Dual Cultivation

Chapter 615 - Only a Slight Inconvenience

Chapter 615 - Only a Slight Inconvenience

"M-May I take a look at the Heaven Lotus Pill?" The Head Elder asked him in a shaky voice and his gaze filled with a feeling of yearning.

"Go ahead. You can even keep it." Su Yang said as he tossed the Heaven Lotus Pill at him in a carefree manner, treating it as though it was nothing of value.

"Ah!" The Head Elder hastily went to catch the pill in the air with a horrified expression on his face, feeling as though his heart was going to burst from shock.

"T-Thank heavens I caught it…" The Head Elder sighed in relief afterward, yet his hands were still trembling as though he was having a seizure.

"Now that I have demonstrated my abilities, do you still doubt my identity?" Su Yang asked him a moment later.

"This Junior apologizes for doubting the Senior! I will immediately notify the Sect Master of your arrival!" The Head Elder said before disappearing from the place shortly later.

The disciples and other sect elders stared at Su Yang with gazes of admiration and respect.

"I can't believe that I just got to witness Senior Xiao's abilities with my very own eyes!"

"Right?! I have been dreaming of this exact moment ever since I heard of his capabilities! To think my dream would come true so quickly!"

"This is all thanks to Senior apprentice-sister Luo! If not for her, who managed to pass the exam and become his disciple, he wouldn't even be here right now!"

Meanwhile, inside the Sect Master's home, the Head Elder knocked on the doors loudly.

"Sect Master! This is an emergency! Please come out!"

Sometime later, Senior Zeng opened the door with his face twisted in anger. "You imbecile! Did I not warn you to not bother me no matter what?! Because of you, I accidentally burned the Heaven Lotus Pill again!"

The Head Elder then said with a frown on his face, "You also told me to tell you if Senior Xiao visits our sect no matter what you are doing!"

"What? Senior Xiao is here?" Senior Zeng's eyes widened with surprise, and the anger on his face immediately went away.

"Why didn't you say that first!"

"Because you never gave me the chance to! Anyway, look at this..." The Head Elder then showed the flawless quality Heaven Lotus Pill to Senior Zeng.

"Heavens! How on earth?!" Senior Zeng picked up the pill with trembling hands.

"Senior Xiao concocted it…" Head Elder said.

"Eh? Why would he…"

"Well… this is what happened…"

The Head Elder proceeded to explain the situation to Senior Zeng.


After learning everything from the Head Elder, Senior Zeng's face flushed with anger again.

"Y-You damn idiots! How dare you treat the Senior as though he's some kind of intruder, even making him take a test to prove his identity! How are you going to be responsible if he decides to discard my disciple because of this?!" Senior Zeng roared.

"H-He seemed cool with it, so there shouldn't be a problem…" The Head Elder hastily said as he did not have any excuses to make.

"Whatever! I will deal with you idiots once I get back."

"W-Wait a second, Sect Master! What about the Heaven Lotus Pill?! The Senior said I can have it!" The Head Elder said to him in a panicked voice.

"It's confiscated for now!"

"N-No way!"

Senior Zeng then disappeared before the Head Elder could even begin to complain. He then went to get Luo Yixiao who was also doing closed cultivation within an isolated area of that sect.

"Yixiao! Come out! Senior Xiao is here to pick you up!" Senior Zeng shouted in front of a small building.

A few moments later, Luo Yixiao opened the door and said, "Has it already been a month? Time sure flies when I am studying the techniques the Master gave me..."

Sometime later, Luo Yixiao and Senior Zeng arrived at the lecture stage.

"Look! It's the Sect Master and Senior apprentice-sister Luo!"

The disciples and sect elders quickly stopped their chattering and bowed to them after noticing their presence.

However, the two of them ignored everything there and went straight to Su Yang.

"Disciple Luo greets Master." Luo Yixiao bowed to him.

"This Junior greets Senior." Even Senior Zeng bowed to him without hesitation despite being watched by nearly every disciple in the sect.

"You're finally here. It was quite the hassle, you know?" Su Yang said to them in a calm voice.

Hearing this, Senior Zeng immediately kowtowed on the floor and said, "What happened today is entirely my fault! If only I'd lectured my disciples properly! Please! I swear this won't happen ever again! If that's not enough, allow me to bear all of the responsibilities and your anger!"

However, Su Yang merely shook his head and said, "It was only a slight inconvenience for me, that's all. I'm not really angry."

"Anyway, I have spent enough time here, and I still need to pick up the other two."

He then turned to look at Luo Yixiao and asked her, "Are you ready to leave?"

"Yes, Master!" she nodded.

"Good luck, Yixiao. Remember to not cause any trouble for the Senior." Senior Zeng said to her with a parting smile, looking as though he was sending his daughter off to another family.

"What are you talking about? You are also coming with us." Su Yang suddenly said, dumbfounding him.

"Eh? Me?" he pointed at himself with a dazed face.

"Teaching an additional person won't make much of a difference. Though, I won't force you. If you don't want to come, you can stay here." Su Yang said to him.

"I-I am willing to come! No— please let me come with you!" Senior Zeng immediately said with a blissful expression.

Su Yang nodded, "You can come, but just remember one thing. I am not accepting you as my disciple, and I am only letting you participate in our lecture as a guest."

"I will definitely keep that in mind!" he quickly said.

"Thank you, Master…" Luo Yixiao also thanked him, as she had a feeling that he was doing this for her.

Sometime later, Su Yang brought Luo Yixiao and Senior Zeng onto the flying boat with him and began making his way towards the Cai Family that was located near the Western Borders at Red Sparrow City.

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