Dual Cultivation

Chapter 103 Disciplinary Squad

Chapter 103 Disciplinary Squad

"When did you become an Inner Court disciple? The last time I saw you, you were only at the third level of the Elementary Spirit Realm!" Elder Sun exclaimed, his expression filled with shock. "And that was only one month ago!"

When the disciples heard Elder Sun's baffling words, even they were shocked by it. What kind of heavenly medicine did he eat to obtain such heaven-defying growth?

"No, we can talk about that later…" Elder Sun looked at the four figures sleeping on the ground, and then to the disciple with one of his hand crippled. "What happened here?" he asked him.

"Do you have a habit for breaking Sect rules?" he added a second later.

Su Yang casually shrugged. "They asked for it," he simply said.

Elder Sun turned silent for a moment. He was aware of Gu Wei and his reputation as a troublemaker within the Sect, so he didn't immediately blame Su Yang for his doings.

"You can explain to me in details what happened at the Disciplinary Office," Elder Sun suddenly said to Su Yang.

He then turned to look at the disciple that was screaming for his life just moments ago and said to him: "Bring them back to their living quarters for now. I will question them when they wake up."

"As for you… go to the Medicine Hall and get your hand looked at," he said to the disciple with the crippled hand.

"Y-Yes, Elder Sun!" the two answered with bitter expressions.

Although Gu Wei's group wanted to complain about the injustice of the situation, they were not in the right either. And knowing Elder Sun, who is head of the Disciplinary Squad that enforces the Sect Rules within the Profound Blossom Sect, he will surely find out the truth in the end.

"Follow me," said Elder Sun.

Su Yang silently nodded and followed without any resistance. However, when he passed by the only disciple from Gu Wei's group that was left unscathed, he mumbled beside him: "It will be unfair to your friends that only you were left unscathed from this incident, so I will be sure to find you later…"

When the disciple heard Su Yang's words, his body trembled from fear, and cold sweat soaked his robes. He now truly regretted offending someone as petty as Su Yang, who was willing to come back for him later.

However, little did he know that Su Yang was only farting and that he only wanted to scare him at a bit. Su Yang did not truly intend on returning to beat him up, as he was not willing to waste his time for something so childish and silly, especially not on someone even less significant as an ant.

Elder Sun also heard Su Yang's mumbling, but he did not notice any malice behind his words, so he decided to leave him alone.

Su Yang then followed Elder Sun back to the Disciplinary Office, where all the troublemakers would go to get questioned.

When they arrived at a small three floored building, Elder Sun said: "You were lucky that I didn't bring you here the last time you broke the Sect Rules by using the deathmatch stage without authorization."

Su Yang only smiled at his words, and then the two went inside without any further delay.

Once they were inside, a few disciples greeted Elder Sun.

"Welcome back, Master!" the disciples greeted.

"I will be interrogating him, do not disturb me until I am finished," Elder Sun said.

"Yes!" they all nodded.

While the disciples have the authority to interrogate Inner Court disciples even as Outer Court disciples, it is usually the Sect Elders that handle them, as they did not want the Inner Court disciples taking the interrogation lightly because their interrogator was an Outer Court disciple.

Elder Sun then brought Su Yang to the third floor, where it consisted of a single small room.

"Take a seat," Elder Sun said after sitting down himself.

"There is no need, I won't be here for long," said Su Yang.

Elder Sun frowned at his words. "I decide when you leave."

Su Yang remained silent, his expression still calm.

After a moment of silence, Elder Sun finally spoke: "Tell me what happened."

"It's simple, really. I was walking home, and some trash blocked my path, so I decided to do some cleaning."

"..." Although Elder Sun had guessed the situation to an extent, it was still shocking to him that Su Yang was able to handle six Inner Court disciples all by himself.

Not only was his sudden growth shocking but even his strength seemed to be as shocking.

"Was he always this talented? Or did he eat some kind of heavenly treasure that made him like this?" Elder Sun silently pondered his secret instead of the situation with Gu Wei and his little group.

Even during their first encounter, Elder Sun was able to sense that there was something odd about Su Yang. However, he wasn't able to fully describe the feeling, nor was he able to comprehend it.

There was also the killing intent he felt during that time that had caused even him to feel fearful; it was not something an inexperienced disciple would be able to imitate.

"Tell me the truth, Disciple Su— are you cultivating something taboo?" Elder Sun suddenly narrowed his gaze at him and spoke in a serious voice: "Although I have no intent on stealing your secret for myself, I am concerned about it."

If Su Yang was really cultivating a Taboo Technique, then he would be risking the entire Sect's safety alongside all its disciples, and as the head of the Disciplinary Squad, that was something he could not afford to see happen.

"If you are not cultivating a Taboo Technique, then you should be able to touch this without any reaction," said Elder Sun as he retrieved a yellow talisman from inside his desk.

Su Yang instantly recognized the yellow talisman at glance; it was a spiritual object that inspects one's Profound Qi and determines the type of Cultivator they are.

If one cultivated normally, then the talisman will glow yellow. However, if an individual cultivates anything evil such as Taboo Techniques, then the talisman would burn until it is reduced to ashes.

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