Dual Cultivation

Chapter 613 - Divine Nature Garden

Chapter 613 - Divine Nature Garden

Two weeks have passed since Su Yang cultivated with the Fang Sisters and shared his future plans with Tang Lingxi.

Nothing notable happened during this time, and Su Yang would continue to spend each day either cultivating with the disciples or giving lectures to the other disciples.

"It's about time I check on those three cute alchemy disciples of mine." Su Yang said to Tang Lingxi before leaving the Profound Blossom Sect.

"If I recall correctly, the Divine Nature Garden should be around this area…" Su Yang flew around the place on the flying ship until he could see their sect.

Sometime later, he arrived at the Divine Nature Garden, one of the few sects in the Eastern Continent that specialized in medicine and alchemy.

As Su Yang approached the sect, he could smell a strong medicine aroma in the air that instantly relaxed his mind. It was so strong in fact that if someone that didn't know anything about their sect were to walk by this place, they would easily realize the type of sect his place was.

"You there with a suspicious appearance! Stop right there!" The guards by the entrance shouted at Su Yang who was in his disguise after seeing his approaching figure.

"Identify yourself! And what are you doing at our Divine Nature Garden?!" They continued to speak after Su Yang stopped approaching them.

"I am here for the Sect Master and his disciple, Luo Yixiao. Bring them out there." Su Yang said to them.

"Hah? Who do you think you are? Neither the Sect Master nor the Young Lady is someone you can meet with just because you asked!"

"Unless you have an appointment with them, you can scram!" The guards said to him.


Su Yang sighed inwardly before saying, "I have already told them that I would be coming around this time. Did they not mention this to you? Regardless, I don't have the time to play games with you. If you won't tell them to come out, I will go in there myself."

"The audacity! Where do you think you are?! This is the Divine Nature Garden, where the majority of the top pills in the Eastern Continent originate from! We even have the Xie Family's backing! Unless you don't treasure your life, you better get the hell out of here!"

"If you continue to bother us, losing your life will be the least of your worries!"

The guards remained adamant about chasing him away.

"Listen here, I am—"

"Your identity no longer matters anymore! You are not welcomed here!"

"This is our last warning for you! Scram!"

After being interrupted by the guard before he can even introduce himself, Su Yang sighed out loud, "If you won't even listen to me, I won't waste my breath anymore."

He has given up on trying to convince them and began approaching the sect once again.

"You dare?!"

The guards immediately pointed their weapons at him with their True Spirit Realm cultivation bases coursing through their bodies.


Pap! Pap!

Su Yang used the Nine Astral Steps to instantly get in front of the guards before sending them flying with a slap on their faces.

"You are lucky that my disciple lives here, or else I would've killed you without any hesitation." Su Yang said to them as he entered the sect.

After Su Yang entered the sect, one of the guards outside retrieved a red pill from his pocket and lit it on fire before tossing it into the air.


The pill exploded into a red cloud once it reached the peak, immediately alerting the disciples and sect elders within the sect.

"It's a red warning from the guards outside! We are being attacked!"

"F.u.c.k! Of all days, why must this happen when the Sect Master is in closed cultivation?!"

Nearly every sect elder in the sect began rushing towards the front of the sect where the entrance was located whilst the disciples gathered in the center of the sect as they'd practiced hundreds of times in case of such situations.

'Haaa… why must they make this even more complicated?' Su Yang sighed inwardly after being surrounded by the sect elders.

"Who the hell are you?! And why are you attacking this place?!"

Although the sect elders were surprised to see that it was only a single individual attacking their entire sect, they didn't dare to underestimate Su Yang who was emitting a formidable aura that made them feel powerless.

"My surname is Xiao, and I am here to pick up Luo Yixiao, my disciple." Su Yang said to them.

"Eh? Luo Yixiao's Master? But her Master is—"

The sect elders quickly realized the situation, but they were still doubtful.

"How do we know that you're the real person and not some impersonator trying to kidnap Luo Yixiao? After all, you did force your way into this place…" One of the sect elders said to him.

"You'll know the truth once you bring your Sect Master or even Luo Yixiao herself here." Su Yang said.

"That's going to be quite difficult, as Luo Yixiao has not appeared for almost a month now and only the Sect Master knows of her location. However, the Sect Master is also unavailable since he's in closed cultivation right now..." The sect elder explained the situation to him.

"That's quite problematic indeed." Su Yang nodded.

A few moments later, he continued speaking, "Then bring a cauldron to me. I'll use my alchemy skills to prove my identity."

"You want to use alchemy to prove your identity…?" The sect elders exchanged perplexed gazes, as they have never experienced such a weird situation before.

However, if this intruder really turns out to be the real deal, they would be able to experience for themselves his otherworldly alchemy abilities that were said to have shocked even the top alchemy experts in this world including their own Sect Master.

"Okay, we'll let you concoct a pill to prove your identity."

In midst of the deafening silence, an old man stepped forward and said loudly.

"Head Elder!" The sect elders were surprised to see this person, who was only second to the Sect Master, agree to Su Yang's suggestion.

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