Dual Cultivation

Chapter 614 - The Real Deal

Chapter 614 - The Real Deal

After the Head Elder agreed to let Su Yang concoct a pill to prove his identity, they brought him to the lecture stage, where the sect elders usually go to demonstrate their alchemy abilities in public so the other disciples can watch and learn from them.

"This is quite the audience." Su Yang said as he looked around the spectators' seats that were already filled to the brim with disciples and sect elders, almost as though every disciple in this sect was present.

"It would be a great honor if they could witness the Alchemy Master's alchemy skills, after all." The Head Elder said to him.

"Does that mean you consider me as the real one? If that's the case, why should I do this anymore?" Su Yang asked him with a calm smile behind his mask.

The Head Elder showed him a sly smile and said, "It would only be an honor if you were the real deal, and without seeing your abilities, even I cannot say for sure that you're the real Alchemy Master who discovered the Earth Advancement Pills and the Heaven Transcendence Pills."

"Is that so?" Su Yang could instantly see through the Head Elder's intentions, but he pretended to be ignorant since it wouldn't harm him in any way to show their disciples some of his alchemy skills.

Sometime later, before thousands of gazes, Su Yang stepped onto the stage and stood before the cauldron they had prepared for him.

"I don't have the ingredients to concoct an Earth Advancement Pill or the Heaven Transcendence Pill right now, so I will concoct any pill you want." Su Yang said to them.

"Then I would like you to concoct the Heaven Lotus Pill— a Heaven-grade pill that even the Sect Master cannot concoct consistently." Head Elder said to him before ordering someone to bring them the ingredients.

A few minutes later, the Head Elder showed the pill and ingredients to Su Yang before speaking, "If you are truly the Alchemy Master from the Holy Central Continent, then you should be able to concoct the Heaven Lotus Pill without the recipe, right?"

Su Yang looked at the Heaven Lotus Pill for a moment before glancing at the ingredients by his side.

A smile then surfaced on his face, and he said, "You are missing one ingredient that's required for this pill."

"What?" A surprised expression appeared on the Head Elder's face, and he immediately looked at the ingredients closely this time.

'He's right! There really is one ingredient missing! And while it's not the most important ingredient for the pill, missing it will make it impossible to concoct the pill! How is this possible? Can he really tell the recipe just by looking at the pill? Could it be that he'd concocted this pill before? No, that's not possible, as the Heaven Lotus Pill was only discovered last year by the Sect Master, and it hasn't even been released to the public yet!' The Head Elder was profoundly shocked inwardly.

'Perhaps this man is truly the real deal!'

A moment later, the Head Elder slapped the individual who brought the ingredients and shouted at him angrily, "Did you purposefully forget one of the ingredients so that he would be unable to prove his identity?! Do you have no honor?! How are you going to be responsible if he turns out to be the real deal?!"

"T-This disciple wouldn't dare! It was truly a mistake and coincidence that I forgot one of the ingredients!" The person cried with an apologetic expression.

"I deeply apologize for this mishap. It was never our intention to rig the test. I hope you can forgive us." The Head Elder lowered his head to Su Yang but mostly because he already knew in his heart that Su Yang was the real deal.

"Since you are so polite, I will consider this mishap as though it's part of the test." Su Yang said.

"Thank you…" Head Elder said.

Meanwhile, the other disciples and sect elders were dumbfounded when they saw the Head Elder lower his head to Su Yang. Does this mean the Head Elder already recognizes him as the real Alchemy Master?

"Anyway, bring the last ingredient so I can begin." Su Yang then said.

"Right away."

The Head Elder made the individual who screwed up fetch the final ingredient.

Sometime later, once all of the ingredients were gathered, Su Yang began concocting the pill.

"What fierce yet docile flames! I have never seen such wonderful flame control before!" Head Elder and the other disciples gasped in awe when they saw how Su Yang flawlessly controlled the flames around the cauldron.

And just by looking at Su Yang's control over his alchemy flames, the disciples there already began recognizing him as the real deal.

Once the cauldron was heated to the perfect temperature, Su Yang grabbed the ingredients beside him and tossed all of them into the cauldron, shocking the spectators.

"It's just like the rumors! He actually tossed all of the ingredients into the cauldron without any hesitation! He's the real deal!"

One major point the people made when speaking about the Alchemy Master from the Holy Central Continent was his god-like ability to purify multiple ingredients at once, and after witnessing it for themselves, it was truly as shocking and jaw-dropping as the rumors made it sound.

A few minutes later, Su Yang retrieved the flame around the cauldron and opened the lid, and black smoke rushed out the next moment.

"What? Did he burn the pill?" The spectators were dumbfounded to see the black smoke as they only appear when someone burns a pill.

However, when Su Yang retrieved a pure white pill from the cauldron a moment later, the spectators exploded with excitement and admiration.

"The pill was not burned!"

"He actually succeeded concocting the pill on his first try! And it'd only taken him a few minutes!"

"Compared to the Sect Master, who would need an entire day to concoct the pill with less than 10% chance of success, the disparity is simply too vast— like heaven and earth!"

"He's the real deal! The real Alchemy Master from the Holy Central Continent!"

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