Dual Cultivation

Chapter 104 Celestial Qi

Chapter 104 Celestial Qi

"You are suspecting me for using Taboo Techniques?" Despite his words that carried an unpleasant tone, Su Yang still remained nonchalant, his gaze calmly staring at Elder Sun in the eyes.

"I will apologize if I am wrong, but I still have to make sure, since taboo Cultivators are of serious matters," said Elder Sun, his voice clear and strict, befitting of the head of the Disciplinary Squad that upholds the rules of the Sect.

Besides heavenly treasures, the only other logical explanation to Su Yang's extraordinary growth would be Taboo Techniques that are known to boost its users' strength exponentially at the cost of their ethics and sanity.

"I just have to touch this piece of paper, right?" Su Yang casually picked up the yellow talisman, and within a few seconds later, it began glowing a faint yellow light.

Seeing the yellow glow, Elder Sun's expression changed slightly.

After a moment of silence, he stood up from his seat and clasped his hands together. "I apologize for—"

Just as Elder Sun apologized to Su Yang for doubting his integrity, the yellow glow on the talisman changed color, becoming bright azure, like that of a clear sea.

"T-This is…"

Dumbfounded by the unexpected situation, Elder Sun stared at the talisman that illuminated an azure glow with a dazed expression. He was unsure of what to think, much less what to say, as he was only aware of two colors that existed for the talisman. It will either glow yellow or burn black until it is reduced to ashes. But azure? He has never heard of such an outcome in his life!

"What is the meaning of this? What did you do to it?" Elder Sun asked Su Yang.

Su Yang remained silent, his gaze starring at the talisman with a serious expression.

"This is… Celestial Qi?" he pondered inwardly.

As far as he was aware, there are four types of Qi that existed in this universe. The most common type that could be found literally everywhere, Profound Qi, which also comes in other different categories such as evil Qi and pure Qi. The equivalent of Profound Qi for animals and beasts, Demonic Qi. Elemental Qi such as Yin and Yang Qi, and all Qi that contains an element to it. Last but not least, Celestial Qi, something that only heavenly beings such as the Heavenly Emperor and the Moon God could possibly cultivate.

Normal mortals such as Su Yang should not have any Celestial Qi within his body, especially not when he's only at the first level of the True Spirit Realm, yet the talisman clearly sensed Celestial Qi within him, hence its reaction.

"Besides the Celestial Body Refining Scripture, there is no other logical explanation to this…"

Despite knowing a lot about the Celestial Body Refining Scripture, Su Yang did not know everything about it, hence why he was plenty surprised to find out that his body contained Celestial Qi out of the blue.

Even now, he could not imagine how the technique had given him Celestial Qi.

"Though, the amount of Celestial Qi within my body must be extremely minuscule, hence why I have been unaware until now…"

However, Su Yang was still excited by the fact that his body contained Celestial Qi no matter how little it was because this meant that he too, would be able to cultivate Celestial Qi like a true divine being.

In his previous life, he was only an Immortal with a profound cultivation base, far from being a divine being, but in this life, if given the time, he could achieve godhood one day.

Elder Sun frowned when Su Yang basically ignored him.

"I asked you a question! What did you do to the talisman?!" he asked him again in a louder voice this time.

Su Yang, despite feeling delight from the unexpected found inwardly, looked at Elder Sun with a tranquil expression and said: "No clue. I only touched it just like you'd asked. This is my first time using this talisman, after all."

"You…" Elder Sun had a feeling that Su Yang was farting and that he knew exactly what he'd done, but without proof, he could not doubt him without losing anymore face, as he was already wrong about him once.

"Is this all you wanted from me? If so, then I'd like to take my leave now," Su Yang said calmly.

Elder Sun coldly snorted and said: "Who do you think you are to speak so arrogantly in front of me, the head of the Disciplinary Squad? Besides the Sect Masters and a few individuals, I have the highest authority in the Sect, especially within the Inner Court!"

"I am simply conveying my desire to you, Elder Sun. Although I may sound conceited, there is no intention to disrespect you within my words," he replied in a clear voice that sounded very convincing to Elder Sun.

"Hmph! You are lucky that I am a tolerant individual! If not, I would have already forced you to kiss the floor with my fists!"

Su Yang merely smiled at his words.

"Anyway, this is all I have for you for now. Stand by until I finish interrogating Gu Wei and the others, and I will give you my verdict at that time."

Just as Elder Sun finished that sentence, a frantic voice loudly resounded: "Ahh! Senior apprentice-sister Sun! You must not go inside right now! Master is currently in the middle of—"

"Get out of my way! This is more important than whatever he is doing now!" A stubborn voice resounded immediately after the frantic voice.

Bang! The door to the third floor suddenly opened, and a beautiful young lady with a radiant aura entered the room in wide steps.

"Grandfather, I need your help with something that I've found during my—" The young lady with long black hair tied into a ponytail stopped her movements the moment Su Yang and Elder Sun came into view.

Su Yang was leisurely standing there with a calm expression as he looked at her, whilst Elder Sun was frowning, clearly troubled by her sudden appearance.

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