wei across the place, before turning to grab the dagger that was only a hair's width away from his skin with his bare hands.


The disciple with the dagger was baffled by the sudden predicament, and when he tried to distance himself from Su Yang, he was shocked to find out that he was unable to move even the slightest, feeling as though the hand he was using to hold the dagger was stuck in concrete!

"What's wrong? Can't move?" Su Yang said in a cold voice. "Then let me give you a hand…"

Su Yang suddenly crushed his hand, shattering the steel dagger into a dozen pieces alongside what was holding the dagger.

"Aaaaaaah!" The disciple screamed in anguish. His entire hand and the bones inside had been broken, and it was bleeding profusely.

When the other disciples saw the disciple's broken hand that resembled a crushed meatball, their body trembled in fear.

"I would be more worried about myself if I were you," said Su Yang, who'd unknowingly appeared behind another disciple.


Before the disciple could even open his mouth to speak, his face warmly welcomed Su Yang's steel-like fist.

Whoosh! The disciple flew like a broken ragdoll upon impact, and even a few of his teeth flew out of his mouth during the flight.

After he landed on the ground a few meters away, his body remained unmoving even after some time. He was clearly unconscious, perhaps even dead.

"Who's next?"

Before the next person could even react to Su Yang's words, he felt as though his world was suddenly flipped upside down, before quickly losing conscious.

Although the unconscious disciple was unaware of what had happened, the others had clearly witnessed Su Yang slap him so hard that he'd spun half a circle in the air before hitting the ground with his head and losing consciousness.

"M-Monster!" One of the two disciples that were still unharmed suddenly turned tail to run away with a terrified expression on his pale face, looking like a coward escaping from a vicious beast.

Su Yang slowly turned his head to look at the fleeing disciple, and he immediately chased after him.

An instant later, Su Yang appeared in front of the disciple to block his path.

'W-Wait! Please spare me! I will do anything you want me to—"

"I wanted you to leave me alone, but it is clearly too late for that…" Su Yang's fist moved even as he spoke, striking the disciple in his stomach the instant he finished his sentence.


The disciple coughed up a mouthful of blood from the impact, feeling as though his body was hit by a bull running at full speed. He then fell to his knees, loosing conscious a few seconds later.

There were only 2 disciples left that still held their conscious at this moment. One of them with a crippled hand, whilst the other one was unharmed.

Su Yang turned to look at the unharmed one with a handsome smile, and said: "What are you going to do now that your friends are sleeping peacefully?"

When the disciple saw Su Yang's demonic smile, his legs trembled uncontrollably.

"Aiya… aren't you a bit too old to be leaking at your age?" Su Yang shook his head as he approached the disciple.

"S-S-Stay away, you demonic being!" The disciple stepped backward for every step taken by Su Yang.

"What's wrong? Weren't you all so eager to beat me into a pulp just minutes ago?"

"T-That was all Gu Wei's idea! He's the one who started all of this!" said the disciple, trying to shove all the faults to Gu Wei.

"Let me tell you something about myself…" Su Yang said, still approaching the disciple in a calm manner. "I hate it when people waste my time, especially those who are only looking to trouble. I do not care even if the entire world hates me— as long as you do not offend me, I will mind my own business. But alas… the Cultivation world is filled with people born with itchy butts that will kill them if they do not find someone to offend."

"Fortunately for you, we are still disciples, and we are not on the stage for a deathmatch, or else none of you here would be alive by now…" he said.

"Though, because you have offended me by wasting my time, I will still give you a good beating…"

All colors drained from the disciple's face, and he began screaming from fear: "Help! Help! I am being attacked by a crazy bastard!"

His voice resounded loudly a good distance within the Inner Court, causing a few individuals to peek out their windows in curiosity.

"Isn't that the Gu Wei and his little gang down there? Why are they lying on the ground?"

"Look at Li Jie's bloody hand! How did that happen?"

"Help! Help! This bastard Su Yang actually dared to kill his fellow disciples!"

When the Inner Court disciples heard the screaming disciples words, they all frowned deeply.

Who was causing such a ruckus, even daring to kill their fellow disciples in their Inner Court?

"What the hell is going on here?!" Another voice suddenly boomed, and a middle-aged man appeared a moment later.

When the screaming disciple noticed the middle-aged man, his eyes radiated hope, and he began crying tears of joy.

"Elder Sun!" He cried for him. "This disciple and a few others were attacked by that heartless monster over there!"

"What?" Elder Sun frowned, and he turned to look at Su Yang.

"It's you?" he immediately recognized Su Yang's handsome face from the unauthorized deathmatch he had with Yan Ming.

However, that was just a few weeks ago, and Su Yang was only an Outer Court disciple at the third level of the Elementary Spirit Realm during that time.

Suddenly, Elder Sun noticed the green robe on his body.

"What!? How are you an Inner Court disciple already?!" he exclaimed with a shocked voice, even forgetting the situation at hand for a moment.

"Hmm? You are…" Su Yang also recognized Elder Sun, the Sect Elder who had arrived to stop his deathmatch with Yan Ming back when he'd just arrived in this world.

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