Dual Cultivation

Chapter 98 Chamber of Embrace 4

Chapter 98 Chamber of Embrace 4

Time quickly passed as Su Yang cultivated in silence. However, the background noises behind him would occasionally disturb the peaceful environment.

Lu Lifen's slightly heavy breathing could be heard every once in a while, yet it didn't sound anything like pleasure. Instead, it sounded more like she was getting tired, even irritated.

"Are you done yet? It's been over an hour since you started, yet we are still here, even though you seemed quite eager to leave before," said Su Yang, his sudden voice startling Lu Lifen, who was so focused on herself that she'd totally forgotten about his existence.

"Shut up! I have never done this before, so I cannot help it! What about you? All you have been doing is sitting there! When are you going to relief yourself, too?! There's no meaning if only I do it!" she yelled back.

"You really think I'd do something as shameful as playing with myself? Who do you think I am? I can relieve myself without touching myself." Su Yang said in a bragging voice, dumbfound Lu Lifen.

Was that really something to be bragged about?

Although self-pleasure was in no way a shameful act with countless people doing it daily, such a statement could not be said the same for Su Yang, who has never touched himself before, as there was no need for him to do such a thing when he could easily have someone else do it for him at the snap of his fingers.

Lu Lifen stopped touching herself and retrieved her hands from inside her underwear, and she stared at Su Yang with an odd expression.

"You can relieve yourself without touching yourself? Is that even possible?" she asked him with a doubtful gaze, feeling a bit ridiculous herself for asking such an odd question.

"If I can't even do something as simple as controlling my own Yang Qi, can I even call myself a man?" Su Yang said as he shook his head, thinking that it was only natural that he'd be able to do such a thing.

"Really? Then why didn't you say so in the beginning?! We could have left this place by now if you had told me before I started doing something like that!"

Su Yang laughed at her words, and he said: "You think an ability like that could be learned through one's mouth? Even if I lecture you for a hundred years straight, you still wouldn't understand it."

It had taken him thousands of years of experience in order to fully master this technique, yet this little girl who wasn't even 20 years old actually thought that she'd also be able to learn it? How laughable!

Lu Lifen frowned at his words, feeling even more helpless now. "Then what else can I do? I have been trying to release my Yin Qi for the past hour without any results! If anything, it's actually hurting right now!" she said as she pointed to her nether region.

Su Yang looked at her with a strange expression on his face. "Even people half your age would be able to relieve themselves without any help, yet you cannot do something as simple as satisfying yourself? How pure are you, really?"

"Shut up! Unlike you sensual Cultivators, I am a normal Cultivator who does not need such knowledge in my life!"

"Your future husband will be sad, you know?"

"Fuck! You really are a despicable person!" she glared at him angrily.

Su Yang shook his head, and then he approached her. "We will never leave this place at this rate. How about I help you with your Yin Qi?" he said to her in a nonchalant voice.

"You want to what?! Get away from me, you pervert! I will kill you if you dare to touch me!" Lu Lifen backed herself to the wall when she noticed Su Yang walking towards her.

"Do I really look like someone who'd force myself upon others? I am just offering my services to you so that you can satisfy yourself. I won't touch you anywhere you do not want," he said in a voice filled with sincerity.

Lu Lifen stared at him in silence.

After a few moments, she opened her mouth to ask: "What will you be doing to me, exactly?"

"A back massage to loosen your body, strengthening its sensitivity to anything it touches," he said.

"A back massage? That's all? Really?"

"Are you forgetting where this is? We are in the Profound Blossom Sect, a reputable place known to many, or else there wouldn't be so many guests such as yourself here today, not to mention the Matriarch is right outside. If I, an Inner Court disciple of such Sect, does something as immoral as forcing myself onto a guest, who would want to come here for services anymore? I'm not stupid enough to risk my entire life, even ruining my Sect's hard-earned reputation at the same time for a little girl like you," Su Yang shook his head with a dejected expression, looking as though he was offended by her distrust for him.

When Lu Lifen saw his expression, she realized that she had been overreacting this entire time. He was right. If the disciples of this Profound Blossom Sect could not be trusted, then why are there so many guests here today?

"I'm sorry for doubting you… even though I am here as a guest..." she apologized in a low voice. "I guess it's probably because I am still mad at my family for sending me here…"

The sad expression on Su Yang's face instantly disappeared, and a smile appeared in its place instantly. "I will accept that apology if you lay on this bed and allow me to massage your back," he said.

Although Lu Lifen was still feeling hesitant, she nodded her head regardless, and she approached the bed in small steps.

Once she was on the bed with her back facing to the ceiling, Su Yang slowly moved his hands towards her slim figure.

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